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      EDIT by Choice Maker: I have added a detailed description of the four main circumcision styles. It’s worth a read.

      In considering circumcision as an adult, the style of the cut is very important. I’m considering a low cut because I don’t want skin removed from my shaft and I want the scar hidden behind the glans. Are there any special health and sexual benefits to having a low cut? I would definitely like to hear from others who have been circumcised as adults with regards to style of cut and why they chose it. It will help me in making my decisions

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      I was circumcised as an adult at age 22 Now 33 years later I’m considering a revision I has done many years of research and have read many times it’s best to have the cut a little higher and leave more of the “inside” skin as it is more sensitive resulting better sensation during intercourse Mine was about an inch up from the ridge of the head feels great just too much skin as it was done loose to start with as I said 33 years the skin has stretched as well now when flaccid sometime the head is half covered erect I can still manage to push some of the foreskin over the ridge and feel it would be feel much better to be tight like I really wanted to start with. I too known what it feels like to been uncut and cut You wont regret it at all Thanks J

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      Choice Maker

      I went for low and tight, because I had issues with over-sensitivity of the foreskin causing premature ejaculation. I’m quite happy with the result. High and tight, the other option worth considering, leaves all (or some) of the inner foreskin as shaft skin, and for me would have resulted in too much sensitivity.

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        Hi bro

        I dont understand the part of high and low.
        Tight ok i understand. High means the scar near to base right. Low means near to gland ?

        So how this low cutting prevent premature ejaculations ? Even i do have PE and im with foreskin. Also hurting my ferenulum. Having tear and takes time to heal.

        So now confuse with this high and low.
        What if ferenulum get removed ?
        Any impact like not full erection or gland not fully expend ?

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      when looking at how tight to get circumcised, for those of you that are circumcised would you prefer to be cut tight or loose? and are you cut tight or loose? just wondering if there would be any benefit to a looser circumcision over a tight one…

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        Travis Brady

        I think the tighter the better. I am cut (at birth) and want to be cut again. I was cut high and moderate (neither tight nor loose) but want to be low and tight.

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      Joe Frazer

      I was cut high and tight. The sex after healing was some of the best sex that I have ever had so I recommend the high and tight. My frenulum was removed and there is no loose skin at all when hard and very little when soft.

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      My circumcision is very tight and an inch back from the ridge of my penis. I had a revision to tighten the skin and remove the frenulum. I am very happy with the results. I would have liked it cut higher but I didn’t have enough skin left over from my first circumcision. I would suggest that you request as high and tight a circumcision as possible and that you consider having the frenulum removed as this will give you a very nice looking smooth underside.

      The high cut leaves most of the pleasurable inner skin and the tightness ensures that the head of your penis is always exposed with little to no bunching behind it. If you are going to be circumcised, the head of your penis should always be exposed in both the hard and soft states!

      The extra tightness also makes for a more pleasurable experience. You can test this out when you masturbate. After you get hard, hold your skin back as tight as possible, making sure to use lube so you don’t irritate the inner skin. You will not believe how great it feels!

      I also asked for the V look on the underside. You might consider this for aesthetic reasons (i.e., the scar line follows the shape of the head all the way around which looks like a V on the underside).

      Good luck with your circumcision and enjoy the new pleasure you’ll feel!


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      Hello David,
      I was circumcised as an adult at 35 years of age, not because of a medical issue but through preference. Previously I had a foreskin that barely covered the glans when flaccid, any exitement would quickly expose my glans fully.
      I wanted my glans to be permanently exposed, flaccid and erect and I went for a low and tight.
      As I had a shorter foreskin than average, the circumcision has given me a permanently exposed glans and virtually no bunching of skin.
      A great result, and my lady loves the look and feel of my penis, giving us both a more fulfilling love life

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      Hi Ian,
      I too was circumcised as an adult. The best thing I’ve done for myself.
      My foreskin was average length and I kept it retracted all of the time.
      However, as you can understand it always pushed forward and covered the head when I sat down. Very frustrating! I had tried to get cut early in my adult life but my old family doctor scared me. When I went to see him and told him what I wanted he of course had to examine me. He had me put a patient gown after stripping down. I lay on the exam table and he came in and pulled back the gown exposing my penis. He pulled on the foreskin, then pulled it back over the head several times until it got erect. He said I had no foreskin issues because it wasn’t tight and moved up and down the shaft like it should. Then he said you have a big vein running down the top lenght of you shaft skin. If I cut it off you’ll bleed to death! Really! Scared me into submission. About ten years later I started researching circumcision on my own and learned a lot. I learned the old family doctor just didn’t want to circumcise me. I finally did it and it is great being circumcised. I have a moderate cut I would say. I wish it were a little tighter as I agree with BRIAN in the other post, although it feels great when erect, it feels even better when I make it tighter. I’m looking into a revision to make my circ high and tight since I kept a lot of my inner foreskin.

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      Hi, I was cut as an adult. I had requested a very high and tight style, but the surgeon gave me a very low and tight. I was no satisfied with the style, but with the time I started to loved it! (completely frenulum gone)

      I am including some link to some pictures of mine, hope that will help

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        Very impressive! How long did it take you to get used to the new feeling? Best regards.

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      I too went for the low&tight circumcision style. I was a bit surprised by the feeling after the cut, but I soon got used to it — my girlfriend (now wife) loves it.

      All the best!

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      What made you decide to go for the low & tight? Can you elaborate on what surprised you about the feeling? What was your Girlfried/wifes reaction before and after?

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        reply to phil:

        I wanted to feel Jewish. For the first year after the cut, the feeling was just so different: still pleasurable (for sure!) but reaching climax was harder.

        Fast forward… two or three years after the cut I reached a turning point; it dawned on me that I had forgotten how being uncut had felt before, quite literally!

        At that point my mindset kind of snapped from “just like anything else, being cut, has its pros and cons” to “OMG! This is one of the best things that have ever happened in my life”. Apart from getting married, of course:)

        Both my then-girlfriend (now-wife) and I have not had any sexual partners before we got together, so she has only known my circumcised member and I only got to know her as a circumcised male. And we’re both very glad about that!

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      David – Hope I’m not too late.
      Be careful in your choice of style.
      I had a low, loose circumcision at 63yrs old in May of 2013.
      Before that I used to keep my foreskin rolled back from a pre-teen age already.
      While I have always enjoyed long bouts of sex (due to/despite the above desensitizing), and I have learnt control enough to have multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms before finally coming (when I want to), I seem to have lost the sensitivity needed to ensure ejaculation, in the past few months.
      I would suggest that you keep enough of the foreskin to ensure that the rim of the glans is partially covered, and no frenulectomy.

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      And, by the way I have started a foreskin restoration regimen

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      i am 67 and was recut like yours low and tight the end result is the same exactly i am very happy

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      I am 28 and considering circumcision for sometime next year. I do want to know (from those cut as adults) which style will leave the most sensitivity. I was wanting a high and tight with the frenulum still intact because I had read that the frenulum (aside from the foreskin itself) allows for most of the sensitivity once circumcised. I would love to hear everyone’s input.

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      Joe Frazer

      I was cut in my early twenties and the cut was high and tight. The military performed the operation and I was never really consulted about the cut. I was informed that the frenulum was removed but that did not affect my sensitivity or my sexual appetite. My wife loved the feel of my dong and she was able to feel me when I came which she had never been able to do before. We also had no problem in having kids which had been a problem up to that time. We are still going at as if we were rabbits. Good luck to you and all the best.

