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      Hi everyone, i’ve been reading this great forum for a long time and finally decided to schedule an appointment with an urologist in view of a circumcision.

      As i said i’ve read the forum here and elsewhere, through and through, but i’m still unable to chose which style I’d like and which would suit me best.
      Pardon me if this has already been answered elsewhere 🙏

      I’ve made a sh*tload of research, reading about every article and forum posts, but i didn’t fi’d the answer.

      So, i’m a grower and my main goals are first to have the head nicely exposed and also to retain as much inner skin as possible.
      I’d like an explanation about the different styles exposed on this website, because even though thete are nice drawings and explanations, i don’t quite understand how any inner skin can be kept if you chose a high and tight cut? How does the surgeon exactly proceed to get such result? Does he tuck back the skin and stitch it lower? Does he cut somewhere else to meet both ends of the cut??

      Please help me 🙏my appointment is tomorrow and i wanna be sure what to ask

      Thank you for so much for your help

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      Hi Henry,

      To achieve a high and tight result the surgeon will use what they call a sleeve resection method. So a scalpel cut will be made to first determine how much shaft skin will be retained and then another to determine the length of inner foreskin is retained. That sleeve is then cut lengthways to remove from the shaft. Naturally the 2 ends are then stitched to join.

      Being a grower I would think carefully about going high and tight. The inner foreskin is less elastic than then shaft skin and if not judged carefully, you will have a situation where too much shaft skin is lost and you will have hair riding up the shaft when erect to compensate what has been removed.

      To avoid that, looking at a well performed low and tight result may serve you better. But, in the end, your penis, your choice. I’m sure a thorough talk with a urologist will help.

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      Hi James thank you so much for your reply.

      I had my appointment yesterday, and the doc was very friendly, very nice. Although he was in a rush, as are specialists.
      He said he would declare to my Healthcare provider that i have a phimosis in order to considerably lower the price of the intervention (only 300 euros instead of 1600!)
      So i’m guessing it would be nice from me to give him and his team some kind of bonus?? 🤔
      Do people do that with their surgeons? Is it widespread? It’s also a matter of ensuring he will do his very best to give me a satisfying result.

      About the procedure, he advised me against a high cut, as you said considering i’m a grower it would cause painful érections so i should go with a medium cut in order to remove enough to have the glans exposed even when flaccid but not too much to keep a good erection.

      I was fearing he’d suggest a general anesthesia and he did, unfortunately 😢
      This scares me big time, even if he said it would be better for the outcome and it’s a light one.

      One last interesting thing:
      I told him that everybody has a different opinion on circumcision, that some guys complain that it ruins their life and others say it improves theirs.
      He said, from experience, those who are happy to have it done are the one who were already satisfied with their sex life, and the ones complaining are those who were unhappy before and the intervention can’t change that : unless you have a real condition (phimosis) don’t expect circumcision to turn your life around, there’s no magic path to satisfaction.

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      Hi Henry,

      Some very good advice there. You have a good surgeon looking after you. Don’t be too concerned about the general. It’s not super risky. I only had a local for mine and felt nothing at all which I was very surprised with.

      If you really believe this is for you then don’t hesitate. Some times you just need to listen to your gut and you will be thankful you did.

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