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      Hi all,

      I’ve been keeping my foreskin retraced for almost 7 years now, without any problems. I’ve got used to the feeling and I would like to make it permanent. I’ve been thinking a lot about getting circumcised and always went back and forth. I’m in my mid 30s.

      I wonder how the permanent retraction state compares with a high and medium tight or high and loose circumcision style? Is the feeling the same? Can someone share their experience?

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      You should go for it as you will never look back. Circumcision is deeply sexual for the male and female. I wont even get into the health benefits. I would do it again in the blink of an eye.

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      Pulled Back,

      Like you, I have had my foreskin tucked back behind my glans on a permanent basis for 20+ years now (so since I was in my early 30s). I am a long-term keen nudist and so I always feel more comfortable in the company of other nudists with my glans exposed all of the time – whether at the nudist club, swim evening or on the beach. At a (nude) barbecue one evening, when the topic of conversation drifted to circumcision, friends asked me how long I had been circumcised! Needless to say, I was initially shocked that friends had always thought I was circumcised – so I had to explain my preference for exposing my glans. It was a bit awkward and I was encouraged to think about getting circumcised if I really preferred it that way. So ts why I find myself on this excellent website / forum, contemplating getting circumcised at the age of 55. I am hoping others at the nudist club might ‘encourage’ me too. Certainly, I think I would find it a bit odd to going back to having my foreskin rolled forward over my glans (like in the olden days so to speak!)

      I like the fact that my glans is tanned and ‘hardened up’ so to speak as a result of being exposed for so long (like a circumcised guy I guess)! And cleaner.

      Interested to hear from others on next steps. Certainly, I am not wedded to my foreskin and it’s not particularly attractive on a man really. So maybe I just proceed with an adult cosmetic circumcision.

      Graham, Wiltshire, UK

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        Graham M

        I tried to keep my foreskin retracted permanently periodically from the age of 14 or so, without success. I would sometimes use sellotape, but the skin would still come forward after 10 minutes. So I got circumcised at 21.

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        We have exchanged notes here previously Graham. UK nudist here too, shaved and very proudly circumcised. Happy to offer any words of encouragement you may need, one UK nudist to another!

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      I had a similar experience. I was a nudist in Europe before moving to the states. I also kept my skin retracted. I did it too keep it dry and free of any urine droplets. But in my case everyone else there new I was keeping it retracted. When someone asked why I just said that it feels nicer and cleaner with the fresh air on it. That got me started about thinking about circumcision and in fact many of the other nudists both male and female asked me then why don’t I just get circumcised then. After a while I did. A few years later I moved to the states and then thought that I was really glad I did it before coming here becaause all the women here expect it and prefer it.

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      I kept my foreskin semi-permanently retracted for maybe 7 years or so before I got my first cut – that was very high and loose. I then got a recircumcision a few years later and am now medium-high but quite tight.

      Uncut I found that even with foreskin used to staying retracted for a few weeks I would end up with it covering glans again if I got carried away masturbating then fell asleep afterwards, or it would sometimes just end up forwards of it’s own accord. I would often masturbate sliding the hand over glans and shaft but there was always the temptation to grab and pull the skin.

      The glans dried out after a few days of retraction and could then be easily touched, and didn’t hurt on clothing. However it still felt much more natural to grab the penis skin rather than sliding hand over it. During sex there’s be less control over whether it the skin slips over the glans at all – yes you can hold it back, yea it should stay back but sometimes things just happen.

      With a loose cut skin could be stretched to cover glans, but it naturally covered half of it flaccid, rolled behind it when erect but with a large fold. I still had my entire foreskin as it was only shaft skin that was removed (hence very high). Although there was less skin, as I could no longer tuck the remaining skin behind the glans it was actually more difficult to keep the glans uncovered when flaccid.

      Masturbation felt almost the same as uncut – you just pulled up on the skin rather than down but it moved as much. Sliding worked a bit better than uncut but fingers still tended to drag the skin a bit regardless, particularly when highly aroused. I didn’t have much sec with the loose cut but I don’t remember it seeming much different from before.

      It felt a bit more uncomfortable in clothing with the loose cut. The tip of the glans dried out fully but the half threat was sometimes covered would randomly uncover sometimes walking around, and when the moist glans touched underwear it got a bit irritating.

      Tightly cut with some effort Ivan move shaft skin a bit, particularly when flaccid but effectively the skin is smooth and tight either hard or soft. That means I never get unusual sensations walking around everyday now which is good.

      Masturbation changed significantly . I can, and do usually masturbate dry but that’s only sliding now – grabbing skin really doesn’t work. If a partner tries it can be painful. Lube is something I had tried but didn’t get the point of before – now I do see how much it enhances sensations, even if I don’t need to use it.

      Sex feels a lot different – you get a sensation of skin sliding over skin all the way from the base to top of the penis. No more foreskin stretching feeling which got even when loosely cut as the skin stretched over the corona.

      Oral is much better I think – you can feel a tongue working it’s way around the corona which was always protected even when semi permanently retracted as all that foreskin had to go somewhere and I found it got in the way.

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      I had such an overhanging, literally redundant foreskin that there was no way to keep it back as it rolled back all the time. I even tried to use some tapes as a teenagers, but it was not working for me. Circumision sorted this problem forever.

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      From my early teens I kept my foreskin retracted as often as possible. My foreskin was loose and did not entirely cover the glans when flaccid. It was more comfortable when retracted but I had not considered circumcision until I met my wife to be. She expressed a preference for circumcision but did not insist that I should be. Had there been more information and availability of circumcision in the 60s and 70s I would Probably considered it sooner. After we were married I warmed to the idea of being circumcised and had it done much to the delight of my wife. I was circumcised in my early thirties so it never too late. I was circumcised low and tight and had the frenulum removed at the same time. The circumcised feeling is much nicer than the retracted feeling.

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      I would say go for it if your thinking about it. I too kept it retracted for over 15 years and finally decided to get cut. Best decision I made, only regret is I didn’t do it sooner! I ended up with a high and loose cut and it’s great. Really no comparison, it’s cleaner and the added bonus you don’t have to worry about the foreskin going back over the head anymore!

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