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      I had my frenulum removed because I didn’t want it pulling. I can honestly say, that for me, I haven’t lost any sensitivity since being cut. In fact for me sex is incredibly better. I believe you’ll love being circumcised.
      Take care and enjoy you new cut status when you have it done

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        I was circumcised for medical reasons (BXO) the surgeon recommended removing as much inner skin as possible and enough outer skin to keep the glans permanently exposed he showed my wife what meant and went on to explain he would remove the frenulum to make a neat and tidy job.
        After a brief discussion my wife and I agreed and ten days later the deed was done. What was my foreskin was sent for biopsy. The tests confirmed BXO and the absence of precancerous or cancerous growth , great news.
        He made a very neat job and I am the proud owner of a low tight cut, my late wife really enjoyed the new sensations and the greater feeling of intimacy without my foreskin to get in the way.
        My current partner says its just looks sexier and ready for action,her late husband had long and smelly foreskin mine is the first circumcised penis she had been close and intimate with.

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      A Evans

      When I had my redo circumcision I ask for it to be very lower and tight, so is tight when not erect so it feels really tight when erect. I really like this style feels great for my wife and me. It healed really quickly but took mess to stop erections for a few weeks after. It is now so tight that it looks a little like a mushroom when non erect and elongated on the glans when erect super tight!!

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      Okay so I’m 28 and since January of 2015 I’ve been considering about getting cut. I thought this was a simple procedure until I started researching the different cut styles. I’m from Florida and I’ve never had any issues with my uncut penis until I moved to Georgia.

      Once moving to Georgia, I noticed I began to have little rips/tears in the skin of penis once the foreskin would retract back during erection. Now the first this happened I thought it was because of me not being lubricated, so I began using thick moisturizers and lubricated creams to fix the dryness but that didn’t work.

      I was then told maybe it could be the water in Georgia that was causing this. Which in my mind I think is the case, ONLY because I hadn’t experienced problems down there since moving to Georgia..

      Now my foreskin covers my head completely. Now before moving to Georgia, my foreskin would retract completely over the head of my penis to the point that you couldn’t tell I was uncut..

      Since moving to Georgia, when I have an erection my foreskin didn’t retract over my penis head naturally like before. I sometimes have to slightly force the skin back very slowly. Once I the ski foreskin is retracted, it is very tight and painful. It’s the feeling of having a tight ring on your finger..

      I also notice the frenulum gets small rips in the skin too. I’m thinking that if I get the frenulum cut or removed then that would release some of the tight pressure I’m having..

      I still don’t know what kind of cut style I want as of yet. I really would like to keep the sensation of what my foreskin provides, but I would like for the skin to retract easily over the head of my penis head. So would a partial circumcision work?

      I tried finding pictures of different cut styles but all I get are diagrams, I don’t understand.. Lol

      If you have any thoughts please respond or shoot me an email, mherris23.mh@gmail.com

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      The World Health Organisation recommends men be circumcised low and tight. By removing as much inner lining of foreskin as possible during circumcision, you lessen the risks of contracting STI’s including HIV which seem to enter via tiny rips in the lining of the inner foreskin during sexual intercourse.

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        I would strongly and highly disagree with that organization’s Theory. If this was to be true then Jewish and Arab Nations that circumcise boys by cutting in front of the glands or head of penis, leaving a higher, close to the base scar line have a higher rate of HIV per capira. Even here in the states most boys after being circumcised by the most widely used clamp are often left with not a very high but not a very low cut, so somewhere in between. So what you’re telling me is that all these countries all have high rates of HIV? What I found is this is not true. For some reason when they do adults circumcision and they use the sleeve technique the first cut around the head is done at the coronal Ridge which will result in removing most of the foreskin. This removes the most sensitive part of the skin in that region, I believe it only desensitizes you and doesn’t add to any benefits from Contracting HIV. The same skin of the inner foreskin is the same skin of a female clitoris. Which by the way if cut is considered female genital mutilation. Here is just called a low cut. Take my advice if you’re going to get circumcised for the looks and have no problem with premature ejaculation then make sure that the doctor understands that you want to be cut high. Because as you read other comments, even the ones that are happy with their low cut say it will desensitize you forever. I did not have a premature ejaculation problem no my current situation, I often times have to manually masturbate myself after I’ve given my partner multiple orgasms because I cannot orgasm and when I do orgasm Its never been as powerful of a Feeling as when I was uncut. Best way I can describe it is I went from watching color television to black and white, I still can enjoy but now I only feel in black and white minus all the tingly feelings and the rush that I used to once feel.

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      Hi guys, I’m a 23 year old male looking at getting a medium and tight circumcision because my foreskin will not react what so ever. I’m thinking about a medium cut because most people say the inner lining is best to keep intact, is this true?

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      I was done very high and tight with and I had my frenulum removed as my wife demanded I be circumcised. I haven’t lost any sensitivity since sex is incredibly better. I think you should get circumcised.

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      Dilshan S

      Hi I am 33 years old. I am considering circumcision as I have tight foreskin. I am not in a relationship at the moment. The tight foreskin has been caused me a great deal of anxiety and discomfort.
      I want to know if any of you guys have had Laser Surgery? I have been told that it is less painful and with only a few days to recover.

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      I was circumcised at 31 at my girlfriends insistence. I went for a high and tight style. I also had the frenulum removed for a cleaner look. Sex is is great and I have not lost any sensitivity.

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      Geoffrey Francis

      The sexually sensitive nerves in the area of the frenulum are not IN it, but UNDER it. They are normally stimulated through the frenulum. When the frenulum is removed the nerves are more directly stimulated (they are now nearer the surface) and so the sensations are at least the same and usually increased.

      The inner layer of the foreskin (which is actually mucous membrane) is initially more sensitive than the shaft skin, but this is more a case of sensitivity to ordinary everyday touch than actual sexual sensitivity. However, as the inner skin dries out it becomes much more like normal skin. The major point of sexual sensitivity is the rim of the glans and it doesn’t really make much difference sexually whether the inner foreskin is kept or not.

      However, it is a proven fat that the high concentration of Langerhans Cells in the inner layer are the vector through which HIV in particular gets into the body. In my opinion therefore, the less of the former inner layer that is retained the better – that translates to “the lower the cut the better”.

      If I were having my circumcision done now, I would be asking for a low, very tight cut with the frenulum completely removed.

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      I was cut for medical reasons and received a high and very tight circumcision with the frenulum completely removed. I was not consulted about the type of cut before but have loved the results. I have not lost any sensitivity and my wife loves it as well!

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        Hi bro,

        Like the other brother said when frenulum removed the sensitivity part directly get exposed so isnt that makes premature ejaculation.. become sensitive and cum very fast ?
        High cut and low cut..
        High cut the scar line is closer to base right.. that means less inner skin right..

        Low cut close to gland and more skin retain right..

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      I was cut for medical reasons at 25. I was never consulted about the style and ended up with a very high and tight circumcision with the frenulum completely removed. The best thing i’ve ever done. I can honestly say, that for me, I haven’t lost any sensitivity and for me sex is better.

      I believe you’ll love being circumcised.

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        Hi bro what about the sensitivity level ?
        Do you get ejaculations very fast with this method..

        I worry my sensitivity level increase.. now itself with foreskin im having premature ejaculations

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      I was cut because I wanted to be like my peers. I’ve never regretted my decision. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I love it!

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      I’m 29 and looking to get circumcised at a clinic that uses the Pollock Method with skin glue. The benefits of this method are apparently that it’s very quick and the skin glue should result in a less noticeable scar. Has anyone been circumcised using this method and if so how did it go?

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        Hi Alan
        Did you get the pollock circ? I’m booked to have it done by a clinic that does it.
        Your thoughts!,?

