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      Hello all,

      I was wondering if anyone knows whether the use of the ZSR Clamp would/could result high/tight circumcision circumcision. I have seen different results from searching online. The ZSR has many distinct advantages: reduced down time, almost no bleeding, little pain relatively and very importantly a nice clean cut (no sutures – even ring) which is the aesthetic result I want apart from it being high/tight.

      I know that the Shang Ring can produce such high/ tight circumcisions with similar results but it has to be left on and is rather finicky.

      What are your opinions on the ZSR device?

      It is well used in Asia.


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      I got cut approx a year ago with the ZSR clamp. My result is medium-high and tight. Healed very fast, minimal issues. I can highly recommend this device.

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