I arrived at the surgical center with my wife and checked in. I paid my $250 deductible. I waited in the waiting room until my name was called, then went in, changed into a hospital gown, sat on a wheeled hospital bed, and filled out some more silly forms indicating that I really did want to be circumcised. Forms such as circling the body part on an androgynous outline drawing of a human that was to be operated on.

They put in an IV, with saline, and let my wife come in. I spoke with her some.

I have a very vague recollection of maybe being wheeled somwhere.


All of a sudden I was very confused. “I want my wife!”, I said, and she got my attention by calling out to me. She was already holding my hand. “Is it done?”, I asked. “Yes”, she said.

It didn’t hurt. I hadn’t felt a thing.

I found out later that it had taken a relatively large dose of anesthetic to knock me out, and that when the procedure was done and I “woke up” I immediately demanded my wife’s presence. Apparently I continued to ask it every 30 seconds for about 20 minutes, despite her sitting right next to me for the latter 15 of those 20. I don’t remember any of those 20 minutes of incoherent babbling.

It was done. It was easy. It hadn’t hurt a bit.

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