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          Hi Luke, apologies for the late reply! I didn’t see your post. I’m planning on getting it done soon.

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      I am 45 and was circumcised 5 days ago for personal choice.
      I requested a high and very tight cut, but I found out after the surgery that the Doc gave me a low and very tight cut. I am a little worried about sensations, but will post an update on this once I resumed sexual activity.

      So far healing has been doing well and at least I love the look (I like that the scar will be hidden behind the head instead of being highly visible on the middle o the shaft). I have virtually no pain (and did not take any pain killer other the one that the nurse had me take when I left the hospital) but I have to deal with constant erections (I hope this will get better with the days because I don’t know how I am going to get out of my home with frequent hard-ons).
      I noticed the scar started being a little sensitive yesterday. I think this is because until then, it was ‘protected’ behind a ring of swollen skin, but now that the swell is diminishing, the scar is now getting exposed.

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      Mr T… from CANADA!!

      Hi Choosing Circumcision Family!

      I am a Canadian, born uncircumcised, and I can totally relate to everything people have expressed in this webpage. BANG ON! Let me first start off my reply by saying:


      Growing up uncut, I always wondered why my penis was different from my dad’s and other kids at school. I played a lot of sports in high school, so showering was always difficult for me because of the anxiety of having a foreskin in the shower with all the other circ’d kids. SO BAD…. I did deal with it and whatever doesn’t kill you, certainly makes you stronger in your resolve to do something about it!

      However, in the late 90’s, the internet wasn’t up to speed with info on circs and as such, I only dreamed about it… even holding my foreskin in my hand in my parent’s bathroom, ready to cut it off with a pair of nail clippers, taking a small piece of skin off, having it hurt for a week and be scared of doing it any more than just a little snip of the foreskin off every time for about 2 years. Looking back, I am glad I didn’t botch it and try a DIY circ, however now with the smartklamp, taraklamp and smart ring devices available online, you can order them to your house and do it over the weekend, and be ready to go back to life on Monday!! If you can’t find a local GP to do it for you, you can research enough videos on YouTube of how to do it yourself and make it a special moment that you did to yourself, for yourself, for the rest of your life!!!

      So back to my high school story, where I met my future wife, and we started dating. She is Jewish and always loved me (even with my turtle neck penis) but one Summer day after graduating high school, I finally decided to get it done for her!! I had always known she secretly wanted a circ’d husband and the father of our future children to be CUT. So, with nervousness running through my entire body, I made an appointment to see my GP, and which point she said that my choice would be great for my and my partner’s health and booked me in with a urologist. (Yes, having to ask a women to get circ’d was extremely embarrassing but after having it done, she wanted to examine it which I thought was wild and very hot and made me instantly have an erection while she held my new circ’d penis in her hand and examined it for what seemed like hours… I still remember that doctor’s visit as the best ever in my life!!)

      So I regress… one late August day, I went to the hospital, got undressed and laid on the gurney, and was sedated. I woke up with a CIRCUMCISED PENIS and I couldn’t have been happier!!

      Back then, I didn’t know about the styles and ways of circumcising adults as I was just sooooo happy to finally get circ’d and be the man I always wanted to be. Looking back, I would have preferred a high and tight circ with all my inner skin left left purely for pleasure and aesthetic reasons, but I have grown to love my low and tight circ and the “loss” in sensation has easily been trumped by the greater increase in sexuality, the feeling of being circ’d and the feeling of sex being intensely amazing!! (As long as you are circ’d, the recovery and sensations will be well worth the time and embarrassment to get it done.)

      I still even remember vividly the first time I jerked my circ’d dick, bandages and all, after 7 days as my balls where the size of big oranges. WOW WHAT A NEW FEELING!!! Rubbing my head to make me cum was an insane feeling, of which I actually peed a bit at first from the super sensation in my dick’s exposed head, but then proceeded to cum so quickly… as the reported loss of feeling was none!! After that, the bandages naturally came off and I had sex with my gf, doggy style, which made me cum twice in 10 minutes… I had such a desire to fuck her so badly with my new circ’d dick that just the thought of finally doing her “jewish style” was enough to get me off!!

      Even to this day, we still incorporate circumcision play into our foreplay and very often, she tells me how much she loves my new circ’d penis and the way it felt in her hands, mouth and vagina!! LET ME TELL YOU, I GOT A TONNE OF ASS!! We broke up for a while, during which time I whored it up pretty good as my confidence was through the roof and girls picked up on that and took me for many a nights in different beds!!!

      In reading some of the other posts, I also had skinned back my penis after reading about it online but nothing could prepare me for the feelings during the night, jerking off, having sex, or just laying around. I couldn’t believe how much better sex and masturbation felt, the head being totally exposed thrusting in and out, feeling everything and not sliding in and out of my foreskin!! SEX WENT FROM 9.5/10 to 20/10!!!



      In regards to routine infant circs, I am all for it as my sons are now circ’d and growing up without the worry of smegma, lowered STD rate’s, teasing by other circ’d boys and the worst of all, the relentless ewws from girls, resulting in less sexual experiences because of their non-CUT state.

      Keep up the great work!!

      Great website. Also, http://www.circlist.com is another great webpage that does a great job outlining circumcision styles & results (with lots of pics so you can see exactly what will happen to you during your circ), and lots of personal stories and accounts of pre/post circs, before stories and after celebrations!!

      P.S. Maybe you can include some more detailed circumcision procedure pics on your website for better descriptions and illustrations of results and styles for viewers to see and be well informed about!

      Thank you for being an honest voice.

      – Your CUT/CIRC’D/PROPERLY DICKED Canadian, Mr. T.

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      I got a low and loose exactly a week ago, Don’t know what to expect yet, as I did not get to consult with my surgeon before he went at it. But in my mind I was expecting a high and tight. Surgeon also kept my frenulum, althoe that was the main reason for getting the circ, as it was far too tight when erect. The skin has almost stopped swelling, and there is a bit bunched up around the base of my glans, can’t say it looks as good as I hoped… Look forward to trying it out, but think I will be going back to get it done properly, I don’t think my surgeon seemed to give two shits…thats what I get for going public I suppose. Time will tell…

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        Choice Maker


        At first I thought my urologist had left my frenulum as well, but on later inspection it had been partially removed. What is left of it doesn’t bother me at all, and if yours left some too, chances are it will not bother you either. In my case, I’m guessing about 70% of the frenulum by surface area was removed. I hadn’t specified either way whether I wanted it gone or not, and I’m satisfied with the result.

        As for being done properly, you’ll need to wait until you are fully healed (at least 3 weeks) to know whether it was a good job. If yours was done for medical reasons then you will almost certainly find improvement even if your surgeon wasn’t perfect.

        So, anyway, at least wait until all the swelling is down and the sutures are healed before passing judgement.

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      PS Bernard, this isn’t bible studies. Leave religion out of this

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      Joshcan u please post apic when u can bc ive nvrheard of low md loose with frenulum intact.i am curious to see it

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      I was circumcised at 25 for phimosis (I am 30 now). The doctor told me that he could not remove the inner foreskin, but he botched the job and gave me a low and tight. This is hands down the worst decision of my life. If you are a sensitive person emotionally and physically, you will be quite disappointed. Clearly, some of the guys above were not bothered, but for me it has had serious psychological consequences and has been a constant source of anguish. I kick myself everyday for not pursuing alternative solutions to my phimosis. If you want some circumstantial evidence (pun intended) for how this effects a man, notice that there are zero male actors in (straight) porn with a low and tight circumcision. Wonder why? Because it fucks with your sex life.

