Is urination any different for you?


Nope. I pulled back my foreskin to urinate prior to the surgery.


Turns out it’s very slightly different. The difference is that I have to remember not to pull it back anymore.


More minor changes: The skin of the entire glans is drying out, including the opening to my urethra. The process has left my urethra in a slightly open position, whereas while uncircumcised it would always stay closed when not “in use”. The upshot of this is that, as it dries, my “aim” has become somewhat inconsistent. For now I’ve found it prudent to sit down while I pee, because yesterday I managed to pee sideways onto my pants. Today, as the opening and the first 16th (or so) of an inch of the urethra itself dry out further my aim has been improving again. I think the aim problem was due to it drying out in a non-uniform manner.

As is usual for me to say, this whole drying-out process doesn’t hurt.

How much difference can really be expected in the improvement of one’s sex life? You write as if circumcision is almost a silver bullet for hygiene issues and sexual performance problems, which I’m a bit hesitant to accept. What’s your experience with this?


The expected improvement in sex life is probably relatively unique to my case, and circumcision is certainly not a silver bullet. For the sex aspect, my particular issue was caused by hypersensitivity of the foreskin, and past experience with numbing agents such as benzocaine had already demonstrated marked improvement. For the hygiene aspect, I will still need to wash and shower regularly. The biggest difference will be odor, especially if I have (for reasons of time, depression, or otherwise) skipped my shower in the morning.

How different does sex feel? How has the loss of nerves affected your personal, sensory pleasure (ignoring for the moment your presumed extra satisfaction from things like confidence or your partner’s increased pleasure)?


At this point in my recovery I cannot fully answer this question, because I cannot have sex for several weeks. However, there is a “discontinuity” in the sensory experience of touching my penis; where the foreskin used to be I simply don’t feel anything at all. It is very similar to the benzocaine-condom case, which resulted in increased pleasure for both my partner and myself.

It seems like there are other methods of accomplishing some of your goals involving hygiene and performance, e.g. more frequent washing (or washing immediately before sex), kegel exercises, and chemical methods such viagra or cialis; which would maintain the foreskin and the nerves within. Why do you feel circumcision was the better option compared to these other methods? Do you feel that these other options might be more beneficial for someone else considering this decision who may have different personal circumstances?


Absolutely! Of course there are other options, and all options should be considered. My reasons were never meant to apply to anyone else, merely as examples that one might have.

For me, one of the largest reasons circumcision was the right choice was my relationship with my wife. Entirely through my own failure of hygiene, I had managed to turn foreskin from something she didn’t particularly care about to something that she considered “gross”. This is not meant to imply that she asked me to have the surgery! She fought tooth-and-nail to keep me from even finding out that she would have preferred it had I been circumcised as an infant. She had done research in college into adult circumcision (primarily of the female variety but of male as well) and was shocked at the choice I made. However, the fact of the matter is that I am in a committed, long-term, and stable relationship, and it was in some sense a “sacrifice” I was more than willing to make for my partner.

For other men, please please please do not assume that circumcision will simply solve all your relationship woes. My situation grew from my own failure to keep myself clean, and if you can reliably do that yourself than circumcision is probably not right for you.

One thing you mention is a loss of sensitivity, and you focus on the loss of sensitivity through loss of nerves, rather than through desensitization. With the head of your penis exposed continually, it seems like for the first few weeks or so you would be hypersensitive as the (previously covered) head rubs against your underwear, leg, etc. What’s your experience with this? And how long does the desensitization process take as an adult?


Yes, there is some sensitivity of the glans against my underwear, but it isn’t particularly noticeable. However, my preferred underwear is a heavy-weight cotton boxer short that is very soft, and I would not want to go “commando” with denim jeans any time soon.

I have read that the glans forms a minor callous after a few weeks, but as of today there is nothing of the sort.

For a person without some of your difficulties with hygiene and performance, would you still recommend circumcision as a way to improve further?


Absolutely not. I would never “recommend” circumcision, merely present it as an option to consider. In my circumstance it was a decision that made sense, and I feel it was the correct decision to make. But, my reasons are my reasons, and should not be construed as applicable to anyone else.

Remember, circumcision is a permanent decision. If you didn’t think of it yourself as an option you probably shouldn’t be considering it.


I misread the question the first time around. I would not even present it as an option to consider for men without some sort of problem(s) with their uncircumcised penis. They need not be the same as mine were, but if you haven’t got a good reason then I still think you probably shouldn’t be considering it. Purely “cosmetic” is not, in my humble opinion, a good enough reason.