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      Hey I’ve seen this was asked before but that has been awhile. I’m thinking about getting a pollock cut by Dr. Neil Pollock out here is Vancouver but it seems as though people get mixed results. I talked to this one guy on reddit and he said he got a pollock cut and he got it high and tight and he said it is extremely tight almost maybe too tight. But then I hear people say pollock is trash because it gives a high and loose. I personally want a high and tight. So if you got cut with pollock how much skin movement do you have when erect? Can you pull it over your head? And how much skin movement do you have when flaccid? Can you pull it over your head? Would you recommend a pollock cut or no? And how does the scar look? I’ve heard because of the glue and clamp the scars almost always look incredible.

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      Apparently, the Pollock technique is… the Pollock Technique
      This is what they say about styles in any Pollock franchise

      Types of Circumcision
      There are different circumcision techniques practiced by different doctors but the main “circumcision types” are simply circumcised and uncircumcised. We are occasionally asked about a “tight circumcision” or a “low circumcision”, but our method is designed to give the same result in all cases and we do not offer a choice of different circumcision types – and we apply our standard procedure in all cases except where a patient may present with a unique situation requiring a unique approach.

      While all circumcision methods generally seek a similar result – some are better than others at achieving a consistent outcome with minimal pain and risk of complications. At the Buenafe circumcision clinic in Winnipeg we only use the Pollock Technique™ because we believe it is the safest and most comfortable method for male circumcision available today.

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      Apparently, some drs use glue + some stitches, as dr. Khan in UK

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      Anthony Roberts

      Dr Pollock has a clinic in Winnipeg and a Clinic in Vancouver. I have a friend who had hid Vasectomy performed by Dr Pollock’s assistant doctor in Vancouver. The procedure went well and my friend spoke highly of him but thought the clinic building could have used some renovations.

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      My friend had a consultation there but ended up getting circumcised in the US. He said the Pollac clinic staff seemed rude and after the consultation he did not feel like the doctor was listening to the type of cut he wanted so he didn’t want to chance it.

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      I’m from Canada, and got circumcised in Mexico 4 years ago. My ex wife and I were visting one of her friends in Mexico City. I was uncircumcised at the time, but I had previously talked to my wife at the time about circumcision. It was my idea not hers, but she was supportive and that discussion came up many times over a couple years. We worked mock circumcision play in our sex play. She started to get into it over the years. I guess it was my fetish. Then on one trip Mexico city we were visting her friend who had an infant son and i guess they talked about circumcision when my wife helped the friend change the diaper because she told me that her friend circumcised her son and she said it was pretty common in Mexico with the younger parents. My ex told me she told her friend that I wanted it done and asked her where would be a good place in Mexico City. I didn’t think much about it, but 2 days later we ended up drinking and getting drunk, and my wife, who was also drunk, just took me to that clinic since we were near it and I just got it done on a whim, or i should say that my wife took me there and got me done. The next morning I was wondering why both my heads hurt. lol. Well it was done and there was no going back. Just a fun story to remember.

      Anyway, we got divorced 1.5 years later. 8 months ago I went to Dublin, which was suppossed to be a short trip, but I was forced to stay there indefinately because the country made me stay under COVID quaranteen laws. At first that really sucked, but then I soon met and started dating an Irish girl. She actually loves that I’m circumcised. Which is strange because the circumcision rate in Ireland is very low. But maybe she was facinated because I was the first circumcised man she had been with. We are still together and we still live just outside of Dublin. So it all worked out for the best.

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      I read all the above with considerable interest. As someone also living in Ireland I can attest to how Irish women see circumcision as a real bonus. I think that it is a huge turn on for them. So glad that I had my OP in 2014.

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