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      so i noticed that the last few times sex with my wife was painful and so i went to Dr.. She said you have a torn foreskin and it it continues you might want to consider circumcision and she game me a steroid cream. so i used the cream and in 1 week the problem was solved. then 2 weeks later it happened again, i went back to the dr, and she referred me to a urologist, he said the cream was a good first step, but more than likely it will keep happning makring circumicision a smart long-term option.

      so i went home an started the cream again. again, it got better in less than a week. then the skin tore again and again i could not have sex for 7-10 days. my wife was getting really frustrated. so i went to another urologist for a 2dns opion. she basicaly said the same thing as the first uro. so then i went home as disussed it with my wife. she said it seems like a no-brainer at this point.

      but i never asked the urllogist how is a circumision done, what is the heailing time, etc. does anyone here have advice for me. i am trying to avoid circumcision if i can, but if i cannit than i want ti know what to expect and what my wife should expect. thanks.

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      It’s a simple enough operation, the doc will (as far as I know) cut the skin down the middle on the underside, then around through both layers of the foreskin. You’ll be stitched up and given post op care instructions, and healing takes about six weeks until you can have sex again. I imagine you’ll get a fairly low and tight cut, meaning the head will be exposed and most of the skin thats removed will be the scarred inner skin.
      I wouldn’t worry too much- while getting circumcised as an adult is pretty rare and may seem daunting or a big change, ‘not having a foreskin’ is really common and will feel totally normal in a couple of months.

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      I am getting very frustrated with my foreskin. it seems like in recebt years it is always gettting torn and then take a long time to heal before i can have sex or masturbate. i tried some creams a dermtologist gave me. it helped fir a little while. not a have a girlfriend and half the time she wants sex i have to say no because my foreskin is irritated. she is getting pretty frustrated also. has any experienced this? i had 1 consultation with a urologist he said i could get a circumsion if it was that much of a conituing problem. i guess i am at that point, but still seems like a leap emotioanlly. it has been getting worse for a few years and i am 45 so i don’t expect it to get better on it’s own. i’m afraid of surgery and worried about any change in sesitivity.

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      Hey. Am close to your age and had it done 6 weeks ago. Totally happy with the result – it’s better for me in every way. Aesthetics, sensation, jerking off – all great. The procedure didn’t hurt at all – even the local anaesthetic injections were completely fine. Some discomfort and night time erection pain during recovery which is real and does mess up a few night’s sleep. So be prepared for that. But a perfectly ok price to pay for the improvement. So I say go for it.

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      Omo, I have a friend about your age who was having the exact same issues as you describe. He had a circumcision done and finally has complete relief from all his problems. He says the procedure was not painful or upsetting, and was glad to get that headache out of the way (sorry for the pun). Find a good urologist who will listen to you and get it over with. I’d say it was no worse for me than a trip to the dentist!

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      My wife said that to me. she is onboard because its become a medical issue not cosmetic or hygiene, so she made me understand that i should not be afraid of the pain or having sugery because i am aready having pain from forekin irritation and tearing. so she says this is the opportunity to fix that problem. another good thing is our insurance will pay fully for it.

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      Circumcision isn’t a major lifestyle change, you justend up with a penis that works better and is perhaps more sensitive to random stimulation. For me, it was a while before it was completely ‘normal’, as in I didn’t think “I’m circumcised now” each time I saw my penis or pulled on a pair of trousers over the bare head, but I wanted my circumcision done and it’s still enjoyable to get those subtle ‘reminders’ from the head against the inside of my clothes. These sorts of injuries you describe tend to get worse rather than better, but if you have the op sooner you can spare yourself some time out of action and might have more choice in where to place the scar.

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        G S

        I have experienced exactly the same.

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