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      Hi all,
      So I had my consultation yesterday and am booked for a low and tight with frenulum removal – asked for as tight as is good. Surgeon seems great and is happy to work je with on the day to get exactly the style and placement that’s best. I just have to wait now til early oct as am away travelling for work til then and the surgeon said I should be sure to be in the country for about a month after in case of any issues. Question – I am a runner and swimmer. How long after could anyone start running again?

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      You’ll know when you feel brave enough. I’d expect a good couple of weeks before you feel confident enough to run. Also, although the initial pain will have gone away, your glans will take time to acclimatise to the constant exposure and abrasion and can get quite swollen and tender in the meantime. It will toughen up though. After 1 month you should feel normal.

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      Hi Matt. Thanks for this. Should be ok with glans sensitivity as have had foreskin back fill time and glans exposed for about 5 yrs now. Am so looking forward to getting things made permanent.

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      James, excellent decision on your part to keep foreskin retracted. I did the same thing and there was no discomfort glans wise after circumcision.
      Actually I had no pain at all from circumcision. I would describe the feeling as tender, but everyone has a different experience it seems.
      Best to you on your new soon to be status.

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      Isn’t that a pretty drastic cut? What motives you? I’m not judging, just curious!!

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      Hey Greg – no worries. Lots of reasons. Tens to frequently get tiny tears on inner foreskin that hurt like hell make things miserable. It can also get really irritated and swollen. So am happy to have less of it. In terms of sensation I really orgasm from the glans being stimulated much more than anything else and I also prefer the look or low and tight. So, all that being said, am happy to bid most of my inner foreskin farewell. Cheers j

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        Hi James,

        Have you had your circumcision yet?
        If so, how was the healing process and when did you get back to your running/swimming routine?

        Check all of the above for reasons I recently chose circumcision.
        I’m a competitive cyclist, foreskin retracted for 20+ years, occasional foreskin irritation, tears, tenderness. Always healed, but it was annoying and inhibited sex at times.
        Over the winter I started getting more frequent irritations, so approached the subject with my GF again. Circumcised April 13th.

        Anyway, started riding again a few days ago (9days after the snip).
        Going well with wrapping the sutures with gauze and Coban tape for the ride, then taking it off in the shower.

        I’m interested in hearing how yours went.

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      Just to add that the style preference is evidently just personal opinion – each to his own!
      And apologies for the typos…

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      James, agree with you on being happy to say goodbye to inner foreskin. I was circumcised early on but they missed a large amount of inner foreskin. It is sensitive and tears easily, is loose and slips over the glans sometimes. I am having a revision to low-and-tight style to remove as much of it as possible. I will not miss it.

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      Robert Martin

      Tor, it’s been about 12 days now. Have sutures come out? Great that you can start hobbies & riding. Keep posting on healing.

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