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      Even as a teenager, I had noticed that my foreskin was too tight. It didn’t slip back when I had an erection, but stuck in front. I wasn’t quite sure what that meant. I never had pain, not even during erections, but I sometimes had to concentrate in order not to finish after a few minutes when masturbating, because the friction pressure always remained quite strong. Besides, as I was assured, it looked completely impossible. Like the hooded head of Kenny in South Park pulled closed in front.

      Logically, with the awakening of sexuality, I began to feel very ashamed of this misshapen body part, so for a long time I avoided being naked in front of anyone. The longer I waited to tell a person about my problem, the more impossible it became to even name the problem.

      So it was not until I was twenty-two, driven to a urologist by a prolonged, intensely itchy infection, that I received the diagnosis from him and immediately the appropriate referral for surgery. The reason for the inflammation was my tight foreskin. As long as it was there, it would always come back. The only solution: removal. No other options! I trusted the doctor that it would be best for me. He told me that there was no important downside. I believed him.

      Two weeks later I was in the clinic. Before the medical consultation, I had to fill out questionnaires. The section with the possible postoperative consequences and complications, I read through two times. First doubts. But I thought it was all exaggeration, to rule out legal problems, they mention all the very rare possibilities. The consultation itself consisted of a friendly question from the senior physician: “Is everything clear to you?” I nodded.

      I swallowed a sedative tablet. I was taken to the operating room and later they fed the sleeping pill into my vein and exhorted me to think of something pleasant.

      When I was able to think and speak again, I felt a strong urge to urinate. I realized that my dick was somehow giant and misshapen, almost wider than long. The nurse held my bandage-wrapped thing in some kind of transparent bottle. I tried but nothing came. I tried to relax and get rid of the urge to urinate, but only a water balloon inflated inside me. Then I was given painkillers.

      When I removed the bandage a day later, I saw an big war zone. It hurt despite painkillers and there was a lot of dried up blood. No, I’m not making this up. Sometime after midnight, I awoke in a lake of blood. My penis was just a dark red dripping thing. I now had to go to the bathroom really urgently and made a horrible mess there. It was all smeared with dark red blood. Every time I went to the toilet it hurt and every time my penis got hard it hurt even more.

      It now bled and hurt almost every night in the same way, for about a week. After weeks of dressing changes and chamomile baths, I went back to the university and still had problems sitting down. Colleagues asked me what was wrong, and I answered truthfully. Most of them thought it was totally crazy. “As an adult?” – “Yeah, I guess I waited way too long.” Some asked me in a concerned tone if I had changed religions.

      After about eight weeks, things started to look a little better. My penis now looked like a plastic dildo, no more moving skin. But at least the feeling was back. Even quite strong! I was permanently horny. I thought: Now everything will get back to normal. How naive I was back then! It lasted about one to two months. Then the feeling disappeared very quickly. Everything became numb and stayed that way.

      Masturbation became a very difficult job. In a few places, the remaining nerve remnants still transmitted some lost erogenous impulse, which, after long practice, I learned to internally hold, strengthen and use. Today my penis feels like it’s only half as long as it used to be. Overall, I would put the loss of sensation at about 90 percent.

      So I know sex with and without foreskin. And to state the obvious right away: With foreskin it’s many worlds more intense. No comparison at all. I really have a lot of trouble getting to an orgasm at all. Often I don’t make it. Most circumcised men, however, do not know this issues, because the operation, was performed on them in childhood, before puberty.

      Dear teenagers and young adults with phimosis: Should you have your penis trimmed? Or are there less destructive ways? Of course, it depends on the degree of phimosis. In any case, my advice would be: look at the alternatives first. For me, there would have been better methods than amputation, as I know today.

      I had my foreskin removed when I was 22. That was 2 years ago. Live was definitely better before that. For a very long time I hoped it would get better again: After 6 months, after a year maybe? But after two years I can no longer count on it. I’m really desperate at the moment.

      If I had known that two years ago, I wouldn’t have had a surgeon cut on me. I would have been spared a lot. Something indispensable would have been preserved. I was so clueless at that time. The enlightenment of men is known to be at a standstill or has come to a complete standstill at all, which can be seen from the fact that the vast majority of men know nothing about the anatomy of their own penis. Despite very “educational” pornography, too much is still surrounded by darkness, mystery and giggling. Unfortunately, this includes questions about circumcision. And unfortunately, everything is glorified on this website as well.

      Don’t get me wrong, I had no opinion on circumcision two years ago. I didn’t care if others did it or not. And I still don’t want to tell anyone what to do. But after everything I have experienced, I have to warn against doing it in adulthood. My case may not be applicable to all other men. But the risk is unfortunately not as small as many here say. It’s negligent to encourage others to do unnecessary surgery.

      Im really very frustrated with the outcome of my circumcision. I would like to have back the sex and masturbation I had before. Both are no longer really fun.

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      Hey Josh, thanks for sharing your story! I’m you’re age and I’m intact thinking of getting cut because of hygiene and the look. It sounds like your doctor really botched your stitches or glue or whatever he used! That sucks! From what I’ve read there’s usually no bleeding after the surgery, just swelling. I’m really wary of getting cut because even though I think it can be a good thing, you’re taking your chances on getting a doc that doesn’t care.

      So my foreskin is only a little tight when I’m hard but I’ve never had sex to know if it would be an issue with penetration. I want that “plastic dildo” look like you called it. I’ve pulled my skin back and yeah the glans do lose a lot of sensation but it comes back if I lubricate it with even water. Does oral/lube work for you?

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        If you want a plastic dildo, you are in the wrong forum. This site is about losers who cut off their foreskin.

        For dirtbags like you there are better sites. See: plastic dildos

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      jon landon

      i highly recommend circumcision. its awesome. great for penetration. bare naked penis is the best. not so overly sensitive. most guys love their foreskin free penises.looks super great too.had foreskin for 27 years.wish my folks hd circumcised me as a baby. love being circumcised so much.its the best thing ever guys.

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        Thanks for sharing Jon, so you have experience both cut and uncut, and you prefer being circumcised. I agree it looks so much better, especially with the glans being noticeable in activewear. Anyway, how long did it take for the swelling to go down after your operation?

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      jon landon

      i agree circumcised is the best. great looking too. clean,great orgasms. love my penis now.

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      Speed Racer

      Hey people, this isn’t the most pleasant topic but I noticed my stallion was having a problem retracting his penis into his sheath.
      It doesn’t appear to be another overly significant and doesn’t seem to cause him discomfort as he’ll let me check to see if anything is obvious. I’ve done searches on the issue and came across the term Paraphimosis but from most of the descriptions seem to be more extreme cases than what my poor boy has.
      I’ve attached two pictures of his genitalia so be warn for those looking, one is what it looks like most of the time without interference, the second I’ve tried to show area that seems to be most swollen. It also feels like further up inside sheath the penis feels harder as if its tensed so not sure if that has something to do with it as if its causing it to retract. Any ideas or thoughts appreciated.

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