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      Patients are often given forms that ask for a list of “all surgical procedures.” Do you list your adult circumcision on medical forms? Do people circ’d as infants list theirs? My GP noticed I had listed my adult circ and wanted to know all about it. We had an interesting conversation. Turns out my doc is very pro-circ.

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      Choice Maker

      I always list it; it is, after all, a legitimate surgery. For me it involved general anesthesia, for example. There’s the multi-week recovery form.

      I’ve never had anyone question it though. The only oddity I’ve noticed is that there generally isn’t a pre-populated option for adult circumcision, so it becomes one they type in rather than select from a list.

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      Yes, I always do. Some doctors ask more questions about it (age, reasons,…), other don’t. You immediately see if they are interested or not. The circumcision rate beeing very low in my country, I am often asked additional questions on that topic, like ” Are satisfied or not?” or ”Would you do it again if you had choice, would you recommmand it ?”

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      I always enter my adult circumcision on any form asking about prior surgeries. I have only been asked about it once by a Nurse Practitioner. She wanted to know if I liked the results.

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      I always list it as the first surgery that I had in 1968, then I will go on to list the rest.
      As the list goes on, I again list the second circumcision in 2003, followed by again having the frenulum removed and re circumcised in 2006. Then the last circumcision revision in 2008.
      After that I list the other surgery that I have had later.
      I usually have no one comment about the number of circumcisions I have had. Did have one urologist ask why so many and I give all the details of unsatisfactory result.

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      Yes I list my adult circumcision. I’ve had female nurses reviewing my chart comment on it very positively.

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      Edited to remove the porn.

      Follow up comment.
      Inappropriate content removed here.

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        “She then said you have a very nice circumcision, I’m sure you are glad you had it done.”

        Yeah this absolutely did NOT happen. As someone who works in the medical field, no doctor would be this unprofessional. Nice fantasy though, I guess. I’ll give you a C for the error, I’m sure there are some morons who’ll fall for this.

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      Sorry about my post for “porn”! Not my intent!

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      Well George I respect your opinion, but there are “morons” in medicine!
      I know because I too an a medical professional and work with them!
      So I guess it’s all on how you take a comment! Doctors have opinions and stating an opinion on a result of any surgery or procedure is not uncommon! I did not find the comment offensive and I was the patient!
      If you found my comment pornographic, I’m sorry. But I also find it odd!
      I’m done.

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      I’ve listed it, but only had people comment on it if I did not put the year of the surgery, just so they could notate it.

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      I do but then again i have had 2 one as baby and a revision as an adult. Where i live it is pretty rare to have this done. So doctors dont expect it and i feel obligated to let them know.

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      I do, although all of the times I’ve had it come up have been verbally with admission nurses or doctors taking medical history. All have been female. I am Australian, and was cut at 5. In no particular order:

      1. Chinese nurse at specialist at 36 – asking me about all my previous operations. I listed them all, most recent to oldest, so finished with circumcision. She asked me how to spell it.. then what it was.. went bright red when I explained.

      2. Nerdy trainee female doctor before going to see a new GP when I was 38 – I explained through years and procedures – when I got to circumcision she said “wait, you were 5? ouch, that would have sucked. Do you know why you were done then?”. She then dutifully recited my medical history from memory to my new GP (also female), who also cringed at the late circumcision

      3. Iranian anesthesiologist when I was 29 – “oooh, ouch. It’s not medically recommended now. My family were really annoyed that we didn’t circumcise my son”

      4. Community health nurse when I was 6 – A pair of nurses, I remember them as in their 20s, came around to my country school and did a series of health checks on all the students (scoliosis, undescended testis, etc). When they got to me and I got undressed, one said to the other somewhat surprised “ooo, this one’s circumcised!”. I said “yes miss, I got it done last year”. She reached down and checked out the scar and said “well the doctor did a good job”

      5. Honorary mention – dated a midwife when I was 22. We were getting naked for a shower one day and she asked “do you know when you were circumcised?” .. I responded with the story and she said “I thought so.. the scar is a little different to boys done at birth. Still looks great though, and glad you had anesthetic.. I love the results, but hate how they get that way for babies”.