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        Choice Maker


        While it certainly sucks that your doctor gave you low and tight instead of what you wanted, I think your sense of anguish is more related to being lied to by a bad doctor than the low and tight circumcision. Low and tight is the style I have, and its effect upon my sexuality has been entirely positive; I literally have zero complaints.

        Your negative psychological consequences are coming from a feeling of being violated, though; had you actually wanted low and tight, you wouldn’t be upset to have it.

        Anyway, keep in mind that a low circumcision is by no means the end of your sex life; mine has been quite drastically improved by one. For you, the important thing is to find an acceptable resolution to what happened, which could be anything from talking with men with similar cuts to therapy or even a malpractice suit against the doctor who disrespected your wishes. Just keep in mind, it’s not your penis that is holding you back right now.

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          Thank you for the thoughtful words. Certainly a major aspect of my depression is that I feel violated by the doctor, but there are other significant factors. The main one, and I feel this is hard to dispute, is that a low circ is significantly more desensitizing than a high one since all of the inner foreskin has been removed. I can feel this missing tissue very clearly. Additionally, it turns out that stretching with steroidal cream has something like a 90% success rate for curing phimosis, and if I had known this (the doctor should have been aware of this and explained it to me), I really would have stuck with stretching. I never wanted to get circumcised in the first place, let alone the most extreme version of a circumcision. I am a very sensitive person and I’m quite disappointed that my penis is the opposite. I’m curious why you would ever want a low circumcision in the first place. Did you suffer from premature ejaculation prior to your circumcision? I see no other reason for getting such an extreme circumcision expect perhaps that you like the way it looks, but for me aesthetic falls way behind sensation in terms of importance.

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            Spencee, I’m sorry to hear that you regret being cut… How low has your circ been? And what was originally planned? After my cut a little less than 0.4 inches of inner foreskin were left. How about you?

            All the best, Stefan.

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              I don’t own a ruler, but I would say about the same; maybe less on top and a little more on the bottom. It’s been 5 years since my circumcision.

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            SImon Louis

            Hi Spencer. I am sad to reading you. Why dont try foreskin restoration?
            I was cut at 14 yeras old very low and very tight and pround of it. And love the feeling of it. but some friends made de restoration and it works well.

      • #1626 Reply

        I went through the same exact experience, I can remember the day I was rolled into the operating room, I looked at my urologist and said please leave as much inner skin as possible. When I awoke I found he did the complete opposite. It devastated me for years, in fact I still regret having this done. I am now 36 and had my first circumcision at 18, I had to go for a revision at 20 years old because this same jerk Dr Robert Torrey of Loma Linda Medical in California, Who did not give two craps about what I wanted for my own body and took it upon himself to remove so much sensitive skin but also did a botched job and the stitches had come undone prematurely and the stitches that remain left my scar looking as if it was railroad tracks. This left a huge gash and did not allowed the nerves to reattach properly, also leaving a ugly scar. It definitely left an emotional scar on the reflection of my own body. The funny thing is, I would have dreams at night running into this Dr. and getting even. I never did it but I truly despise this doctor. My second circumcision was actually done in Atlanta by dr. Reid of the Circumcision Center. I thought he was a great doctor and I had only wished that I had seen him the first time. He explained to me that the damage had already been done he could not replace that inner foreskin and all he could do is make it look better. He removed a lot of scar tissue and closed it back up so that it no longer had the railroad tracks the last idiot had done. You know it really makes me feel that doctors really need to take into consideration what the patient wants and not have this arrogance about them, that they know what’s best. Although I have never been completely satisfied with my circumcision even after the great job that Dr. Reid did, mainly due to the fact that I felt violated by the first doctor. It took quite a number of years for the sensitivity of my penis to some what come back. Still today one side of my penis is more sensitive than the other side. The 5 years after oftentimes I would have intercourse and could not ejaculate because of the lack of sensitivity. Although some of it has come back it’s still never the same and oftentimes, if I see another man with a high and tight cut, I do still get Jealous. Now I have to admit dr. Reid did a very good job and it does look quite nice being low and moderately tight. But I will always regret the fact that I was circumcised with a low and loose circumcision. In retrospect I look upon this experience as a lesson learned, if it’s not broke don’t fix it. I did not have my son circumsized because I know the damage that is done by circumcision. Many would try to make you believe that after circumcision sex is better but in fact it’s not. I had the circumcision done because I wanted to look like my peers because Society has glorified this procedure that you feel like an outsider if you haven’t had it done. I would suggest if this is your feelings that you do not go through with it as it will not make sex better and in fact can make it worse. Remember they make such a big deal about female circumcision because it ruins their sex life when in fact saying skin that is removed from the male penis is the same skin that is removed from the clitoris. It is truly unnecessary to have done I believe for medical reasons and really is only done for cosmetic reasons in the United States.

        • #6981 Reply

          You poor bugger! I thought my moderate style was a bit rough & also enquired about a revision, even though I have an above average size cock (8 inches erect), I know a guy called Jamie who in not cut at all, but due to his large size (over 10 inches erect) his foreskin snaps back (like the late porn star,John Holmes, who was never done, Jamie reminds me of John Holmes). Jamie also had this other buddy called Marco (an Italian Jewish boy, now deceased), who had a Herschel Savage/Randy Spears Jewish FULL-CUT/Radical style, to which Jamie dismissed as “all head & no stem”, but compared to Jamie’s huge Johnny Holmes cock, most other guys are quite small. Marco’s cock, when flaccid looked like a Italian Deli dried up mushroom (Funghi) hence Jamie called him “mushroom cock”.
          Jamie has a Spanish background (so did John Holmes I heard from his real biological father’s side), and Jamie (& Johnny) were not done, because many Hispanics are generally not done, but Porn Dwarf actor, Short Studd, is done (tight style), I noticed, & Short Studd also comes from a Hispanic background.Many Hispanics have partial-cuts too.

    • #1508 Reply

      Hi Alan,

      I am looking into getting the Pollock style circ as well. Have you gone for your yet? If so how was your experience. What was the cost for the procedure? Has anyone else on here had the Pollock style circ with skin glue? Link to reference below.


      • #1510 Reply

        Hi Kyle,

        I’m hoping to get it done soon. The cost is $1500 (Australia).

      • #1589 Reply

        Hi Kyle
        I’m booked in tomorrow at gentle procedures Sydney. Did you get yours done and are you happy?

        • #1645 Reply

          Hi Luke, how did it go? Are you happy with the result? I’m going to the same place. Thanks

          • #7904 Reply

            Hi guys , I’m booked in to get this done next week in Sydney.
            Are you happy with the results ? Any feedback you can provide ?

