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      Hi there sweethearts!
      When I found this forum, I immediately started reading some posts and had to comment on one that concerns the opinion of a woman. As mentioned there, I am pro-circumcision and I live in a European country. My experience is that the circumcision rate here in this country is not very high. My current boyfriend is circumcised and I am very happy about it.
      I have 2 girlfriends that I see on a regular basis. They both have a young son and I wasn’t surprised when I saw them walking naked with foreskin in the backyard a few weeks ago.
      Of course we women talk about everything with our close friends. Even about sex with our partner … especially when we drink alcohol. That’s when circumcision came up as a topic. When we talked about this topic, it turned out that none of their husbands were circumcised. They didn’t complain about it because they have never had sex with anyone without a foreskin. They asked some questions about my boyfriend and his circumcision, but nothing more.
      Sometimes I tell my partner about some topics we discuss to get him excited. When I told him that they now know he is circumcised he was of course embarrassed. When I mentioned that their husbands are not, he suggested that she should be convinced and laughed. I thought he was joking, but a few days ago he asked me how it was going. We are open to each other about our preferences and desires. We have already talked about circumcision if we were to have a boy in the future, with the possibility of creating a family tradition (as someone nicely wrote on this forum).
      He knows that I favor circumcision and that I believe that every man should be circumcised to make his partner happy. So I think he is right and I should talk to my girls again about circumcision and try to convince them. Thinking about it further, I also have a really nice, innocent girlfriend. I haven’t talked to her about sexual issues, but I’m sure she just has boring vanilla sex. I think it would help her too to experience sex with a circumcised man.
      Now I have two questions for other women.
      Have you convinced any of your girlfriends to get circumcised yet?
      Do you have any ideas on how I can convince my female friends?

      I am sorry if these statements might offend anyone, but this is currently my view of things.

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      A major turn on for me is the imagined conversations between young women. Truly explosive stuff for me to hear women discussing circumcision.

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      Hi Jessy, I totally agree with you! I am a woman from Lausanne, Switzerland; my fiancé is circumcised and I greatly prefer it. He has also influenced my brother to get circumcised too – he has just had it done. I have spoken with a lot of my female friends about circumcision and they are very interested to discuss the subject. A few weeks ago my fiancé and I had a one night partner swap with a couple who are good friends – the man was also circumcised. We plan to have any future sons circumcised too.

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        Hi Élodie

        I am very happy to read that there are people in Switzerland who are open-minded to circumcision. In the French-speaking part of Switzerland, people are a bit more relaxed about many things than here. I live in a suburb of the capitol of Switzerland. I sometimes have the impression of being surrounded only by circumcision opponents. Unfortunately, this also applies to the question The only exceptions are only Muslims.

        My brother is circumcised since 2018, for the same reasons as I am considering. But he is really a rarity here as not circumcised for religious reasons.

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      I always dreamed of meeting a woman with this preference, never did so I got cut anyway


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      I’ve overheard ladies conversations about their preferences or not for a man to be circumcised. Those with circumcised partners champion it and wouldnt have it any other way.
      The ladies who’ve not experienced a circumcised man seem positive about its hygienic potential but are ultimately on the fence regards sexual performance or appearance.
      I’ve chimed in on a couple of occasions and they get quite giddy when I answer “yes” to the question “are you circumcised?”.

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      Hi Jessie,

      I live in Mexico and circumcision is not common here except among certain groups, but it is widely available at many clinics. I had my 2 sons circumcised because the father was and also I beleived that it was more beneficial and more of a symbol of the upper-class, which is how is it seen here in our society. I have also been around some friends homes and seen their boys running around naked and we have discussed circumcision. Some mothers did not feel it was necessary and not required for a Catholic. Some others did do it for being Catholic. Most thought it is more hygienico. There was a difference of opinion of course. Only one of the ladys in our group said that her husband did it for her to improve hygiene. I agree with her. My current partner is uncircucmised, but I think he should get the surgery to keep us both safer from any disease or infection. So that makes me pro-circumcision. I think the circumcsion rate here is increasing either from US influence or because more women here are coming out and saying they find it more Hygenico.

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      Hi Monica,

      Did you already discuss that with your partner?

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      Iris Sampson

      I was disappointed to discovered that my husband had not been circumcised after assuming that he was when we first met. He wore his loose foreskin retracted! Having discussed the merits with him and his family it was decided that our boys would be circumcised within a year of their birth and that Peter would have his loose foreskin removed at the first opportunity. This he did at 42yo.
      The advantages of male circumcision I cannot overstate.
      Not only is there medical advantage to me in the reduction in likelyhood of developing cervical cancer but the aesthetic and sexual benefits are enormous.
      If I were ever to re-marry I would insist that any new partner is circumcised beforehand for the advantages that I now know.

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        Its an interesting topic, i had one girlfriend who only like men who were cut, she was adamant that you had to be cut, at the time I used to keep my foreskin back, but when having sex with her she would hold it back. Other girlfriends have not been bothered either way. It could be down to the fact that they have not had a guy who has been circumcised or it could be they are not bothered. My partner only says that she likes me being cut as it is more hygienic.
        I can say though that most of my male friends and there male sons are not cut and talking to them they seem to have no interest, even when you mention the benefits.

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      Hello Élodie,
      I am from Lausanne too and my girlfriend wants that i get cut for hygiene and aesthetic reasons. Who was the surgeon who did the cut to your brother? i struggle finding one who does it in the area

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        Thanks! I spoke to my brother today; he went to the cabinet of Dr. Alain Bitton in Genève. He has a website circoncision.ch

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        Good to see that more men in Lausanne are wanting to get circumcised; your girlfriend is very wise and has very good taste! I hope you can get circumcised soon!

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      Peter & Natasha

      Jessy – how wonderful that you’re so pro-circumcision. Peter and I are totally pro-circumcision – no hesitating in Gavin C our boys circumcised even though RIC is rare here in the UK. RIC and woman insisting on their men being circumcised are things I feel strongly about but agents really to be discussed on this website. But I’d love to chat with you further. So if you’re happy to, please email us on 135cp531@gmail.com We’d love to hear from you, and indeed anyone else here! Natasha xx

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