As an adult, two of the most significant benefits of your circumcision will be hygiene and sexual performance.

Many (if not most) uncircumcised men assert that the hygienic benefit is at best questionable, but on this I can say from experience that they are wrong. The inner foreskin is a mucous membrane, and secrets fluids. It is internal skin, in a warm and moist environment, that harbors bacteria and has an odor despite any amount of washing. Foreskin catches all the various daily drips from a penis, such as urine and semen. These collect in the inner foreskin and result in a foul odor and a foul taste. If your sexual partner has not mentioned this then they are being polite, probably to avoid hurting your feelings.

To quote my wife, discussing my newly circumcised penis:

The odor is significantly better than even ten minutes after a shower when you were un-cut.

The second major benefit is sexual. Foreskin, especially the inner foreskin, is extremely sensitive. There are more nerve endings in the foreskin than the rest of the penis combined. While this makes the sexual act itself more “intense” than after circumcision, the end result of uncircumcised sex is premature ejaculation. You may or may not find this embarrassing, but the odds are good that as an uncircumcised man you last the least amount of time in bed of all of your significant other’s past sexual partners. After your circumcision you will last longer, and as a result your orgasm will be more intense. Because the skin on your shaft is more taught it will feel like you are penetrating deeper than before. Your partner will also enjoy your increased stamina.

A third benefit is that, after living your life “different” from everyone you know, you will finally stop being embarrassed about your penis. Uncircumcised men are a minority, and an uncircumcised penis is considered weird (at best) by both men and women. Your penis may even be considered gross by your partner, who has not mentioned this to save your feelings.

There are additional benefits, such as a reduced rate of sexually transmitted diseases. Because the skin on the penis becomes external rather than internal skin it is less likely to harbor bacteria and viruses.

After your circumcision you will be at significantly lower risk of penile cancer. This is extremely rare, however, and I consider it a fringe benefit.