    • #1509 Reply

      I was 16 years old when my father asked if I wanted to be done. I knew he was circumcised because in summer we used to go to a nudist beach where I could see him naked. And he knew that may be I would be happy to get the cut because he had seen me trying to keep (often but unsuccessfully) my foreskin retracted. Of course I answered “Yes”.
      I was cut low and tight and the frenulum was totally removed : my glans is totally exposed in any circumstance with no skin bunching behind it and very tight with nearly no movement possible when erect, so I need lubricant for masturbation.
      The intercourse is great for my wife and me and surely we do not regret my status!
      And also, now, 15 years after the circumcision, I must say that the feeling of the glans rubbing the underwear is often very pleasurable…

    • #1521 Reply

      Oh boy where did i go wrong with my circumcision. I’m 34 years old and recently been circumcise (two weeks ago from today’s date) right now i wish i could go back to my regular hoody looking penis. mine was done mostly for hygiene preference and little bit a medical due to overactive bladder and constantly remaining pee drops in the foreskin. a normal circumcision is low and tight from what i’ve learn. me i can’t tell if mine is low and loose or if the doctor just simply cut 1 or 2 mm foreskin just to exposed the tip of the glans by the pee hole. 2 weeks later after being circumcise i still have lots of skin cover the whole glans just only the tip of the penis is exposed as compare previously where the whole entire penis was covered. i have a follow-up appointment to see my doctor this morning Wednesday i’m so mad and furious and unhappy. i’m not sure what to tell the doctor while keeping my cool and being a gentleman at his clinic. it looks like i will have to be re-circumcise in order for IT to look right. lords know i will not go through that PAIN again. i was literally 10days in pain i had to go to ER to get prescribe pain medicine.
      (isn’t the idea of circumcise penis is for the head/glans penis to remain exposed at all times)

      • #1522 Reply

        Hey Guy,
        Do you have before and after pics? How did you choose your doctor? I want to get done but the hardest thing for me is finding the best doctor to do it. Hope your follow up goes well

        • #1523 Reply

          follow up was actually what i expected it was gonna be, of course the doctor said he had to leave enough skin when you do get an erection it doesn’t hurt or even before fully heal tear up open or break open the stitches. (dilemma is i still not fully satisfied with the result, but i will not be re-circumsize) the doctor was actually good i make sure i look up all credential he has great reviews from other patients, and his office staff were really nice maximum wait time 30minutes. i do not have before picture, but the after pictures doesn’t look that much of a difference before being circumsize.

    • #1527 Reply

      To whomever was asking about Pollock in Vancouver, I had the procedure done with him in OCtober 2014 at age 19. Resulted in a high and relatively loose circ with the frenulum remaining. Healing was easy and quick, and the skin glue worked pretty well vs stitched. Only thing is I’d like to have a recirc to get the frenulum removed, but Pollock doesnt do that.

    • #1539 Reply

      Hi im 23 years old and I was looking to get circumcised. I been wanting to since i was a teen. I don’t like the way it looks, it looks ugly and smells. I also hear that girls prefer it bc it looks and feels better. Im looking to get a high and tight circumcision. I think masturbation and sex would be better suppose. just reading everyones post makes me want to do it for sure.

      • #1643 Reply

        you should be cut very low and very tighy. i had this when i had 14 years old. in beginning i hate it but now i loved it. it takes a lot time to cum but orgasm is better. the feeling of tight skin make me more hard. very good feeling. no skin movement is possible. the best. the sensitivity come from my glan not the shaft. it is better to fuck.

        • #6555 Reply

          Confused bro..

          Low and tight
          High and tight

          What is the benefits with both style and whts the difference..

    • #1563 Reply

      Hey what is the cost of the circumcision in the military? I want to get a high and tight circumcision with my frenulum removed.

    • #1578 Reply

      After 14 years since my 1st circumcision was done. I noticed my foreskin movement is more than 3cm. I guessed it might due to elongation on the cells….I prefer very tight foreskin.

      I have slight premature ejaculation due to the remaining inner foreskin. I’m looking for the cut style which is the extreme low and tight circumcision. The entire inner foreskin will be removed and some of the outer foreskin is cut off. In the tighter versions, sometimes hairy belly skin and ball skin is pulled some of the way up the penis shaft. The scar is placed just below the corona – maybe 5mm (<quarter inch) or even less below the head when stretched and erect.

      Only the glans and shaft remain. Sensitivity is gained from the glans only, as all inner foreskin has been excised. There is little mobile skin on the shaft. The gliding action of the foreskin is gone. Pleasure is curbed a little, but orgasm and ejaculation can still occur.

      I hope my Re-circumcision is the tidiest cut- the scar is hidden just below the corona, so no ‘two-tone’ look. The new penis will gives good control over ejaculation. It takes the longer time to orgasm, prolonging partners’ pleasure.

      I manage to find a doctor whom can discuss about my preferred cut style. The doctor is a chinese-muslim whom has been performed many circumcisions in his clinic. He is very patience and explained to me the pro and cons for having a very tight and low cut.

      The doctor gently stroke my penis to full erection. He told me that my foreskin is already tight and there might not be enough skin movement. I told the doc that I really want to have my inner foreskin removed in order to delay my ejaculation during sex with my wife.

      A date is fixed for the re-circumcision in Nov 2014. I was told to shave in the toilet by myself. Then I was told to lye on the surgyical bed. Doc started to inject anesthesia into my penis till it is numb. After 20 mins, everything is done. The doc told me that he has removed the inner foreskin as much as he could and also a bit more outer foreskin so that I can have the tighiest penis when it is recovered.

      I took painkillers and antiseptic cream for the next 4 days.

      During the 14 days of recovery, I’m very worried of ‘over-cut’ which I have felt so tight during erection. I have to push the foreskin towards the sutures as I afraid the cut line will open.

      I noticed some of my pubic skin has shifted up the the shalf. The feeling is so tight!

      I can only ejaculate with stimulation on my glans and the 5mm inner foreskin below the glans. It really take a longer time to reach orgasm.

      I can control and prolong sex duration with wife due to the removal of most of the inner foreskin. You can see photos which I have posted for your easy reference of before n after re-circumcision.

      Till date, I’m very satisfied with my new penis.

      U can send me your circumcision experiences and I will post it in my blog


      Till now…I love my current penis as I can last longer during sex. My wife told me that there is more friction thab b4 my 2nd cut. I have no pain n difficulties in penetration too.

      The only thing is I very seldom DIY. As it took very long to cum.

      You can visit my blog to view my pics too

      • #6556 Reply

        Hi bro..
        This is what called low and tight ?
        The scar line near to gland..
        Did u removed ur frenulum also ?
        I believe if get erection it will pull the ferenulum alot giving discomfort right..
        And have ferenulum breeve and tears ?

      • #6557 Reply

        Where u from and which doctor u consult with ?

    • #1586 Reply

      I haven’t posted in two years, my last post I was considering a revision to my circ as the skin had gotten looser over the years. I was circumcised as an adult over 20 years ago and my circ was perfect then. In the two years since my last post it has loosened even more and I want it tight and smooth when I’m hard! The problem I’m having is finding a doctor that will do my recirc in the clinic setting. They all want to do it in an OR with me under general anesthesia! Really! There’s no need as local anesthesia worked fine the first time, but that Doctor is now deceased. Any suggestions from the group?
      I currently use a cock ring which really help keep my shaft skin tight but it gets a little uncomfortable. It seems the tighter my skin it enhances the sensitivity even more, especially at my circ scar. Just a comment for anyone considering getting circumcised, for me it’s one of the best things I ever did for me. No loss of sensitivity! I know people are different me some may say they lost some. But for me I can feel my wife’s pussy better when I’m in her because there’s no foreskin sliding over my cock head, just wet friction from her.
      And before I was circumcised she really didn’t like oral sex and having to pull my foreskin back and hold it back. Her input is my cock doesn’t have a funny taste since I got cut! She loved licking my smooth shaft and enjoys my reaction when she runs her tongue around my circ scar. There are so many benefits to being circumcised, despite what the nay sayers state. As a man whose experienced having a foreskin for years and having lots of sex as an uncut, I know for me being circumcised is better! I recommend every guy who is thinking about it to go for it. Your cock will look better, sex will feel better and even masturbating will be great. Lots of new sensations. I just hope I can find a doctor to tighten my circ up so I won’t have any shaft skin movement when hard.