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      Yes – I put it down at every available opportunity !

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      Yes, I had in the past. But in fact just last week I had to fill out form before an MRI. There was a statement to list all previous surgeries. I filled it out but there was limited area to write and I left off my adult circumcision. When the female Technologist was taking me back to exam room she was going over my form. She asked if I listed “all” of my surgeries? I said that I left off one due to space limitation. She said I need to know all. I said I had adult circumcision. She looked at me and said “ok, that’s good”!

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      Peter Sampson

      I have never added my adult circumcision to any medical form as I know that NHS disregard this surgery as unnecessary.
      However I drew attention to the fact when undergoing an examination by a female GP who was very professional. she remarked that it was not a recommended procedure because it lessened sensitivity.
      I commented that my wife and I had had each of our boys circumcised because we felt it better for them as adults.
      The conversation ended there!

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      Peter & Natasha

      I always put my circumcision on medical forms for new jobs etc. And we put our sons’ circumcisions on their medical forms for their schools.

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      It was recorded on my Military medical records, as a circumcision at my request with no medical indications and transferred onto my NHS records as a routine circumcision. It is nothing to be embarrassed about and I have been asked several times during pre-op assessments by female nurses if I had any previous surgery and have declared it. They only questioned whether I had any allergic reaction to the anaesthetic.

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      Yes. I’ve always declared it. Female doctors and nurses more commonly ask when and why it was done and exhibit a positive response to it. One nurse said her hubby had been recently done. One receptionist said her hubby and sons were all done. I recently had a testicular cancer scare which turned out OK thank goodness, but I noticed all my correspondence clearly states “circumcised” and “glans normal” on it after the original examination notes by the urologist, although he didn’t make anything of it during the examination at the time.

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      Yes. I have put it on several times. Proud that I am circumcised but must admit that it’s quite hot under a female doctor.

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      I do write in on medical forms and I also like when they ask in person. The nurse will ask, “Any prior surgeries?” and I reply, “Yes, low back surgery, shoulder surgery, and an adult circumcision.” Sometimes they follow up with asking what years and I tell them including the circumcision was in 2018. Sometimes, I can see them thinking to themself, “that was only 3 years ago in his 40s?”.

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      Ron, I can relate. Watching the reaction to the answer about having adult circumcision is often interesting. Responses from “oh” to “wow” to “really”. Some just look at me and say ok. Only once has nurse asked the reason, what was the specific problem that required circumcision, phimosis, balanitis? No, I just wanted to be circumcised, they don’t ask anything else.

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      I have had a nurse ask “did you have an infection?” searching for what the medical need was and i just say no and it ends there.

      When I had my circ I did ask the nurse in the consultation room if she didn’t mind me asking her a personal question? She said sure. I asked her is she thinks circumcision is better, and she did answer by saying she preferred it. then again, she was working for a Urologist and I was there for a circumcision so It wouldn’t make sense to expect any other answer. and i was a little surprised that she even said that as opposed to the more non-commital, “It all depends on the medical issue”, or something similarly generic.

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      On my med forms, I put down my perforated ulcer surgery, my circumcision after freshman year of college, and my kidney stone retrieval surgery. I transferred to my current GP almost 22 years ago and brought all my surgery forms with me.

      My first “physical” there he went through my forms and and asked me about my ulcer surgery and if I had any symptoms. He had me unbutton my shirt and pressed down on my scar to see if I had any pain. He then mentioned that I got circumcised and “That’s good”. He then asked me what kinds of drinks I drink and had me do a urinalysis out of the office for potential calcium deposits. Otherwise, the top two buttons of my shirt are as much of my clothes I have ever had off there during a physical. He wouldn’t know if I was circumcised if it wasn’t for my medical forms.

