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      G S

      I’ve been on the forum for quite a while getting advice, tips, etc. I’m a 45 years old, with no foreskin issues at the moment. Thanks to each and everyone.

      Today marks exactly a week to my adult cosmetic circumcision. I’m booked on 11 Aug 2021, for a cosmetic circumcision. Method would be a Langhe CircCurer stapler device.

      I’ve been keeping the foreskin retracted for years on end. Firstly the foreskin could not get pass the head when erect, so I used Phimocure rings to stretch, eventually I started just keeping it back, which proved troublesome, then I did a few frenulum ties, which helped a LOT. I then pierced a Prince Albert, which also worked. Finally, I’m getting the real thing.

      I have mixed feelings, mostly excited, partially a little afraid, lol

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      Hi GS,

      I got circumcised a few years ago, long before that i cut my fren using the string tying method (that is actually very easy to do i you use Emla cream or lidocaine to numb it some). Becuase I cut the fren, I was able to keep the foreskin retracted. I opted to do that so I could keep it retracted in the locker rooms and a few clothing optional beaches i went to. then after a few years I got cut when i got into a new relationship and she nudged me to do it. No regrets. looking back, I enjoyed doing it as a process instead of all in one fell swoop.

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      Peter & Natasha

      Hey good luck with your forthcoming circumcision. Such a great decision. I hope it goes really well and please let us know all about it afterwards. Natasha xx

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      Congratulations Nunen!

      As a women I think foreskin is pretty nasty. Many of my American girlfriends do also. I would probably reject a guy if he has his still. Isn’t it something that is supposed to be removed as a baby? Just repulsive to even think about that. I made sure my sons were circumcised before leaving the hospital. But i guess it’s never too late to get it done!

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        My fiancée has exactly the same reaction! Personally, I’m glad that I had it done as a baby but it’s never too late for a man get it done.

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      Congratulations on getting circumcised. My husband is circumcised too and he is now much cleaner, he needs much longer to come during sex, which gives me the chance to come at all and he has a hard time masturbating, which means more sex for both of us. He says he would not go back though the first six months were a bit difficult for him sometimes.

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      My boyfriend got circumcised for me, too. It is much much cleaner, he lasts longer during sex (and it also takes him longer to masturbate to orgasm). He can still masturbate but he needs lube to do that.

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      I’m getting circumcised next week + I’m pretty nervous about it. What do I need to know before the op/the recovery period? Hope someone who’s gone through it could give me a bit of advice.

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        Wishing you all the best for next week! Mine was done as baby, but I have two friends who were done as adults. Both were very nervous before, but found the operation far easier than they expected. The healing time was a bit frustrating for both of them (but pretty uneventful and straightforward). Both are really pleased and so are their wives.

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        don’t worry about getting circumcised. you wont feel any pain and afterwards it just aches. allow a week before going back about your daily routines. allow a month to recover. you’ll prefer being circumcised. it feels and looks great after a couple months. check out the pollock circumcision technique video on youtube. that’ll put your mind at ease.

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      No sex for 4-6 weeks after and a bit soreness/swolleness during that time, especially from erections first weeks

      The operation doesnt hurt one bit

      If you can wear foreskin skinned back do it now(i couldnt lol)

      It will be over fast and suddenly back in action before you know it


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      C1306 Welcome!
      Many good comments here already.
      Have you been wearing your skin pulled back behind the glans?
      Many of us have for longer or shorter periods of time before our circumcisions.
      I had been “skinned-back” for over 20 years and was finally circumcised 2 weeks ago.

      Skinned-back helps you get used to the feeling and desensitizes your glans quite a bit. Even though I was desensitized there, I still had amazing (even better) orgasms than covered up.
      So, pull it back and keep it there.
      Surgery: I was more nervous organizing it and keeping it somewhat secret from people around me. The surgery itself was SO EASY, I don’t know why I hadn’t done it 20 years earlier.
      Anesthesia, sleep, woke up circumcised with a bandage around my penis.
      It came of a day later.
      I wish you luck and hope to hear how it all went.

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      Robert Martin

      Nice chat. I think most of us uncircumcised, tried keeping skin back, I could not. Roll over and back over entire glans. The sugyfor ( medical grade taping back if you can, I think many of us tried, just not feeling anything, what it would feel like circumcised. So a few great ideas & guys here, checking in, offering my personal experience, thoughts. Thx TOR, cheers ScanianDude.

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      Thanks guys, can’t currently retract the foreskin, so also kind of nervous about sensitivity/pain after the op.

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        I was the same until I was 17. My foreskin wouldn’t retract. I eventually got a circumcision and it was the best decision ever. The operation didnt hurt (ached afterwards for a week or so). The doctor used a mogen clamp as he was a Jewish Mohel doctor. Its not that bad. Chill. Book yourself in and get it done. Have a week off work after tho.

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        The operation wound itself is not likely to hurt or give you much (if any) discomfort. However if you’ve never been able to retract then your glans may be hypersensitive when first exposed and likely feel uncomfortable until the nerves die down. As others on here might confirm, it can feel like an electric shock each time it touches something, e.g. material. The sensitivity is comparable to touching your eyeball or an open wound. Sorry to not sugar coat it, just helping expectations. Good luck with recovery.

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      I hear your concern. I think from what I’ve read by many others in your situation that it will take a little while for your glans to get used to the new feeling. I wouldn’t get too stuck on that though, as it will pass and your glans will soon be very happy in the open air.
      I am now circumcised for two weeks, granted I’ve had the advantage of being skinned back for many years. Still healing, but the overall experience has been much less dramatic than I had expected. Hope that helps a little.
      I’m sure those who couldn’t retract will give you more info and encouragement.
      Good luck with everything. When is your circumcision date?

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