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      This is a medical condition when the skin between the scrotum and the base of the penis is being pulled up in a triangle shape. It can occur at uncircumcised boys and mens with short frenulums, but it mostly happens with tight or ultra tight circumcisions. Some people even make a surgery to fix it to have a better cosmetic appearance. So what do you think?

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      Short answer is been there, done that.

      Actually it doesn’t matter if one is circumcised or not. But being circumcised can make it more notiecable. Depending on how much foreskin is available, it might not only be visual but can also make it more uncomfortable. Having it corrected would be probably better, at least in mine opinion.

      I don’t know what is your current status, in the way of are you circumcised or not but if you do have this condition and think of getting circumcised, then you should definitely have this corrected. I had mine 1st circumcision 5 years ago. It turned out average since I also had this penoscrotal webbing. The doctor couldn’t make a full circumcision and the head was covered a little bit when not errect. Since I was not sattisfied with the result, i had it later corrected following the 2nd circumcision 2 years ago. The coronal ridge is now almost always uncovered, but that is due to being quite a grower.

      And it is very important to mention that this operation is of much more risk than the circumcision. Since it is scrotum itself, infections should really be avoided. Taking antibiotics is a must. That is what doctor said to me when she prescribed them. The healing is easier since erections are not really a problem. Just making sure that it is clean and everything will be fine. The result is great as the scar is almost invisible.

      Ps. Thanks to the owner for this interesting forum. It is nice to see the opinions of other people. I check it from time to time to see what is going on.

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