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      I will be undergoing a revision in a few weeks and I was wondering if anyone had advice or wanted to share their experience.

      My previous circumcision left too much skin so that the glans is sometimes half covered. I gave it a few years to see if I’d get used to it, but I never did. It just doesn’t feel like a real circumcision to me. I currently have a high cut with plenty of inner mucosa, which I hope to retain as it’s quite sensitive. This last bit surprised the surgeon who said this wasn’t the case for most men, but it’s definitely more sensitive for me.

      I am asking for as much to be removed as possible, while retaining much of the inner mucosa. The surgeon was quick to say he didn’t want to take away so much that there wouldn’t be room for “growth”, which I can’t argue with, I suppose.

      At this point, I can’t wait to get it over with!

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      Hello Sergio,
      I am in absolutely the same situation after two cuts. I have already booked a revision in January, so any advices in that matter will be highly appreciated.

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      I have had 2 revisions after my initial cut. I have found that after about 10 years in each case the shaft skin had become loose and was no longer tight when I was erect and gave bunching when I was flacid.
      So for my first revision I went for a high and tight cut, which was fine and looked good. But for my second revision I wanted to experience a low and tight cut, so the surgeon removed nearly all of my inner foreskin and reduced the shaft skin.
      Now I have no bunching when flacid and a very tight skin when erect. It feels less sensitive and kind of restrictive which I like. I dont think you get a fully exposed sulcus if much of the inner skin is left so it is best to go for a low cut and not keep the inner skin. The shaft skin is often said to be more stretchable than the inner skin so better to lose the inner skin than the shaft skin.
      Another advantage of removing the inner skin is there is much less or even no swelling after the op. If you lose the inner skin then you should also lose the frenulum. Hope this helps.

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        Something that can manifest itself in the shaft skin becoming loose and bunching/covering the glans over time is weigh gain. As the pubic fat expands, it pushed the skin along the penis from the base. I’m not saying that’s whats happened in your case, but it can happen, and removing more and more shaft skin to keep the glans exposed will result in shortening of the penis as it gets pulled into the body when erect. If your shaft skin is particularly baggy near the sulcus, then a low and tight cut will permanently and irreversibly expose the glans, leaving enough shaft skin to accommodate a full erection.

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      My surgeon advised me that a low cut would leave my glans uncovered all the time whereas a high cut would more likely lead to some coverage when flaccid due to rollover. I think he was right.
      Look how many guys on these forums go for revisions having been cut high and experience a degree of coverage. ‘Not enough skin removed’ is invariably their diagnosis but what if it was simply down to the position of the scar?

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      Initial cut was high and loose for me with even some of ridged band left. That left the glans half cover when soft which I wasn’t particularly happy with as it didn’t really feel that significantly different from before.

      Second cut left me still fairly high but tight which I find an improvement. There’s no wrinkles visible when soft, let alone half and it’s impossible to get the glans covered now. I guess if I could swap to a low cut I probably would, even just from point of view of seeing how everything works with no inner foreskin remaining. I wouldn’t say that in itself would make me go through another revision though, unless like others after a decade it’s loosened hugely.

      One thing I would say is that recovery from a tighter circumcision is much more noticeable… Learning to raise your knees to reduce the tension there until healing is complete helps with that…

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      Jojo, Martin, matt, Dwayne, Reuben,

      Thank you for your replies. I get somewhat scared and discouraged at the idea of needing a second, let alone a third revision down the road.

      I expect the surgeon to remove about an inch; I can imagine stretching over time, but enough for an extra inch of skin to just appear? I’m not sure what to think. I’m not necessarily expecting a fully exposed sulcus, but yes, I’d rather the glans weren’t covered.

      The consensus appears to be that a low cut is less likely to stretch, but I’m not willing to do that, nor do find that extreme of a cut a desirable outcome for me. Still, you’ve made me wonder if I shouldn’t consider having a bit more inner skin removed to mitigate future stretching.

      I wonder how common revision are. Are men circumcised at birth going for revisions that commonly?

      As for weight gain, that’s a fair point.

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        infant circumcisions are “grown into” so remain tight. generally you don’t and won’t need revisions down the road. A good circumcision will leave the glans permanently exposed and enough movement to successfully masturbate if required.

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          I’m not sure I follow: you can only grow into something for as long as you are growing. Once you’ve hit your 20s, that’s it and I can’t see why the skin would stretch less. In fact, the tighter the skin, the more likely it will stretch.

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      A lot depends on how you are when erect- if the skin is tight then, that’s probably the limit. Some guys have more of a change in size on erection than others, if that’s the case for you you might not be able to keep the head completely exposed when soft. Mine was high, and has loosened a bit since the op, low cuts loosen less I think.

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        Right, everyone’s different in that regard and your expectations need to match. I asked the surgeon if he would need to see an erection to take measurements and he said pulling on the penis will give him all the information he needs to determine how much he can remove.

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      The revision took place yesterday and went really well. One day later, I’m not taking the painkillers anymore and there is no bleeding. I worried about night erections, but either they didn’t occur because of the medication and anasthetics or else they weren’t painful. It’s still swollen all around the base, of course.

      This is the polar opposite of what my initial circumcision was like. They had used surgical glue instead of stitches, so I was in constant fear that the wound edges would separate and indeed they did. I worried for weeks about how it would heal. This time around, stitches were used and here we are the day after and I can hardly believe I was given a note to take several weeks off work. The evening of, I was walking around the house without any problem. I’ll give it another day or two and then I suppose I can leave the house, go for walks, etc.

      At my request, as much of the inner foreskin was kept as was possible and the incisions were made slightly under the previous cut (under meaning towards the glans) and then some way above that. There was some negotiation with the doctor, who didn’t want to remove too much, but who agreed that a bit more could be removed than what he had initially drawn. I’m glad I was able to have input and that he listened!

      One of the nurses commented afterwards that one of her friends had had the same procedure and really loves it. As anecdotal as that is, it comforted me somewhat. She also added that she had herself undergone labiaplasty.

      A few more weeks of waiting now!

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        G S

        Excellent. Good luck with the healing part.

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      Hello, my revision was performed yesterday and everything was fine with it. It was done under full anaesthesia and I wake up once it was already ready. Now I am with the initial bandage and haven’t been able to see the result yet. The doctor said he removed all the possible amount of skin – the skin now can reach the rim of the glans but can’t overlap it. This bandage is going to be changed tomorrow, so I will be able to see the result then. Currently there is absolutely no pain without any painkillers.

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