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      Choice Maker


      Many men and many women think a circumcised penis looks better and is better to touch.

      Your foreskin is probably strange, probably confusing, and probably kind of gross for her to look at. You might agree.

      It’s your decision, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to like the way you look.

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      Radical circumcision left my glans fully exposed 24/7/365.

      My bare, dry head has become a pale grayish knob. My low circ scar is always clearly visible. That suits me well!

      And my wife loves this “phantastic velvet knob”. ;)

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      After years of just keeping the skin back, me and my wife do both think it looks better after the foreskin was removed.

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      Main reason why I got circumcised is the looks and the fact my lover, future eife, preferred it that way.

      It was a hard decision, as I didn’t have any medical problems, and wouldn’to do it otherwise. But, yes, it looks way better and women prefer it for oral sex.

      I am happy to have done it, although it was a bit awkward and painful.

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      Peter McGarry

      Totally agree Mason

      In a million years my wife would never go back to a non cut version of me. Looks so much better and yes women are turned on by the ever ready look. Cleaner and far better sexually for men and women.

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      You are correct Peter, cleaner and far better sexually for men and women…in my opinion! Best thing I ever did physically for me.

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      I was circumcised at birth but in my opinion it was not done thoroughly enough, leaving excess foreskin, so I am planning on getting a circumcision revision. I have a lot of inner foreskin left, creating a cuff of at least an inch to an inch and a half of wrinkly and irregularly shaped skin down my shaft. It’s not just ugly but the bunching up of the skin can be uncomfortable, sometimes even slipping onto the glans. I have always been taught (and believe) that the foreskin is vestigial and we are better off without it, so I am planning to get a very low cut to have all the remnants removed. I’m not of the opinion that I’ll be losing any major sensory pleasure. That skin is sensitive to be sure but doesn’t play a big role in orgasm.

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      I wholly agree with you, Peter & Charlie. And what is probably more important, so does my wife! She is very enthusiastic not only about the aesthetics of a well-circumcised cock but also the delights it offers sexually, just as you describe. She particularly appreciates my bare and permanently exposed glans, happily nicely flared.

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      Something else is how it looks through clothing, haha. A bare head will show up a lot more (with no foreskin, it’s visibly not a ‘bulge’ but a cock), and be prepared to catch women taking a sly look!

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      I have noticed that after getting circumcised. Especially when I wear shorts it is very visible because I don’t usually wear underwear when I wear shorts it’s so hot where I live.

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      Yes circumcised status is very revealing at times. The definite outline of coronal ridge tells the story. Very nice appearance in my opinion.

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      I got circumcised primarily for my partners health concerns, but I agree it looks much better. My wife tells me there is something appealing about seeing the head exposed all the time and she likes the difference in color between the head and shaft.

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      circumcised looks great in briefs as well the protruding head gives nice outline unlike uncut

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      I was circumcised at birth, so didn’t get to choose. Nevertheless I think it looks so much better than uncircumcised. My girlfriend is Swiss and had never encountered a circumcised man before me; she is now completely in favour of male circumcision and is adamant that if we have a son he must be circumcised too.

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      The first time I saw a circumcised penis growing up I was intrigued by how it looked. Growing up as a European in the US, I had remained uncircumcised. I couldn’t figure out why most boys looked so different from me. I didn’t learn about circumcision until an awkward conversation with our parents (including my two brothers) when we were about middle school aged. I think it was from reading a Bible passage that mentioned it in a prayer group.
      I am now far removed from religion.
      I do think circumcised looks much cooler. However, at this point for me, it’s about 33% looks, as my GF doesn’t really care. We do hang out at nude beaches occasionally and I like to “look the part.” Although, I have to say, there is always a mix of cut and uncut men depending on where we are traveling.
      Mostly I just love the feel of my bare glans in the open air or rubbing against my clothes. I’ve kept mine retracted for over 20 years now and it just feels great, out in the open.

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      Here are some before-after comparison pictures. I guess they are all happy now as they enjoy the benefits of the ultimate nudity.


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        2390 and I share an uncanny resemblance. Looking at the others, the results are great.

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      wow! all shapes, sizes, and colors. mine is closest to 1122.

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        Really nice. Lucky you!

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      There is also a gallery of circumcision revisions too :


      I didn’t mean to share it as advertisement, but at least you can have a look of varieties and how this basic or revised circumcisiom surgery looks like.

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      I didn’t where there were so many “options”. My preference would be 3800 because I like black men and I also think it looks nice and near with the skin just ending above the gland. i bet his head is never covered. Seems like it would be much easier to keep clean.

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      I’m more like 2390, just a little longer.

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        Ha! Me too! :)

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      I’m in the uk and was circumcised Low and Tight when I was about 9yrs old medical reasons and can’t remember not being circumcised. I’m in my late forties now and have always wondered why I have retained my frenulum ? I find it sensitive during sex with my wife but reading these forums I hear people talk about it being better without the frenulum ? Is this the case and what are the advantages ?

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        I’m also from the UK and was circumcised at birth (parental choice, not religious reasons). I don’t have a frenulum; I don’t miss what I’ve never known. My fiancée greatly prefers that I’m circumcised.

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      Great thread – how my dick looks is really important to me!

      I am on the verge of going ahead with losing my FS and will be discussing it with my urologist in a few weeks (I have already discussed it with a cosmetic surgeon/GP). The further I go into it the more I become aware that appearance is a very strong motivator, along with hygiene and the preference for my glans to be uncovered (have been retracting for about 10 years).

      I was born in 1950 and as a kid in 1950’s Melbourne (Oz) I was always the only one in the change room with a different-looking dick, that made me feel quite embarrassed and weird. I can still recall my immense relief one day when Lennie the new boy, who was tough and hence respected, dropped his pants to reveal another uncut dick. Hooray! I was so relieved that I wanted to hug him. Ha-ha imagine that – naked straight boy in the repressed 1950’s hugs other naked (presumably straight) tough kid in front of 30 other (mostly but likely not all straight) naked kids! The only time I saw my father’s penis as a child, I was mortified to see I was different to him too!

      As an adult, I’ve gone along with the “proud to be complete” attitude all this time and viewed such discretionary body alterations as some sort of indication of weakness. But not any more- if I go ahead I am certain I will delight in how good my smooth dick looks. So I’m increasingly coming to accept that up there with my hygiene and pleasure issues, the way my dick looks is really important to me. So my cut will probably be at least 50% “cosmetic”.

      Cheers, Graeme

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      Hi Graeme. Just like you I was born in the 50s and grew up uncut but was finally circumcised in 2004 after research on the internet.

      I was circumcised high & tight with the frenulum removed, my wife loves how it looks with the head permanently exposed and flared and would never go back to how it looked before with a long ugly foreskin.

      Both my wife and I are completely in favour of male circumcision and wished I had been cut earlier.

      Mine was for cosmetic reasons.

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      I have a similar situation. So I was not well when I was born and had many complications so the doctors would not circumcise me. My father as well as uncles and cousins are circumcised as well as pretty much all the men in my family from what I know. I have probably bumped into three other uncircumcised guys in my entire life. Seen my fathers getting changed around him, using urinal stuff like that. I noticed circumcised guys aren’t uptight necessarily if someone sees it. I always felt uncomfortable growing up knowing I was different and most guys looked like their father.

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