      Before I moved from the other end of the state, my doctor there examined nearly all of your skin for moles or lesions, check all major body systems, hernia check, and urethral swab for STIs. Some days you got to wear a gown, a few times you just sit in underwear or sit nude on the table with a strip of paper over your lap depending on what his mood for the day was I guess. At least he was thorough. Now all my STI tests are just blood tests at the doctor’s office.

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      I just did. I was getting an MRI on my shoulder. The tech or maybe it was the nurse looked at my paperwork and asked me if I had listed all my surgeries. I didn’t put the circumcision. I told he i also also had a circucision when i was 32 and she wrote it on the form, then she took me into the MRI room.

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      Yes. I’m British and was circumcised at birth (parental choice, not religious reasons). It’s been mentioned a few times quite positively by doctors, including asking if I’m happy with having had it done (which I am).

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      I was circumcised as an adult and I always fantasized about it.So when I get a massage,I don’t write in the medical form that I am circumcised because during the massage I am naked, only partially covered by a sheet and I am afraid to get an erection knowing that the masseuse know I am circumcised.Anyone has a comment about it?

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        You care more than your masseuse about your circumcision status. I had a similar experience. My wife’s mother is a massage therapist. The first time she gave me a massage, I was super worried so I kept my boxers on. Nontheless, when I was on my back and she was working my thighs, I got an erection and it poked through my fly. Fortunately, mom uses a drape, but it is thin. When it came to flip over, Mom lifted the sheet and there I was in my circumcised erect glory. I looked at her face and she seemed to be looking straight at it. I flipped over and she finished my massage.
        I told my wife what happened, that it was completely unintentional, just so she didn’t have to hear it from her mother. She said “oh don’t worry, I’m sure she sees that happen all the time”
        A few weeks later we were having a conversation between me, my wife, her younger sister, and Mom. The topic shifted to a family friend who was over with her toddler, and they saw his penis during a diaper change. Well, he had a very loose circumcision and the women were speculating why it was done that way, how it had to be pulled all the way back to clean, and if he’d grow into it, etc.
        Mom looked at me and asked, “was yours cut?”
        I didn’t mind her asking, obviously my wife knows, but I assumed she got a good look. Besides, my teenage little sister in law was sitting there giggling. I was a little dumbstruck. So I just said, “Huh?”
        “Your penis. Is it circumcised!”
        My sister in law laughed “yeah, let’s circumcise him!”
        I said, “Mom! You’ve seen mine!”
        My sister in law burst out laughing.
        Mom looked confused. “When?”
        “During the massage, Mom, when you lifted the drape it had slipped out ”
        “Sweetie, I always close my eyes if I move the drape.”
        “Oh. Hmm. I guess I assumed you saw.. I wouldn’t have minded”
        “Yes Mom, he’s circumcised,” my wife said.
        “Well if you don’t mind, next time, I’ll keep my eyes open,”
        Her sister laughed again. “What about me?”
        “What about you?” My wife asked
        “Everyone but me gets to see D—‘s circumcised penis!”
        “You’re too young, knock it off” Mom told her.

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          I have an interesting story. I have been going to the same massage place for years and having the same masseuse. I went many times before i got circumcised. Then I didnt go back for about 4 or 5 months so everything had healed. Then I went back without foreskin. They use a small towel or drap. First a back massage, then flip over to the front. When fliping over she always holds the drap so it doesn’t move out of place, but she always gets a view of my penis. i never told her i got circumcised but she noticed it. she said something like “oh you changed something”. i played dumb and said “what’s that? she said, “you had surgery.. skin gone.” She is foreign so her english was limited. I told her yes, I had a circucmision. She was familwiar with that word. She insisted on removing the drap and looking at it closely. she said, “it look good…healthy”. She seemed pleased that i had done it. she then proceeded to finish the massage without the drap and was staring a lot at my penis to see how diffent it looked. she finally held it and inspected it very closely. She asked “no pain?” i said no. she seemed to be examining the scar intently. finally, she said “good. good”. and we were done. she left me to get changed. it was really surreal.

