I wrote this immediately upon returning home from my circumcision. It is an unedited stream of consciousness, and includes some vulgarity.

So, I just got home a few minutes ago from my surgery.  I am now among the ranks of circumcised men, and looking forward to being healed.

The first thing I should probably address is that of pain: I have had almost none.  The procedure was done under general anesthesia, and I don’t remember any of it.  My wife was sitting next to me when I went under, and was there when I woke up.  A local anesthetic kept me basically pain-free until I could fill my prescription for Vicodin, and take one, and wait for it to kick in.  I did this at the closest pharmacy to the surgical center so I wouldn’t have to go without pain management.  My wife then drove me home, and as we were getting near home (30 or 40 minutes of driving) I was starting to feel some tingling and pain, so I took a second Vicodin.  I don’t anticipate needing to take two again, but immediately post-op is something I learned from getting my wisdom teeth removed.

So: No Pain.  The local has almost certainly worn off by now; my surgery started at 9:35am and it is now 1:10pm.  Any local anesthetic has surely worn off by now, but the Vicodin has me covered.  Let me say that again: The most pain I I have felt throughout the entire process, up to now as I write this, is when they put in the IV.

As for my penis, it’s kind of bloody and wrapped in a tight plastic bandage that is expected to stay on by itself for about two days.  Foreskin is gone, as well as the frenulum.

I’m really, really, looking forward to six weeks from now, when I’m allowed to have sex again.  I plan to fuck the bejeezus out of my wife, and it will be fantastic, and I will finally last a reasonable duration.

I’m also looking forward to not having a drip collector on my penis.  The fact is, catching all that urine, semen, and pre-cum could make it pretty gross.  Finally, I will be clean all the time.

Basically, I’m not upset at all.  This has so far been an incredibly positive experience and I look forward to a continued future with my wife.