My reasons for circumcision, like all good changes in my life, originate with my wife.  I first began to consider the procedure, years ago, because of her.  I finally made up my mind, in favor of circumcision, because it was what she preferred.  (I’ve poked around a bit on circumcision sites, and “partner pressure” is a very real phenomena.  More on this below.)  I originally made this decision for what some people (myself included) would consider the “wrong reasons”: I went from occasional undecided musings to an internal commitment to make the cut not to please myself but to please someone else.

However, like the other major lifestyle change I have made for the woman I love (quitting recreational drug use seven years ago), I follow though because it becomes something that I want for myself.

These are some of my reasons:

  • My wife prefers “cut” men.  She thinks foreskin is not disgusting, but merely “gross”.  For this I am to blame; I am the only uncut man she has been with and my atrocious record of personal hygiene (or lack thereof) has unfortunately justified her bias.
  • Premature ejaculation.  My foreskin is incredibly sensitive.  (Foreskin is more sensitive than fingertips, but sexually charged.)  In the majority of cases, a sexual session with my wife will involve me bringing her to climax with my hands, because I come too early and too easily.  It is embarrassing (to me, although she has never said anything) that it is the exception and not the rule for her to orgasm with me inside her.  Ten years ago I could easily spring back up with a second erection in a matter of minutes, but now that I am almost 30 a second erection involves a delay of about 45 minutes.  Unacceptable, to me.
  • Hygiene.  This one is a touchy subject, because it is certainly possible to keep an uncircumcised penis cleanly.  I, however, lack that ability.  The unfortunate fact of my foreskin hygiene is that, by the time 12 hours have passed since it was last washed, mine is usually filthy.  By filthy, I mean that it has collected drips of urine after I pee (no matter the method of shaking or squeezing post evacuation), and if I have at all been aroused, has also collected “pre-cum”.  This latter stinks to high hell if left in place for more than an hour or two, and I have yet to encounter a public restroom in the USA where either (a) facilities were provided to wash a penis, or (b) it would be acceptable to wash it in the sink, which is what I do at home.
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).  This is one of the most shameful reasons I have: a couple years ago during a period of depression I let my personal hygiene go, and my wife got something like three consecutive UTIs.  Her doctor told her the most likely cause was bacteria accumulating on my uncut penis.  She told me that the doctor told her they were “because you are uncut”.  I immediately became defensive, and insisted that they were because my hygiene was poor, not because I was uncircumcised .  The fact of the matter is, however, that if I were to go through another few months of depression without getting circumcised, the whole thing would probably repeat itself.  I have never forgiven myself for making my wife sick.
  • The desire to look “normal”.  This is a reason I have trouble admitting, because intellectually I reject it as a valid reason.  Circumcision is not actually the norm, when considering things on a global scale.  Even in the USA, apparently at present only about 70% of infant boys are circumcised, although I suspect that percentage is much higher when limiting the query to the white middle-class.  As a late-twenties white middle-class male, I know of exactly _one_ other man not circumcised: my brother.  I am grateful to my parents for allowing me to make this choice myself, but the fact of the matter is that I feel emotionally like _I_ am the one whose penis is unnatural.

My reasons are probably not your reasons, but I am being honest and unbiased about them.  My surgery was scheduled for nearly three weeks after my initial consultation, but I tried have it done sooner because I had been honest with myself and was comfortable with my reasons for choosing circumcision.

Be honest with yourself when considering circumcision. Your knee-jerk reaction is probably along the lines of “Hell No!”. Look a little deeper, and ask honestly assess how comfortable you and your partner are with remaining uncircumcised.