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      When my wife is with me at the Dr. I always give her my forms to fill out. We’ve being doing it that way for years. She will just ask me a question if she needs to. I know that she puts “circumcision” on the list of prior surgeries. although we live in america, the only places where a Doctor or nurse has ever asked anything about it has been in France and England.

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        When I’ve filled medical forms out in the UK, or been asked the questions while the medical professional completes them on screen, i always reply “i don’t know if its relevant, but i was circumcised in my late teens”. They always say “yes, it is relevant since its a urological medical intervention”. Last year a recent scare with testicular cancer that luckily turned out to be a minor infection that ultimately went away, the urologist consultant asked me if i was circumcised and the physical examination report contained details not only of my having been circumcised but also the physical appearance and condition of the glans itself. He was quite intruiged why a white male was circumcised in his teens and even commented on it having been “very nicely done”.

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      I’ve never seen that question on a med form. I’m not circm’d and intend to stay that way

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      Derek and Patel,
      thank you for your interesting stories with your masseuses.I found them very exciting.Maybe next time I will go to the masseuse I will put on the med form that I am circumcised.Who knows what will happen during the massage I might have a big circumcised erection.

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      I’ve not seen it on a medical form, however with Epic doing a lot of charting lately, I have seen it in my online medical records.
      I’m a ‘grower’ rather than a ‘show-er’, and have a bashful penis that likes to retreat during certain events like cold swims and medical exams. However when erect, it is nice and taut without movable skin. During a recent exam following a kidney stone, my urologist looked and said, “any problems with not being circumcised?”
      I told her, “I am circumcised.”
      She looked confused. “You know what that means, right?”
      I said, “I assure you, my mother would be quite upset if she paid for something that she didn’t get.”
      She laughed. “Your penis must be afraid of me, then.” She addressed my penis, “Don’t worry, I’m friendly!” and she took it between her fingers and popped it out. “Oh now I see!” She said, tracing her finger across the scar. “Here’s the scar!”
      Once out, it stayed that way, and she completed her exam.
      I got an e-mail alert the next day that my chart had been updated. Her notes read: “Genitals normal in appearance. Penis is circumcised.”

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        “ She laughed. “Your penis must be afraid of me, then.” She addressed my penis, “Don’t worry, I’m friendly!” and she took it between her fingers and popped it out. “Oh now I see!” She said, tracing her finger across the scar. “Here’s the scar!”

        No one. Absolutely no one is stupid enough to believe this bullshit. As someone who is an RN I can assure you that no doctor would be this unprofessional. This is some sort of creepy medical small penis humiliation fantasy. I pity you, kiddo.

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      Mine adult circumcision is on my medical records mainly because years ago when I went to a new physician, one of the paperwork items was to list all previous surgeries. So I complied and listed adult circumcision.
      I’ve actually had a nurse going over my record prior to seeing my PCP doctor, ask when going over past surgeries if my adult circumcision was due to phimosis or balanitis? I said no because I wanted to be circumcised and you had no issue after circumcision. She smiled and said ok moving on to ask if I had any post surgery issues with hernia repair or meniscus repair.
      I had read that if you are circumcised penile cancer can start on the circumcision scar. But penile cancer also is a factor in uncircumcised too.
      So I went to see my dermatologist, who is a lady, because I had developed a firm knot right under my circumcision scar.
      When she came in she said reviewing your records I see you were circumcised as an adult. Was it because of phimosis or balanitis?
      Neither I said, because I wanted to be circumcised. She said ok good choice.
      She examined my penis and said my circumcision looked good but the hard knot that has developed needed to be excised and sent to pathology.
      So she had her nurse get me prepped for the excision.
      Of course my reaction as the nurse was scrubbing my penis was an erection!
      She was very professional of course and said think nothing of this it happens a lot of the time. Then said it actually helps the doctor as the penis is stretched out! No kidding I said and we laughed.
      The doctor came in and administered the lidocaine under the skin where the lump was. I said I guess it’s much easier for you in this situation if you are dealing with a circumcised penis. She said definitely! The good news lump was benign.

