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      Thanks for your helpful site. It’s great to hear from so many guys. Am booking an appointment in london to get cut in sept/oct and had a couple of questions. The clinics offer glue or stitches – you got any guys with experience/advice?

      Am having to wait to get cut as my work means a lot of travel and I feel like I should be in the uk for at least three weeks after the surgery in case of any complications. What was your recovery time in terms of feeling ok to travel for work?

      Been skinning back for the last 7 or 8 yrs – foreskin easily stays back. Want to be cut of aesthetic/longer term hygiene reasons. Looking at low and tight.

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      Hi James. getting circumcised as an adult and having 18 to 24 stitches will leave permanent marks. If glue is offered, take the option. The lack of trauma to the skin will also mean you’ll be able to resume your normal routine a lot faster, but either way you’ll need a minimum of a week at home, I’d say. Full healing in a month to six weeks is normal.

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      Thanks Matt. That’s helpful and clear.

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      My circumcision was done with extremely fine stitches, about the diameter of a human hair, and I have no marks at all. After the procedure, my penis was wrapped in a tight compression bandage (so night time erections wouldn’t tear the sutures) that was not supposed to be removed for 10 days. The bandage caused the majority of the pain, but it was worth it for a good cosmetic outcome.

      In choosing the urologist to perform my procedure, I had 2 options within my state…one that uses traditional sutures, but had ok looking results with possible scarring, and the other using skin glue. The one using glue had a couple poor reviews for bad healing from the glue, so I ended up traveling 1500 miles out of state to see the urologist I chose, who is known for great cosmetic circumcisions, but it was worth it.

      Two days after my procedure, I went back to the office for a check up before returning home. There were no complications and I was cleared to return to work immediately, but it was difficult to bend over or lift anything while I was bandaged.

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      Thanks Corbin. Sounds like you had a great Circumcision 👍

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      Hi James,

      My fiancé’s had stitches- they came out after a few weeks without any problems. Now you can’t tell at all there were stitches at all.

      I wouldn’t worry about it though, he was only a little sore for a few days, but even that wasn’t bad enough, just a little uncomfortable. Are you getting put under or just getting numbed and clipped?

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      Hi Cassie – just numbed. What style did your fiancé have?

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        I don’t know what you would call the style, other than it’s all gone and the tip is completely free now.

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          I think this will help: http://www.circlist.com/styles/page1.html

          Basically there are many ways to “skin the snake”. Two factors determine the style of a circumcision, how much inner foreskin is left afterwards (high to low), which determines how far back from the glans the scar line can be, and how much movement the shaft skin still has is when erect (loose to tight). It’s somewhat subjective.

          The concensus is that the inner foreskin is more sensitive and that less movement of the shaft skin is more stimulating during sex… As far as I am aware, there is no study to validate the above beliefs. It’s all based on anecdotal reports.

          What James is asking is there much inner foreskin left and how loose or tight is the shaft skin.

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      When my BF has his he was fine with local. They used glue not stiches so he has very nice cosmetic result. It’s a perfect ring with no jagged edges that I’ve seen on many other guys. It’s only obvious in my BF because the color change from where the skin was cut.

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      My future brother-in-law (23) is now considering getting circumcised. He has discussed it with me quite a lot over the past few weeks. I would be grateful for advice from men who’ve chosen to have glue rather than stitches. Has it worked well for you? (I can’t comment as I was circumcised at birth).

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