    • #1606 Reply

      High and tight all the way is my recommendation. If you are cut low then you’re removing the most sensitive part of your penis. Over time after your circumcision your penis will adjust and it won’t be as sensitive to the touch. Leaving as much inner foreskin then allows you to have more sensation, but in a good way. Also tight so the shaft skin doesn’t move. I always have to use live to jerk off now and I love it. The way it feels tight compared to loose is awesome. Can’t describe it unless you’re cut that way. Pull your foreskin back and jerk with Lube. It’ll give you an idea of sort of what it’s like. It takes me a little bit longer than cumming with a foreskin but when I do orgasm, it’s fantastic. Loose circumcision will make it feel like you’re not cut. Remove the frenulum too so that it doesn’t pull on your head when you masturbate.

      • #6558 Reply

        Hi mike..

        So high and tight retain innerskin more compare low and tight ?
        High and tight does it increase the sensitivity of the penis ? Since i already having PE. so the innerskin expose does it cause me cum faster than my intact penis ?

        What about ferenulum removed.. does it expose the sensitivity directly and causing PE ?
        im confused some saying if ferenulum removed the sensitivity part under will directly exposed will cause more sensation..

        I worry after cut i cum even faster..

    • #1656 Reply

      does anybody have a partial circumcision ?

      • #1659 Reply

        Depends on how you define it!

      • #1660 Reply

        I haven’t seen anyone post that they have. What little I’ve read about it though is that you’re better off going all the way at the same time. In the midst of recovery from my full circ, even though there has been minimal pain, I’d hate to have to go back and start this recovery process from scratch if I got a partial and then decided to go 100% at a later date.

    • #1661 Reply

      For anyone who is interested in a detailed secondary perspective, I have begun detailing the process of my operation and recovery at http://www.circumciseme.wordpress.com

    • #4863 Reply

      I have just got Circumsion three weeks ago. So far I’m satisfied, but it is a low and thight. I did now know that it was several possiblilities, I just sad to the Doctor to do it functional og and it should look good. When I wake up it is a low and thigt. Incision line is about 3 mm from the glans, I do not know if it streching when times goes? I do get a much better orgasmse after circ then before, I do not why?

    • #6541 Reply

      Hello guys.. how r you all..
      I need some inputs here since getting confused with the style of circumcise..


      As per the diagram in that website.. about the styles.. i feel i want to go for tight one but high and low is where i get confused..

      Whats is the benefit of high or low ?
      I do have premature ejaculation issue..
      Which is better for this PE ?
      If high means what happens?
      If low means ?

      Another thing now with foreskin when i do sex i having tear and rips at my ferenulum..
      When our ferenulum get pulled our gland become big full i mean expend..
      So by removing ferenulum isn’t that we loss that plus point..
      If no ferenulum how hard the penis and gland looks like..

    • #6946 Reply


      Anyone who wants to get it done, high-and-tight is best since it will leave most of the inner-skin which is where most of the sensitivity is on the penis. Other thing: Don’t get a free hand circumcision. Go with a clamp like a ‘no flip shang ring’. This will make it look as if you had your dick cut when you were a baby. It is also healthier this it will be less risky. Also, high-and-tight will make you cum faster. It takes me less than five minutes.

      • #7050 Reply

        Why you think cumming in less than five minutes is good? I don’t get it. It’s almost like premature ejaculation.

    • #6980 Reply

      I totally recommend getting cut, especially if you live in those warmer, sub-tropical southern states.I can’t believe they are trying to ban circumcision in San Francisco! I’m moderately cut myself, a Jewish FULL-CUT/TIGHT style does look appealing for a potential revision circ (like the X-Rated Porn actor Herschel Savage, that’s what a radical/tight cut looks like, if any one of you guys want it that style, Ron Jeremy appears to have the “Turkish” style, due to the large size of his penis, which needs a little shaft skin). A full- Greek style foreskin(called the “acros”) is revolting, the Turkish moderate style is worth looking into, especially if you have already quite a large penis, even when flaccid.The FULL CUT/TIGHT Jewish style may shorten the size of your penis, it may be better to consider the “European” style, if your member is quite large (8-10 inches) . Good Luck in your choice!

    • #6984 Reply

      From my perspective, I think high and tight as possible is the way to go. The reason I think very high is preferred has already been said: you get to keep all of the highly sensitive, pleasurable inner foreskin. As for tightness, the reason is twofold: the tightness makes your erection extremely hard (which is great for penetration and also enhances sensitivity/pleasure) and, when flaccid, the tightness keeps the head always exposed which IMO looks and feels better. To me, there’s no sense in having a circumcised penis if the head gets covered. Aesthetically, the point is for the head to show at all times so making sure the circumcision is very tight ensures the head is permanently displayed.

      One other thing that I recommend for adult circumcisions is to have the frenulum totally removed. This mimics the look of most infant circumcisions where, as I understand it, the frenulum does not develop as a result of being circumcised so soon after birth and the underside of the penis is nice and smooth. While that’s not always the case and many circumcised as infants do have their frenulum​, I think those without them look better. I was re-circumcised later in life to tighten my original circumcision which got looser over time. At the same time I had my frenulum removed in order to look like my peers who grew up without one.

      I am very happy with my restored tightness and with my decision to have my frenulum removed.

      I hope this helps those looking to get circumcised as adults.

    • #6997 Reply

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    • #7051 Reply

      I got circumcised exactly 10 days ago. I’m 32 years old. I did it both for medical and aesthetic reasons. Even though my foreskin could be retracted, it felt like the glans was “choked” by the foreskin and the frenulum. It was very uncomfortable even to masturbate. Besides, the look of my penis when fully erected wasn’t very nice with the glans tightly strangled and extremely red. It always made me really self-concious about my cock and anxious about having sex. Moreover, I was hypersensitive, sometimes even having PE. The latter factor made me go for a low and tight cut. I thought losing some sensitivity would help me have more control and last longer before the climax. Also, after so many years of self-consciousness, I went for the cut that looks more appealing to me. Until now, I was very happy with my choice. However, reading some posts here and other forums got me REALLY apprehensive and afraid of the desensitization caused by a low and tight cut. I even read some guys saying your cock becomes pretty much a dildo to your sex partner and that the orgasm is like about 70% less intense than before the surgery!!! Oh boy… Will I regret it?! =(

      • #7134 Reply

        Hey Fred,
        I’m looking at also getting a low and tight cut too, and I’m nervous about losing sensitivity. Could you tell me how you’re doing now that more time has passed? What’s it like for you to have sex/masturbate? I’m very curious as I’m still doing research on what type of circ to get. Thanks!

    • #7056 Reply

      Fred I’m only 7 months post op and I was cut low and tight also. You do lose some sensitivity but the orgasms are more intense because of how long it takes to finish in
      My opinion. My wife has stronger orgasms too. You can read about my experience at http://www.circumciseme.wordpress.com. Stay positive!

    • #7065 Reply

      High and tight style is nice looking and most pleasurable

    • #7066 Reply

      Fred: don’t regret and be happy with new look

    • #7072 Reply

      im 50 years old and got a circumcision done 7 days a go using the pollock technique, after year of having the foreskin back almost permanently for 8-10 years so i took the plunge and had it done, but i have no idea what type of style the circumcision it is, i do know most of the frenulum was taken off,can anyone tell me normally what type of style it would be.