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      I put it down once on a blood donation thing, I’d been cut for about six months and they asked about operations so I just told the nurse when she asked about the tick. She asked why and I said, a bit awkwardly, “not for medical reasons”, which was about it.

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      I had an interesting experience related to this topic 3 weeks ago. i went to an imaging facility for a pelvic MRI. I asked the a female technician what it shows and how detailed it is. She replied, “IT SHOWS EVERYTHING” (in the pelvic area). Right away I felt self-conscious because I’m not circumcised, but live in a place where it is very common. I asked her, do you mind if I go the restroom really quickly. I went back out to the front reception area and told the lady there I think I might have put my old address on the intake forms, do you mind if I check? she gave me the serious of forms back and then I added adult circumcision under the previous surgeries section and gave her back the forms. then I went to the restroom and retracted my foreskin. Then went back to the MRI room. I’m sure I over-reacted at the time. I thought to myself later that was silly. She’s a medical professinal so what does she care (nor should I) if I am circumcised or not. But it just goes to show how self-conscious we can be. I now understand what other men have been saying about that. Then the next day I mentioned this to my GF that I live with and she laughed so hard she thought it was so funny and I did too and during the laughter i remember her jokingly mutter, “see if you were circumcised, you wouldn’t have had to go through all that”. Another day later I was thinking whether I should discuss circumcision with my GF, more just out of curiosity because we have never talked about this subject, but ended up deciding not to at this time. However, over the last 3 weeks, the thought has crossed my mind several times.

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        Donald, sounds like she would prefer you to be circumcised. This is a great opportunity to ask her if she would like you to go ahead with the little op. If you do you will no longer feel the odd man out. :)

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      Great story, Donald, and so true about what we do in “public.” For years I made sure to retract when I went for my physicals. I don’t know why, just didn’t want them to comment on my foreskin, I guess. Or maybe say, “oh, I see you are not circumcised…”
      I’ve also been to a lot of nudist facilities where I’ve been very self-conscious about my status. Always wondered if people there can tell that my foreskin is just retracted.
      I suppose in the future the conversation will come up as long as I’m “in-network.” MyChart/Epic will give me away as I was circumcised last week!

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      Donald, I agree with Martin. It sounds like you BOTH are toying with the idea of how cool it would be for you to be circumcised. This sounds like a fun couples-project for you. I wish my GF had brought the idea up. I was on my own though, she remained neutral. This is a great site to ask questions about experiences. I’ve learned a lot here and had it done 9 days ago.

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      Robert Martin

      Tor, hope you are healing well. Agree with Tor & Martin. Donald discuss with GF, S.O. Ask questions, that’s what this supportive site is for. My story is here. Never regretted it. Lesion forced me to be circumcised. However I had a ton of other problems. TOR, I never put it on medical forms. You may have to( if seeing a urologist). Any Dr can tell during physical. Because you had surgery ( recently) it may be helpful) but that is usually if intubated, with general anesthesia, Anesthesiologist is looking for any anesthesia problems. Otherwise, I personally don’t put on forms. I doubt those circumcised as newborns do. However adult circumcision is a bit different. For GP, or other forms I never did. Had CMC arthroplasty, recently, I did not add my adult circumcision. MRI can show penile cancer, scrotal abscess & other images. If it can show a circumcision, then I have been educated. Tor continue on journey. Would be interested to know when chromic falls out( may itch) Cheers to everyone & thank you

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      I normally include it on any medical form if a list of operations is requested (except for dentistry, where I really don’t think it’s particularly relevant). It’s the only operation I’ve ever had. I tried to become a British Army officer some years ago and had a thorough medical, including being asked about how I came to be circumcised.

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        It is a bit morbid, but circumcision status is also included in official autopsy when they investigate bodies. They even denuded the corpses to see if they are Muslims in India. So circumcised state was always part of etnic identification. The past surgeries’ list could have beeen helpful to identify an unknown body too, but nowadays a DNA sample used.

