As a currently uncircumcised man, I have a lot of questions about life with circumcision that are generally unanswered for lack of someone trustworthy enough to ask yet understanding enough to not take offense.  Here I ask questions of an anonymous friend of mine, who was circumcised as an infant and has grown up his whole life without foreskin.  If you are considering circumcision, I hope that I have managed to ask some of the questions in your mind.

May 13, 2013

Q: In your experience as a circumcised man, how common is circumcision? I read statistics that some 30% of infant boys are left intact, but the only other uncut man I know is my brother. Just how unusual, really, is it to be an intact grown man in the USA?

In the USA, I only personally know under 10 men who are uncut, so I would say 90% from my personal experience, but I’ve heard similar figures . Another thing to keep in mind is that certain groups may perform the operation after birth, by several years, but still without the boy’s approval (if you’re three, you certainly aren’t capable of granting consent) for religious or cultural purposes, so the figures for cut versus uncut may or may not consider these. All this in mind, I consider it a rarity to find another guy that’s uncut.

Q: I hear that a circumcised penis often gets chaffed by undergarments, and that this can be painful. Is this true?

To some extent, chaffing can be a problem, though rarely severe. Chaffing is also, in my experience, generally why most cut men have preferences regarding what sorts of undergarments they wear, and they stick to them. For myself, I find that either very loose boxers or tighter underwear are best, whereas the mixed boxer briefs tend to cause chaffing problems, but this will vary based on size, personal preference, etc. Most often it’s the seams that cause the worst chaffing problems, not the actual cloth itself.

Q: As an uncut guy, I can masturbate without lube, without difficulty. What about “cut” guys?

I can masturbate without lube, but after an extended period of time, it can become painful and begin to chaff quite severely, to avoid this I recommend lotion, or even using tissues that have lotion, or something softer in general you can place over the penis. In general, once again, it depends on how long this goes and how often you masturbate, but it can be quite painful sometimes, so I strongly recommend people who are just getting cut to be cautious and careful with this.

Q: Uncircumcised men “suffer” from an overabundance of stimulation, (for me anyway) often resulting in premature ejaculation. Do circumcised men have the opposite problem? Is it ever difficult to achieve orgasm during sex?

I have had issues with this from time to time, but rarely from the orgasm angle, more from the initial angle of getting stimulated – once I’m stimulated enough to have sex, orgasm is not a problem for me. If you have trouble with this, I recommend trying masturbation before hand, or mutual masturbation to help get things started. Also keep in mind that this can also play into foreplay and doesn’t have to be a “problem” at all.

Q: I frequently enjoy various sex positions with my wife. This is made easier by my foreskin; it slides over my shaft, reducing the potentially painful friction. When I’m circumcised, can I make up for the lack of foreskin with additional lube?

Definitely, I advise always using lubricated condoms (if you use them), and if not, using lube that is comfortable for both of you. Keep in mind that it can be just as painful for her as it is for you if lube is not used, and as always, be cautious. Another tip is don’t use too much if you can avoid it, as sometimes it can reduce feeling for you if it’s too slippery, which is important if you’re cut.

Q: Do you ever wish your parents hadn’t had you circumcised?

I do, I certainly understand their reasons, at some point in the past there certainly was a health benefit and I honestly think they were ignorant of the situation, and just doing what they had always been taught was right. That said, it does frustrate and upset me that they did this without my consent at that age, so I do wish they had left me uncut and I had made that choice for myself as an adult.

Q: If you have children, do you plan to circumcise your boys?

No, I plan on letting them make an informed decision when they are adults and helping them pay for it at that time if they’d like.

Q: Do you ever get complaints from your partner about taste or odor?


Q: Does the glans of a circumcised penis stay dry all day?

Generally speaking yes, I can’t think of a time it has not been dry.

Q: Do you have any advice for men considering circumcision?

Be sure to discuss with your partner, your doctor, and decide for yourself. There are ups and downs, from all I’ve heard, it definitely makes you less sensitive, and you need to use lube more aggressively, but I can tell you that I have a full sex life with my partner and have no problems being cut from a physical perspective, outside of the chaffing noted above, which is remedied by proper clothing choices.

Q: Anything else to add?

Thanks for working on this site, I’m glad someone is providing a resource for people thinking about getting cut.