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      Burt Bovinsky

      I have a very long foreskin which is retractable up to a point. I can easily uncover my glans, but my frenulum prevents a full retraction. Years ago, my family physician (a female) diagnosed the condition as Frenulum Breve and she seemed to indicate that it could only be remedied by a circumcision. I really don’t want a full circumcision, but I would like to be able to retract my foreskin much further down the shaft. Is there another option besides a circumcision.

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      Have the frenulum removed. Very simple procedure.

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      Yes, you could have a Fren breve. Very simple procedure. why do you want to be able to retract the skin further? Is it that you want to keep the head exposed all the time?

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      Burt Bovinsky

      I don’t plan to keep the glans uncovered, but I like to masturbate by moving the foreskin off and on the glans. The foreskin on the dorsal side of my penis can move considerably further down the shaft than the other side. However, during masturbation and during sex, the frenulum stops the skin movement and can be uncomfortable if the movement is too aggressive. If possible, I would really like to keep most, if not all of the fren intact, but it needs some sort of surgery to allow the skin to move like the dorsal side.

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        I did some frenulum ties a few years ago, worked really well. Eventually got a full circumcision a year ago. Go for it, do a youtube search for frenuloplasty of the penis.

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      I agree, the removal of the frenulum is really simple. Like some people here I did it by myself. There are a lot of instructions for a home frenulectomy.
      You can also consult an urologist to get it removed. This option is from medical point of view the best option.

      Considering your case. I was in the same boat. I removed the frenulum and a few years later I got circumcised. Both procedures improved my well-being.

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      If you were having a circumcision I would say the decision to remove the frenulum would be simpler – it makes for a tidier look as a tighter result can be achieved with no excess folds. As you plan to keep the foreskin though, the question is how restricted retraction of the foreskin is currently, and what consequences will there be if all or part of the frenulum is removed now.

      If you can retract you foreskin behind the head of the penis currently, but find that the skin remain bunched up there then I would perhaps think twice about a (complete) removal of the frenulum. Doing so will allow the foreskin to retract further, but it will also likely stop it naturally recovering the glans. As a result nighttime erections may well leave your glans exposed for the rest of the night which could lead to irritation.

      Depending on your anatomy the same could conceivably happen at times through the day also. In time your glans will probably become drier due to being uncovered more, and it may feel as though the foreskin isn’t doing the job it should be.

      Would be a different situation if frenulum is that tight that it stops the foreskin retracting from the glans completely, in that case you might want to have a partial removal at least.

      Not saying definitely don’t get it removed, just that there may well be consequences in doing so which if your foreskin means that much to you should maybe be considered.

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      I did my on fren tying after knowing about it for a few years. It’s very easy to to and you can apply a few layers of OTC lidocaine cream. I tied twice to get the fren cut fully. Just know that it may bleed a lot, but it’s pretty simple overall. in my opinion, unless someone is very sensitive to handling needles or seeing blood, it’s a waste of time and money to see a Dr. for this. in addition, over the years my fren has torn a few times during mastubation and sex so now i can pull my foreskin all the way down to the pubic bone and i like that feeling. For those who want to try keeping the foreskin retracted, this will also help a lot to keep the skin back so it does not keep moving forward over the head. I used to keep my foreskin retracted this way for many years whenever i was about to have sex because i wanted the lady to see me as being cicumcmcised. yes, i am American. i only went for a full circumcision last year and healing was so much quicker because i have already cut my fren and kept my foreskin back. So you could say that I did it all in stages.

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