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      Hey. I’m curious about how much sensation/sensitivy a high and tight cut, with inner skin and frenulum intact preserves?

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      Me too. I’m losing my FS in just over a week and have asked for a H & T job.
      Cheers, Graeme

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      A friend and I went to look at a stallion for sale today and he has a bald face so at first I thought is was sunburn but now we are thinking possibly yeast infection??? He stuck out his penis a bit and it was yellow in color and the feeling on his face did not feel so much like a sunburn. Any reasons other than a yeast infection that would cause this and what could be used to treat it? The stallion is not used for breeding and is at pasture by himself, with little to no attention paid to him at all. I don’t know if maybe it was a allergic reaction from something in the field or what. If you have experienced something like this please let me know. Thank-you!

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        Did your friend blow the stallion or something?

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