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      I had a frenulumm piercing many years ago, it was through the thin skin of the frenulum and eventually migrated out, so to all intents and purposes I dont now have a frenulum. Later I was circumcised and then later had a revison, on neither occasion did the surgeons say or do anything about the little line of skin that is still there.

      I am confused about what a surgeon usually does about an intact frenulum. Do they simply cut through it and then perhaps remove any tags of skin? But I have also heard of the frenulum being cut out, what does this mean? On some photos of circumcised cocks there appears to be a big divide between the 2 sides of the glans on the underside of the penis as if indeed the frenulum had been cut out. There are also mentions of a couple of stitches being put in. Surely stitches would only be required if it was cut out rather then being cut through?

      Can anybody clarify this?

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