    • #7466 Reply


      I am 29 years old and I got Circumcised for the second time 12 days ago, I to am worried. I was oriagnally Circumcised almost a month ago because of phimosis. After about a week I noticed I was still very tight( probably because of swelling) but still scheduled a follow up with my doctor. He advised that he was worried this may happen as he left a lot of “forskin” behind which now might be cutting of circulation. He recommended a second procedure to fix. Well afterwards I realized I now have a “low and tight” circ, and really am nervous after reading these post. Although healing is a lot better than before, only problem I have are erection keeping me up at night. I am concerned I may have lost sensitivity. Erections, although not painful are very very tight, and like I read in another post, feel as if I have to push my shaft skin forward as to not tear the incision. I’m keeping my fingers crossed as this has been a crushing process on myself and my wife.

      My advice to anyone is do your research, on what you want and your Doctor. I feel as if I trusted in mine to much and now has made a decision that will negatively effect me. Hopefully in the coming weeks it will improve, as for now I’m kept up at night worried I made the wrong choice.


    • #7467 Reply

      Hey Ash, mine was relatively tight too and there are a few tricks that can help- if you sleep in a more curled up position it takes some of the tension off the area and a loose gauze bandage secured at the top with athletic tape can keep the head out of contact with clothes.

      Sucks that things went wrong the first time, but lots of guys here have had low cuts by choice without negative effects. Things do change, and I definitely get the worries if this was dropped on you, but most guys who have the op report benefits. Early on is a difficult time to judge how things will turn out sensitivity-wise, especially if you had phimosis beforehand.

    • #7485 Reply

      Am going to be circumcised on the 21/11/2017 at the London circumcision clinic, and will be cut low and tight.

    • #7488 Reply

      Go for it!

      I remember I was quite apprehensive around the T-5 days mark:)
      Luckily things went very well and I’m very glad I got cut low and tight.

      All the best, s.

    • #7501 Reply
      Bruce Douglas Thurston

      I don’t know what style my circumcision will be, but when my circumcision revision is done, I want the doctor to remove as much foreskin from my penis as he can possibly cut off. I literally despise that damn gross foreskin & I want it cut off so that I have absolutely positively no remembrance of being uncircumcised!!

    • #7631 Reply

      I was circumcised about one week ago. The cut is high, as requested, but it seems a lot of loose skin was left behind, which is certainly not what the doctor and I discussed before the opp. I can’t tell if this is just a result of the swelling, or if it was indeed cut loose. Has anyone had a similar experience and had the healed result end up adequately tight? I’m really hoping it will heal up without skin bunching up behind the glans in the soft state.not sure what to expect in the coming weeks/months now.

      • #7910 Reply

        Hey Ryguy, how did it turn out? Theres a lot of worry soon after the op because swelling might cover the head and so make it look looser than it will turn out to be. This swelling can also cause the remaining skin to hold the penis back a bit when soft so it can ‘bury’ the head if its covering it even in part. Inner skin, left after a tight cut swells a bit more as it’s thinner, and can also fold over the corona more easily. Mine was a bit like that, but when the swelling went down and I was able to dress normally again the glans rim was mostly exposed. About five or so weeks (mine was a long time ago, so I’m not entirely sure on the exact timescale), it looked much like it has since, when soft theres some wrinkling on the shaft, particularly the former inner skin, but the rim is easily enough to stop it covering any of the head. I can pull about a centimetre of coverage over my head when soft but it instantly slides back afterwards.

        • #7919 Reply

          Hey Jack,
          Thanks for the input. It’s certainly a lot better now, but it’s still looser than I had hoped. Maybe it’s just managing my expectations though. There’s definitely still some fluid retention, but I know it’s still early in the process. As of now with some tugging I can cover about half my glans soft and maybe a cm or so when hard. I’d say there’s more than just wrinkling, the former inner skin rests against the back of the Corona, essentially covering it, but it may still be residual swelling/fluid retention, but it’s still a marked improvement from before. I’ll let a year pass before even considering revision as there will likely still be changes and I may learn to love it as it is.

          • #7921 Reply

            Incidentally, those scar prevention silicone strips can be great for both applying gentle pressure to the cut area and removing residual swelling, keeping the scar down. They may also “train” the skin to lie flatter without folds. I had stitches, so the scar is a bit wobbly, but it’s not raised at all now (coming up for a decade since the op, to be fair). I can’t say if the strips ensured my cut was tighter than it otherwise would have been, but they definitely helped in other ways. After a year it will have definitely stopped changing and all the swelling will be down. At six or so weeks I agree, it’s definitely the time frame where there could still be other stuff going on. Weird as it sounds, a bit of arranging with tape to keep it vertical when you don’t have to wear clothes also helps drain the area.

    • #7674 Reply

      When I go in for my surgery next month, I’m going to request medium-high (~3-4 cm of inner skin left), tight/very tight when erect, and frenectomy. Hopefully in about 6 weeks I can provide a decent evaluation of how it came out!

    • #7936 Reply

    • #7942 Reply

      My advice is get a Low and extremely tight circumcision! Remove a much inner skin as possible! Keep your cut line no more than 1/2 inch behind glans. 1/4 inch Is perfect! Remove the frenulum and make sure the shaft skin has no wrinkles or folds even when fully flacid.Sometimes Doctors are a little reluctant to remove that much skin. Trust me.. It’s the right thing to do!So many doctors do their circumcisions too loose! Don’t let that happen.TIGHT IS RITE!

    • #7991 Reply


      i need some advice

      i getting a circumcision as i suffer from tight foreskin some guy and some i don’t know what style to get i have a short Frenulum breve some guy on a forum said if you want to keep your sensitivity get a low circumcision. The low circumcision keeps the frenulum the most sensitive part of your tip. Don’t get the high circumcision or they’ll cut it off.Then after the operation keep the glans moist with Vaseline I recommend. Or maybe penile health cream. BELIEVE ME. IF YOU DON’T DO WHAT I JUST POSTED YOUR SCREWED BYE BYE SENSITIVITY.

      could someone help me out here


    • #8010 Reply

      Hi everyone,

      Holy cow I’m freaking out over here! lol! Ironically enough I had lots of surgeries in my lifetime: extraction of teeth, broken/crushed bones, torn tendons/nerves and whatnot stitched or put together. Doesn’t bother me at all. However I’m walking up the walls with this procedure in prospect. Don’t mind the pain but this is purely mental like they’re gonna cut a piece of my sexual soul away. Me and my little soul mate down there have been inseparable friends for almost 40 years the way nature intended it.

      The reason I need to get cut is purely medical btw: BXO (lichen sclerosis). This causes tears, tiny little lesions causing scar tissue on the foreskin, frenulum & glans which therefore is causing the first stages of severe phimosis by scaring. It’s not too bad on a pain scale but more of a chronic reoccurring irritating nuisance which does influences my sex life sometimes. Mostly the inner foreskin & frenulum is affected though. I hate this auto-immune disease with a vengeance! Nevertheless I came to the conclusion I’m better off without it. I had already undergone a meatotomy 5 years ago but I refused a suggestion to circumcision back then cos everything still functioned except my urinal tact. Didn’t see the need for it …

      My procedure is due on the 14th of April. However I want to speak with the doc again cos our first meeting making the appointment was rather casual. He never told me about the different styles of chopping my beloved thingie off (high/low/tight/loose/remove frenulum or not, etc.) I had to find this out online which upsets me a bit really I must say … creating doubts.

      Also as an uncut man I was already a bit unsensitive because of the scaring by the BXO. My biggest fear is cutting my junk will make it into a rubber unsensitive dildo or something and there’s no turning back.

      What do I do??? Gonna postpone the surgery that’s for sure until I have more detailed information.

      Best regards,


      • #8011 Reply

        Sorry to hear you’re having a difficult time with it, but I can say generally that the sensitivity issue is a bit overblown by some of the louder voices out there on the anti- side. I don’t think I’ve lost any sensitivity, though things do change a bit I’ve found the effects to be very positive in the near-decade since I had the op.