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      Hi Martin,

      I just said to her Thursday night, “hey remember when i told me you abotut my MRI experience and we laughed about it about? I’m pretty sure I heard you say if I was circumcised I wouldn’t have had to deal with it that way. Then I had to probe further as it seems like she wanted to stay mum. So I said maybe in long-term a circucmsion would be beneficial. I was trying to pull some comment opinion our of her. Eventually she said, “yeah, it probably would be”. The she asked if I have ever thought about being circumcised?” i said no. then asked her is she ever did, then she said, well it was something i noticed right away the first time we had sex. i asked her what she thought, she said nothing really, but she remembers thinking to herself, after sex, that i was the first uncircumcsed man she ever had sex with. All her other ex’s were cut. She hates when i ask how her other ex’s compare in bed she finds it inappropriate to discuss and not my business, but she did say that she did not feel anything diferent with the foreskin there. it felt the same as her other cut lovers. So That yesterday and I left it at that because it seeemed like a not issue to her.

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        IMO: it’s difficult to say exactly what, if anything, this means. Your discussion on circumcision seemed to center mostly on differences in sexual feelings, and did not touch on hygiene, medical benefits, and appearance. Do you want to get cut or not? If I were in you situation, and I did, I would ask her directly if she as any objections. If I didn’t, I would drop the subject and let her bring up sooner or later if it’s an issue for her.

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      Robert Martin

      Kenneth: & Donald;As medical person RN, I never put it on medical forms. As RN-OR, occasionally in pre-op we ask relevant questions. Now the only need to know would be: if a recent circumcision, and under general anesthesia, and you had any reaction ( malignant hyperthermia) requires MDs & RNs to quickly act as this can cause death. Certain protocols are followed. Military may make note of it. Your GP-will know, when reviewing medical records, or doing physicals, have done many, we usually write, for genitalia (WNL) Within Normal Limits. If I followed a mom postpartum, who had her son circumcised ( all did) I would teach how to dress, care etc, & watch for epithelization to occur. Would make brief note in chart- healing or healed well. Mom aware of care. So, no, I don’t put on forms, exception would be: you are seeing urologist for consult. Receptionist will ask, what are you coming in for( specialist) They can see anyway. My response still No, but if one wants to, it’s fine. Donald if you are not having problems, no need. If sex is fine no need. If she prefers it-have discussion which is somewhere on this site. Hoping I am helping & not a hindrance, periodically check in, cheers to my British heritage on site, regards

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        I had to show my penis to the local female nurse when I had my circumcision revision and frenulectomy together because the two cut lines wwere not healing nicely. She asked a few questions when and why I had my first circumcision. She even reassured me to not be ashamed as it is not rare at all. She has a Muslim husband so I guess she definately knowsmthe difference. Anyway she filled her paperwork on the computer as “circumcision revision”, but now it shows up at every occasion when I go to my surgery. My GP is professional and they never mentioned it again, but I coud see it on their screen as past problems / surgeries.

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      When I check the summary care record (SCR) of my patient as a healthcare professional then it often states his past problems or surgeries as well. I could see there occasionally “routine circumcision”.

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      yes i do, because I am proud to be a circumcised English man

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        There was an article how sailors were examined and circumcised before going to serve in India by the army doctors of the East India Company. They were afraid the local Moghuls will do it anyway if they are captured as pows. Later it became a sign of service of the British Empire. So be proud of it!

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      Robert Martin

      Zoster-only if recent circumcision, would one need to put on medical forms. As RNs, anesthesiologist’s, we. Need to know any problems if any during general or local anesthesia. If circumcised as newborn ( in hospital) records are kept. It’s out there somewhere. But no need to include on an newborn circumcision. RN-OR, pre admission, ( questions we ask), During ( ask again just before sleeper local) Military people ( yes me) notations were made I was uncircumcised at time. I was close then, got a “ pass”. Circumcised later for medical reasons. It’s because too much foreskin ( military standpoint)- areas of dirt/ dust/ humidity can cause a host of problems thank you

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