What prompted you to consider being cut?

The thing that finally tipped my mind into making this decision was my wife’s admission that, were she able to wave some magic wand and do so without changing me as a person or causing any pain, she would have had me cut, preferably as an infant. At the time she was (and still is as of this writing) of the opinion that all boys should be circumcised at birth. I dragged out of her that she finds foreskin gross, for which I (and my poor hygiene) am to blame.


It should be noted that, when I told her of my decision to be circumcised as an adult, she was horrified. She had done some research in college on the subject, knew that it would be painful, and “would never under any circumstances ask you to do that”. I pushed forward with my decision anyway, and she (at first grudgingly) supported me in it, but it was my idea from the start.

Was being uncut a problem with cleaning? Generally people rationalize that as the reason they perform the operation at an early age.

Actually, yes and no. It is not at all a problem with cleaning, it is in fact more a problem with not cleaning. If I am running late and skip a morning shower, with foreskin things get pretty icky down there. It’s certainly not the case that an uncircumcised penis can’t be kept clean, and I strenuously object to using “hygiene” as a reason to take away this choice from a newborn boy. However, in my case, my poor personal hygiene as a general issue was exacerbated by the foreskin acting as a “drip collector” for anything leaving my penis.

Was being uncut a health problem at any point? I’ve heard of higher risk of UTI and other types of issues, but am not sure.

Yes and no. It has never been a health problem for me personally. However, during a period of depression where my hygiene was particularly bad I gave my wife more than one UTI. Yeah, urine is sterile, and semen is not particularly bacterial, but if they sit there in your penis in that warm moist environment for a day or two then bacteria certainly grow, and while I was never harmed by it, my wife was.

How does your wife feel about it all retrospectively?

I think she’s glad. She said this morning that she had forgotten to thank me yesterday, and didn’t want to wake me in the night when she realized she hadn’t. This has actually been incredibly stressful for her too, though for different reasons: She has been terrified that I would regret my decision, blame it on her, and leave our relationship. That whole scenario is preposterous to me, but it still scared her. I’ll let her continue this answer.

[My wife needs time to think about this.]

Was your doctor helpful and supportive of process?

He was very clinical about it. He explained what he would do, but was neither “supportive” nor “against” my decision; I get the feeling that he was very careful to show no opinion on the matter. However, he did show some support a few minutes before my surgery, when he brought up the request I had made to have an interview with him. I figured the matter had been entirely forgotten, but he said that it was still on his mind and that he was running it by their legal department due to the emotionally sensitive nature of the subject. I also suspect, though did not ask, that he was “sitting” on it until the day of the surgery, to make sure he didn’t risk giving potentially controversial answers to someone who subsequently backed out of their surgery.

How did people you know who were still uncut react? How about your parents?

My parents have been generally supportive, but it’s an embarrassing subject for them. My dad had a one-on-one chat with me to satisfy himself that this really was a choice that I was making, that I “owned” the decision. Other than that they’ve stayed out of it. They were willing to drive me to the surgery center when it was unclear whether my wife could get the day off of work though.

The only other person I know who is still uncut is my brother. I haven’t spoken with him yet since the surgery, although I hope to have him ask me a similar set of questions.

Are you still happy with your choice?

Yes. My reasons were logical and my fears were primarily concerned with pain. So far there has been so little pain that I have a hard time not reporting the entire procedure as “painless”. Getting the IV in my hand (which delivered first a calming medicine and then the general anesthesia) was and continues to be the most painful part of both surgery and recovery.

Was the operation painful?

Not at all. I was unconscious, though. I remember them telling me it was time for the calming medicine, then waking up with my wife holding my hand. My penis was under local anesthetic and I felt no pain at all.

How long did it take to recover full use of your penis after the operation?

As of this writing (2013.05.25) I have not yet recovered full use, but my circumcision was yesterday morning. It is expected that the sutures will be fully dissolved by two weeks from yesterday. I am not supposed to have sex for six weeks after the surgery, although I may violate that particular order if I feel I am fully healed before then.

How different is the sensation/feeling of pleasure when having sexual intercourse after? Less or about same?

As of this writing (2013.05.25) I have no answer. I can say that, the night after the operation, with pain management medication, getting a normal nightly erection did not hurt at all.