If you are considering circumcision as an adult, you are probably not making that decision in a vacuum. Your significant other is a part of your life, and possibly even a core motivator for inquiries into getting “cut”. In this space I ask my wife the questions I both have and have not had the courage to ask in person, because chances are good that you are afraid to ask the very same questions.

May 12, 2013

Wife I love, I would be grateful if you would tolerate my inanity long enough to answer these questions. Please be frank and candid. If you want I will clean up any grammatical or spelling issues.

Q: In your experience as a woman, how common is circumcision? I read statistics online stating that some 30% of infant boys are left intact, but you’ve told me I’m the only uncut guy you’ve been with. Just how unusual, really, is it to be an intact grown man in the USA?

Out of the 7ish guys I’ve been with you are the only one who is uncut.

Q: Do you prefer men circumcised or intact? What about your friends? No need to name names.

Circumcised, the general consensus is foreskin is weird.

Q: So you prefer a guy to be cut. What are the factors in that preference? Hygiene, appearance, unfamiliarity with the uncut organ?

Hygiene – I think it smells like pee and sweat because the skin catches and retains those liquids and scents. It’s look doesn’t bother me at all and, by now, I’m familiar with it.

Q: I’ve had some hygiene issues in the past. Am I part of the reason you feel all boys should be circumcised, even as infants?


Q: I investigated adult circumcision when you weren’t aware it was even an option, so you couldn’t have wanted me to do it before I told you I was going to. If you had known that it was an option, would you have wanted it? If so, would you have ever brought it up?

If I was asked if someone could wave a magic wand and you’d be circumcised and you didn’t mind, I’d say yeah go for it. I wouldn’t have EVER brought it up without being prompted.

Q: I’ve rambled incessantly about the benefits of circumcision for me. Do you see my circumcision as likely to provide benefits to you? Benefits might include sexual gratification, improved health, or even reduced marital strife.

Yes, I think oral sex will more pleasant to perform on a cut organ – assuming reasonable hygiene is maintained. I will probably get fewer UTIs, I am also really over talking about foreskin so I’d like it to be over.

Q: Would you recommend that other men who are curious about circumcision bring it up with their partners before or after making a decision?

Yes – but the partner’s opinion should just be that, an opinion. Circumcision is a personal choice that can’t be made by anyone except the person getting circumcised.

Q: Anything else you’d like to say?