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      I was voluntary circumcised (low and tight) when I was 21, more than 10 years ago already. Before that age I was wearing tight trunks (“boxers” style) swimwear – it was not common to wear board shorts back then here where I live. When water was cold my foreskin was rolling back itself – revealing the glans. I remember that it was uncomfortable because the glans was unprotected and very sensitive – in those moments I was trying to find some private space to fix it.

      After the circumcision my swimwear preference didn’t change – maybe just a little. Now I still wear swimming trunks but try to have them without a seam in front (that might “split the package”) and preferably a bit tighter (1 size smaller) to keep things from moving around (it still doesn’t work sometimes ;). Also, whenever color allows – I like removing any lining.

      I also started preferring wearing speedo-type briefs which keep things securely. The other side of wearing this type of swimwear is that it also shows bare glans clearly through the material in front. It makes me a little nervous after changing clothes but on the other hand I really like that feeling of penis touching the soft material and there’s nothing else covering it.

      I can occasionally wear board shorts but it would be only in places were everyone wears them. I truly can’t understand how people can swim/bath in them – it’s the last option for me.

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      I think the swimwear have only a very limited connection with the circumcision. In the first time after the operation you will not want to swim anyway. And after that you probably got used to the free glans anyway? I’m wrong?

      My main hobbies are triathlon and scuba diving. That’s why I often wear swimwear.

      I feel most comfortable during swim training and competitions in my skin-tight tri-suit. See: https://www.wigglestatic.com/product-media/101867894/2XU-Active-Trisuit-Tri-Suits-Black-Black-2020-MT5540DBLK-BLKL-2.jpg?w=1200&h=1200&a=7 It is very comfortable. But sometimes I also wear jammers.

      When diving, I always wear surfer shorts when I dive in a wetsuit. Surfershorts are comfortable and can be worn out of the water for long periods of time without any problems. Especially when it is warm, I don’t have to change at the dive site but at home.

      When I swim (not for training) in the sea in holidays, I also wear surfer shorts. Often I wear them on holidays anyway the whole day.

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      Regarding swimwear for males. I ,before I was circumcised removed the lining from ” speedos”, after I was circumcised I still remove the lining ,I am proud of my status thus with the lining removed the fabric clings to the body contour ,I am lucky that I am able to keep fit and have A relatively good physical body. Though mainly I am a naturist,with no need for swimwear when I swim ,which is often.

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      I wear shorts without brief-style liners, but I try to pick pairs that don’t “show through” or cling to skin too much. I enjoy the sensation of having the bare glans moving against trousers/shorts, so usually I skip underwear entirely- except when wearing swimming shorts as “underwear” to cut down on changing time at a beach, I suppose.

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      Peter & Natasha

      We are naturists so hardly ever wear swimwear, but on those rare occasions I wear a thong (as does Natasha). Peter

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      Landon jercoli

      any one thinking of getting their foreskin removed at age 19? im 19 and really thinking about it.any other guys around my age thinking of it? thanks

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      I was thinking of it atleast early teens, did it in my mid 20s after my sexual debut just like I wished


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      jaxon campbell

      The best thing to get circumcised. all most all guys in the usa dont have foreskins. getting the foreskin cut off is so good for the guy. proud to be a circumcised guy with a great bare penis. looks great too.

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      I too wear Speedos with the lining removed being tightly circumcised my glans show under my Speedos I am very proud to be circumcised .Plus when
      on holidys I,m often naturist.

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        Well done Philip for removing the lining from your Speedos,I’m not the only one who does it.
        It’s a shame the male swim wear manufacturers don’t make an optional product in where they sell the product,I’m sure it would see well.

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      I always wear a speedo to train and then on the beach as well – unless am in the US where it’s generally far more conservative. In france board shorts or loose shirts are actually banned at public pools for their lack of hygiene. So everyone is in tight fitting gear…leads to plenty of well defined cocks. Personally it feels amazing to have my cut head outlined by a tight speedo.

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      ryan clark

      i wear speedos with no lining. shows my circumcised outline great.proud to be circumcised!

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      i took out the lining of my trunks but the last time me and my wife were at the beach she was not impressed. she said everyone can see everything. she felt i should be more discreet. her 2 other girlfriends were with us so i think she was uncomfortable with them looking. probably because it was obvious that i was circumcised, but that’s rarely seen here. so i never did that again.

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