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      I’m on day 5 and even a semi is excruciating. I was cut low and tight so there isn’t much room for the skin to move…

      Keen to hear how you all got on and how long it took for an erection not to be your enemy.

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      couple of weeks and it was not too bad

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      More then a weeks! That sounds alarming. Is that the case in every case?

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        I’ve heard other people say 2 days. It seems to depend on:

        1. if you’re a grow-er or show-er.
        2. What kind of cut you get (high or low / loose or tight)
        3. lots of other random variables and factors and combination of above, as well as just luck

        I am a grower and had very tight cut, so the strain on stitches makes it very painful and I think it will be for a while.

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          What is the influence of the removal of the frenulum?
          Which is more painful, a freehand circumcision with sutures, or one with a stapler tool.

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            Everyone is different, have different pain tolerance and heal differently

            For me ear infection is only noticable when i get small crack in the eardrum from the long gone infection, then it hurts slightly but constantly. The reduced hearing is how I noticed it mostley. However breaking a toe hurts like a friggin b**ch

            I would rather get cut than break a toe(less pain) and almost rather than the long gone ear infection too since it is quicker overwith

            So for me ear infection is somewhat similar to getting cut in annoyance but with a lot nicer end result

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              Unfortunately, I am very familiar with foreskin and glans inflammation. Yes, they were indeed sometimes very painful and usually lasted about a week. But it was never so that I could not work. That’s probably why the circumcision is a bit more severe. Isn’t it?

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              I was unemployed when I got cut but had to walk 8km (5 us miles) daily during that time mondays-fridays wich was no problem.

              Would I do heavy weightlifting and farmerwalks during first two weeks? No could I do normal stuff? yeah easily no problem maybe even light weightlifting

              Getting cut doesnt make you a wheelchair cripple, it makes you a bit sore and you shouldnt do heavy work during first 1-2 weeks that is all


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      For me it was annoyingly painful for less than a week, I never took any painkillers other than during the procedure, did wake up a few times from erections during that time

      So not extremely painful but annoying, doing the knees to my chest helped relieve tension


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      Very annoyingly painful: about a week. Erections at night would wake me up, plus during waking hours it would throb every so often. I didn’t take anything for it, other than ibuprofen maybe.
      Painful as in physically hurts but less than annoyingly painful: frankly, for me it was like a month. To touch it, the force of water in the shower hitting it, to put on underwear and pants, an erection etc.
      Painful as in uncomfortable: this was a very long time for me, app’x 3 months or so. That it was that long of a time, is probably atypical. Was a good 6 months until the swelling was gone – also probably atypically long.
      **BUT** the huge increase in self-esteem I got from finally doing what I wanted to do for me, to finally feel “normal” down there, and pride at “overcoming a trial by ordeal”, have been there ever since, it’s been 4 years now and was one of the best decisions for me that I ever did.
      Keep the faith – in yourself.

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      Painful aching penis for a week to ten days for me.
      You wont do anything with an erection for a month.
      It soon goes by though. Definitely worth it.

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      Thank you for your detailed report. Both of you! Please keep writing how it develops.

      It helps me to imagine what is to come. I know so far what my brother went through back then and I have read Circdotblog with a lot of interest. But there are far too few honest testimonials on the internet. And I suspect that everyone experiences it a little differently. So I am grateful for every honest report of results, which does not only want to spread an ideology.

      Before the healing and the first time afterwards, I have really great respect!

      In the future I will report about myself and my experiences with circumcision on my blog, which I have started especially for this purpose. See: https://www.circlog.ch/ Is in German. But with Google Translater it should be readable for those who don’t understand German. See: https://www-circlog-ch.translate.goog/?_x_tr_sl=de&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=de

      Now to my questions:

      1) How long do you stay away from work? What kind of work do you do. In the office or one where you also have to move a lot?

      2) What is the style of your circumcision? (I may have over-read it. Sorry if I am too stupid to find it). The style could have a significant impact on the healing process and pain. Or not?

      3) How do you “wrap” your sore penis at night?

      I wish you a successful and above all painless day!

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      Hi devin, have you decided how to proceed yet? I am checking your site from time to time and wish to be moral support for you (if you wish) been trying to send message through your site but all i get is error message

      it helped me a lot when I took the plunge to get cut to have somebody else to talk with (that had done the same procedure)

      is there some way to contact you and do you wish my moral support?


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