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      I am currently fat and losing weight. I am around 3.5 inches flaccid with a huge foreskin overhang. I will be getting circumcised soon and was wondering if my erect size will reduce. I am around 8 inches bpel with a huge fat pad.
      When I pull back my foreskin flaccid penis is really small but I’ve heard this does not affect erect size.

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      If you have a substantial fat pad then I would think there is a strong likelihood you may end with a condition known as ‘buried penis’. If I were in your position, I would be seeking a remedy to the fat pad first.

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      Initially, I lost about half an inch of erect size as I chose a tight cut, but I recovered to my normal size over the course of a month after removing the bandage. Basically, the skin had to adjust after being shortened.

      I’m also a little overweight currently, about 30 lbs too much, and the fat around my penis causes me to look a little smaller than normal, but I’ve gained and lost weight before and it only changes the flaccid appearance

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      Hi All,

      I just had a revision performed (today is Day 6 post op)

      I am also concerned about loss of length – I have had my first erection today and it seems about 1 -1.5 inches shortened!

      Is this just due to some healing that will need to happen ? or have I lost size?

      For information sake, I had a Low/tight revision performed;
      – I am a grower
      – about 1.75 in of shaft skin were removed
      – 3/4 in of remaining inner skin was removed

      apricate the info as I am freaking out

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        I lost an inch of visible erect length after my tight circumcision but I needed it done so I don’t mind. The tight shaft skin pulls the penis into a body a little bit instead of a foreskin allowing for more extension.

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          So the loss in length is a real thing ?!!!
          Will it settle down after a few weeks or this is it , and I have to live with the loss?

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            My loss in length recovered just fine. It just takes time for the skin to stretch.

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            mine didn’t. i’m still 5 3/4 inches long when erect along the top side when I was once 7. That’s with a high and tight cut, scar line an inch behind the head.

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      It shouldn’t- it’s only a concern when you go way too tight. Until you’re healed, you might see all sorts of changes in tightness, girth, ease of erection, but those will pass.

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      My husband is circumcised extremely tightly, much more so than I would have thought possible. When erect the skin is just “tight” and it is impossible to touch the underside of his glans with the shaft skin. However, we think he didn’t lose any length and if he did it is not noticeable to us. So, I think if you lose length after circumcision, something has gone wrong.

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      I guess i will give it some time – its only been 7 days.
      The erections are not “full” as I am super scared i will split the skin or pop a stitch.

      i had a fair bit of mobile skin previously, but i do now have a “pubic tent” even with a 75% erection so, not sure if that will settle or stretch ?

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      my comment on this, is that well all think that we have lost a few inches after being cut. After a few years it then looks the same length

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