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      I’m trying to weigh up my options. My foreskin is tight, loose enough to pull over my glans when flaccid, but tight enough that it’s really uncomfortable to pull over when erect.

      I think this, combined with performance anxiety, has meant its hard for me to reach orgasm during partnered sex… It just seems to make sex, and putting on a condom, a bit uncomfortable and it’s there in the back of my mind.

      I think it also causes swelling sometimes, after masturbation (and I’m not too rough with it)

      It seems like circumcision is the only option here, but I’m concerned about pleasure/pain…

      Aside from the operation, doesn’t it just hurt to have your glans unprotected in day to day life? Rubbing against your underwear? Mine is very sensitive…

      Do you lose a lot of your sexual pleasure when you don’t have your foreskin stimulating it? (though, maybe it wouldn’t be much different to my current situation, given it’s hard for my foreskin to go up and down)

      Interested to hear from people who have gone through a similar thing. Especially if you’ve had the opportunity to compare sex pre- and post-op

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      Dear Owen, I got cut only for cosmetic reasons in my mid 20s 12 years ago, i had very long foreskin so sex for me always felt like masturbating inside the vagina (and it looked ugly) other than that no problems with my foreskin. I come from a land in scandinavia where circumsision is very unususal

      when the glans is dry the feeling is less but once it get moist from lube or vaginal fluid it becomes more sensitive again, only the painful to the touch feeling has disapeared.

      so for me sex became better after getting cut due to direct stimulation of the glans instead of the feeling like masturbating inside women, but rememeber i had very long foreskin too though.

      in my opinion sex should atleast feel the same. Remember the brain is the biggest sexual organ!

      for me my staying power is just the same as before, no better or worse, so sometimes i get off really qick and others a little longer

      from my understandind getting a higher cut is most important when you are scared of lost feeling

      hope this helps


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      Owen, sex got much better for me. The sensitivity to having head exposed goes away in a short time. Now it just feels good having it exposed.
      Is it different? Yes in a good way, at least for me. I would not go back to being uncircumcised even if I could. Circumcised is the best. No tight foreskin, on foreskin tears, no smell. It’s a win getting circumcised. Go for it!

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      Operations are always a bit worrying, but the cut is pretty minor and quick. Loss of sensitivity is a couple of things, one is people not changing their ‘style’ to make up for the removed foreskin- you will go in and out a lot further bare than when skin rolled between the head and the vaginal wall if you go by ‘feel’ alone, and this is more tiring and stimulates you and your partner less. Short strokes keep you where you need to be, and the exposed glans rim will feel a lot better for both of you.

      The sexual response of the glans comes only partly from surface touch, deeper receptors responding to soft pressure are more important IMO and once the foreskin is gone, your glans will naturally expand a bit, meaning more ‘pressure’ stimulation, also coming from the natural slight stretching of the skin/flexing of the rim when having sex with a bare head. Clothing doesn’t desensitise you, and the contact becomes quite nice, if anything- I have a tight cut and don’t wear anything between my glans and my outerwear, I’d say my sexual response is more ‘hair-trigger’ as a result, if anything.

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