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      Fanta Orange

      I’ve had a low circumcision done in the UK 5 weeks ago. Pictures are here: https://imgur.com/a/n4SSS

      When flaccid, the skin is very loose and always covers a part of the glans when I’m sitting. When erect, the skin is reasonably tight on the sides and underside, but I can move it above the rim of the glans on the upper side of the penis. I am wondering if recircumcision is recommendable, as I don’t like the wrinkly skin folds of the flaccid penis.

      How long would a redo take to heal? 6 weeks again? And can anyone recommend a good place in the UK for this?

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      If the recirc gets really tight, the healing will take longer, as any erection will put stress on the scar.

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      Honestly, if you check Reddit and look at the Softies page (NSFW), you’ll realize that most circumcised flaccids look like that. It’s just not something you see often in porn because everyone is aroused. Yours looks completely normal.

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      Fanta Orange

      Thank you Bob, so would you say what I got is low and tight already? Not low and loose and in need of a revision?

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      Jeffrey Chang

      I have 2 Circumcision interval of 14 years. 2nd Circumcision was for aesthetic reason. I wanted to have very Low and tight skin. It look really nice in flaccid and erecting state as the skin look smooth. Only drawback is least motion when erect. Must think twice before making the 2nd Circumcision.

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      Robert Martin

      Responding to Jeffery. Circumcised at 20 for medical reasons,MD, had to perform a very low and tight circumcision. I agree, with no moveable shaft skin, one needs a partner well lubricated, or a good water based lubricant. If I had a choice, I would have probably requested a moderate to high , slightly loose circumcision, so one could pull some skin over glans, or it happens with sex.

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