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      Hey, I’m a 26 y/o living in the United States. I am currently single and considering getting circumcised for aesthetic reasons. I’m not really persuaded by STD arguments since circumcision does not *prevent* them, but I am close to being persuaded that it is a strong female preference, especially in the US.

      But I want to collect more data on how much women actually care, since the procedure is expensive and will take me out of the weight room for a while. Basically, I have heard many women express a slight to strong preference verbally in random conversations, while others say they don’t care or haven’t been with both so have no basis of opinion. Just from anecdotes from my age group, I would say the relative percentages are 20% strong pref, 30% slight pref, 25% don’t care, and 25% no idea, and with 0% expressing a preference for uncut. This is unscientific polling obviously, but I think I should privilege the opinions of women in my peer group and area of the country rather than the general public of women.

      I have had about 15 sexual partners in my life, and the majority didn’t even notice, or at least didn’t appear to. My foreskin is relatively small and so it normally retracts on first contact when I am erect (but not without contact) and stays behind the ridge of the head. Some girls have noticed, but didn’t seem to care, even when I asked if they cared. Maybe they were being nice, but they seemed genuine, but I suppose they could be lying. I have also received compliments on the way my penis looks, both with the skin retracted and not, and these compliments were unprompted and often seemed enthusiastic. A few women have solicited dick pics from me because they like the way it looks. Maybe I have just been lucky, maybe I have an unusually attractive uncut dick, or maybe they were all just flattering me; hard to tell.

      Anyway, my concern is that by getting circumcised I might be taking an unnecessary risk. If I haven’t received *personal* complaints, how heavily should I weigh general complaints about other men? Also, if I am clean and my erect penis resembles a cut one such that most don’t even notice, why spend that money and take 6 weeks off sex, and risk a potentially un-aesthetic scar and/or discoloration?

      My questions summarized: how important is circumcision actually to women? Are *some* uncut dicks nice looking, or at least good enough, especially when erect? Should I care at all if women’s preferences and complaints have not been directed at me personally? Am I taking an unnecessary risk for marginal gain which might alienate the women who have complimented my penis in the past? Has anyone encountered a cut penis that they considered visually unappealing due to scarring or discoloration?

      Thanks for your help, and I appreciate the honesty in advance!

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      Hi Paul, now I am from scandinavia Europe so have no idea how it is in the states

      In my opinion who gives a fudge what others think, if you are happy then that is all that matters and it seems like you make the women happy too

      When i was around your age I got cut because I wanted it for quite a while, but around here it is very unusual and strange even. Also my foreskin was very long and completely covered everything even when fully erect

      I told my ex one time about my wish to be cut and she called me a psycho lol, and my wife for 13 years says she has no preferrence

      So all in all if you are happy, stay the way you are. If you are unhappy and wish to be cut, just do it

      You are the one that guaranteed gonna stay with your penis all your life


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      No man will change his body based off of what others think. (I wonder why my last comment to this effect was erased?)

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      You have to be selfish in this decision as it is your body. Partners can come and go so their or even ours opinion don’t really matter. This surgery is a decision for the rest of your life. I doubt you will regret it, but don’t make it just because you believe the cut state what ladies prefer. Do it for yourself as a responsible choice. When I had my own surgery I gained confidence as my body image changed a lot. So I hope you will get this satisfied state if you get circumcised, but it will be also fine if you change your mind. Just believe in yourself.

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      I had my circumcision done at 28 and only regret not doing it sooner. Of the 3 women I’ve been with before getting cut, one did not like to give me oral, the others didn’t say anything about it. I should mention that I’m in a part of the US where most men are cut.

      The cleanliness is a huge improvement for me after the cut. Before, I’d get an odor within an hour of showering and drying down there, even worse when getting sweaty.

      Prior to the cut, spontaneous head didn’t happen

      My cut is very high, about an inch and a quarter up from the head. Sensation loss is unnoticeable and as a positive, it takes me a little longer to come now.

      I would encourage you to getting it done, just find a good, experienced surgeon

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      I am a woman from Switzerland; I think it is best for men to be circumcised. My fiancé (Kenneth) is English and he is circumcised and I am very glad! Before I met him, I had never had a circumcised partner. Last weekend we agreed to do a «partner swap» for one night with a couple from England who are very good friends. It was very nice that the man was also circumcised; this confirms to me that circumcised is the best!

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        Kenneth here – Élodie’s fiancé. In my experience most women definitely prefer men to be circumcised. My fiancée’s preference is also very important in our relationship and particularly in our sex life.

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      Thanks for the feedback guys. I’m still conflicted about it for the reasons I raised, and the conflicted feedback is part of it. I appreciate the thoughtfulness.

      If I’m getting mixed messages on a forum dedicated to adult circumcision, then it can’t be that urgent. I’ll keep thinking about it though

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      In my younger working years, the older wives of circumcised husbands gave me special treatment once they knew I was circumcised. There was much favouritism directed toward me in a variety of ways. They were good days and lovely ladies.

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      Women do seem to prefer it, as in, if everything else was the same, would you rather a guy have a foreskin or not, most will pick circumcised. That shouldn’t really be the determining factor, though, women are individuals and honestly by the time you have gone that far with somebody I’ve never heard of complaints about foreskin.

      I’ve had girls point out they preferred circumcised before I took off my jeans, but that’s because it’s relatively rare here and the topic came up neutrally/positively- e.g. discussing trying on clothes, I said that trying clothes on at a store I’d be sure to wear underwear, ‘lots of guys are uncircumcised or didn’t shower or whatever’. She probably didn’t think much about circumcision before that, though, and if a girl is into you she’s probably going to go along with what clues she can pick up.

      The key thing about circumcision is “would you feel better about yourself if you had it done”- if you feel more attractive, more able to give/receive pleasure, then that added confidence will be what makes the difference.

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        Hey J90,

        Thanks for the thoughtful response. Truthfully, I would feel better cut, but the difference is small, and I don’t think it justifies spending about $3k and having stitches on my dick for weeks. I think it looks better, but I also think 3k looks better in my bank account than somebody else’s.

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      @saw you wrote in the other thread that you are diabetic and have had some minor foreskun problems? Or are there several paul here?


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        I’m seeing a lot of pauls, there are at least 2. I am currently uncut

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      Robert Martin

      J90, agree 💯, I know in my demographic area,everyone was circumcised, a high Jewish population, a high Afro American population, and high catholic population. At that time, Catholics were also being circumcised. Why my uncircumcised father insisted I not be circumcised, when all my relatives were and my mother’s friends children, is beyond me. So yes,medically required (20) but the social benefits for me were outstanding. I know showered in martial arts without a towel. I think demographics, religions & even Afro Americans were circumcised. It was very popular in this state. My wife certainly was used to it, I was first uncircumcised guy she met. Did admit after” she preferred it” Changed our sex life. Do it if not for self consider talk with one you love. They have preferences

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