        About having parts of yourself cut off/changed, that’s a bit more of a complex issue and something that can’t easily be addressed in a general way. I found that it was a while past the healing stage before the change became ‘normal’ to me, and I would think of my penis as ‘my penis’ and not ‘my circumcised penis’. Part of that process was finding out how things changed (like I say, this was almost always for the better) and also how many things simply stayed the same. I imagine most guys on here, whether done by choice or for medical reasons, have dealt with that in one way or another, but it’s got to be a bit rougher on you if this isn’t something you’re deciding on.

        You’re having it done for medical reasons, and having read about BXO it sounds like this is by far the best way of curing it. Trouble is, I don’t think you get much choice in the style as a result- the papers I read may be a bit out of date (1992) and mentioned some futuristic sounding processes that may or may not have made it to front line medicine in the years since (CO2 lasers), but they said that the cure was most effective when the glans was completely exposed, which restricts you to a tight cut of some sort, and it seems the cut is made fairly low (leaving more outer/less inner skin with a scar line close to the glans) as it’s typically the inner foreskin that gets affected. Probably best to consult with your doc before postponing, maybe there is some variation that can be made while still curing the disease.

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      • Hey, you should look into other options before resorting to circumcision, like stretching or steroid cream. If you have to get it done, the higher the better, to keep more of the sensitive inner foreskin. IMO. A low cut may preserve more of the frenulum, so experiment on yourself. Feel your inner foreskin vs your frenulum, and decide which you’d be more ok parting with. The most regretful accounts I’ve read are from those who’ve lost their inner foreskin.
  • #8041 Reply

    I think mine is pretty low… :(

    Can anything stop losing sensitivity?

  • #8050 Reply

    I’m 21 and i suffered from premature ejaculation and nightfall. I got circumcised month ago with tight cut and scar line is half inch behind the ridge. Both me and my girlfriend love the new look and my frenulum is removed so no wrinkles anymore. I don’t have any nightfall problem since circumcision. My doctor told me that having scar line nears to ridge helps to control ejaculation better.

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    I am 21 year old guy, i was uncircumcised since birth and didn’t had any problems with it. But from few years i started disliking the feeling of foreskin on the glan of my penis due to which i try to rool it behind the gland most of my time. But whenever i sit it came back and cover the head again which frustrates me . From last two years i am sexually active and i got to realize that i feel a strange stretch while intercourse, in the beginning i though this stretch is normal because it wasn’t painful. But one day, from an article i learnt about the tight frenulum. After that i self examined myself and thought this might be the reason of stretch.
    Then few months passed and i started thinking about getting circumcised for various reasons. My reasons behind considering circumcision are cosmetic reason as i liked the way it look, cleaner, no more stretch feeling, also i suffered from premature ejaculation and thought having my glan exposed all the time and rubbing againt underwear will desensitize it a bit which will help me to have better control over ejaculation. Then i talked with my girlfriend about the idea of getting circumcised and she supported me with it. Then next week i went to a doctor and talked with him about it. He asked me if i want it due to medical or cosmetic reasons and my answer was cosmetic. He asked me if he can check my penis to see if there is any issue and i am fit for circumcision. Then he hold my penis and grabbed the foreskin. He pulled the foreskin to see if i feel any discomfort then he pushed all the way behind the head of penis, where he noticed that pushing it all the way back makes my penis point downward, while holding the skin back he took a look at frenulum. Then he checked the frenulum and told me that my frenulum is tight, it not to severe but tighter than average. Then he advised me to get my frenulum removed while circumcision. I also asked doctor about the style of circumcision, he said i can have any style style i want but i wanted his opinion. Also, i told him that I’m over sensitive and i hate the feeling of anything covering the head of my penis. Then he told me that tight cut half inch behind the glan looks better than all and it will never cover the glan. Then i decide to go with recommended style. So i made an appointment for surgery and he also told me to take 3-4 days off from work.
    Now, it’s the time of getting circumcised. I went to his office as he is going to do it in his office not hospital. They called my name and nurse took me to the room, she asked me if I’m shaved which i was because hair can cause problem while bandaging. She told me to lay down on a bed, on which they are going to perform procedure. I was getting nervous because i never had any surgery before. Then doctor came in, at that moment i was undressed and was only in hospital gown. He took a look at my oenis and told nurse to clean it with some liquid they has in glass bottle and he left. Then she started cleaning penis and area around it. After she was done, she asked if i am nervous and i said hell yeah. She tried to calm me down and said it is a minor procedure not surgery. Then the doctor came in and he started the procedure. He used local anesthetic and adked me if i feel anything, i said no because it turned numb. While he was doing it, I reminded him about style and he laughed. After procedure begin I started feeling calm because there wasn’t anything horrific. He threw some good jokes while procedure which helped me to stay calm. Procedure took around 40 minutes and he told me to take a look at it before dressing. The results were better than my expectations, i was impressed. He said a cut at an angle which is parallel to the head of the penis. I personally think, cut parallel to the head of the penis look far more better than Paras to the base of shaft. Then, nurse started to put toght bandages on it. After she was done, i she told me to sit on the bed for few minutes begore standing. After that i got dressed and came nack home. After 6 hours from procedure i started felling pain it wasn’t anything severe max 3/10. Then i took oainkiller and it went away.
    Next day i went to his office for follow up appointment. Nurse took me to a room and removed all the bandages and thrn doctor came in to check it. He insoected all the stiches, it was pretty swollen and gland turned pretty dark almost black. He said everything looks normal and the reason behind the color if head was lack of blood circulation in penis due to tight bandages. He told me that i can have shower now amd there is no need of bandages. So, now I don’t have any bandage on it. I came home, took shower and tried my best to nit have any erections because they are discomforting and painful as well. Swelling starts to go down as the days passed. After a week from procedure i went back to his office for follow up, he said everything looks great and I’m recovering faster than average. Also, he told me clean it well with soap and water. He told me to rub the stiches lightly with wet cotton clother to remove all the dried blood because it will slow down the healing process which i lter did. After 10days, erections are not a problem anymore and i resumed almost all the activities except heavy workout.
    Now, its been 4 weeks and yesterday i went for my last follow up appointment. There were two stiches which didn’t dissolve so they removed it but stiches on the places of frenulum are still there and told me leave then like it for one more week and they will go away by itself.
    Recovery period is over now which was 4 weeks. So, i can have sex with condom but i need to be a bit careful. So, i chooses to not have sex upto 6weeks. Right now it looks normal and way too better than it was before, actually i love this new look and it brought some good things. Before circumcision i used to have night fall problem at least twice a week but I didn’t have a single nightfall in a month even I didn’t masturbe from a month.
    I will post my next review as soon as i will have sex to let you guys know the difference. It’s the best decision I ever made.

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    Im uncircumcision and remove fenulem but after inner foreskin is more sensitive im now thinking get circumcision low and loose style need to remove 6cm inner skin in it help reduce sensitive ???

  • #9489 Reply

    I have been thiking about taking the plunge for 2 years. somehow i can’t get up the nerve to see a urologist. I told my wife and she was neutral but told me to talk to a doctor. i was thinkinig about starting with a low circ with less risk, but my wife said it should be an all or nothnig thing. so what should i do? i dont want any disfirurement or regret.

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    To David in UK,

    I am a 53 year old in London, UK looking to get a high and tight cut, with frenulum removed, at the recommended London Circumcision Centre too. This is purely for cosmetic reasons. How did you get on? All positive with great results I hope. Would love to get some feedback before I book the appointment. I would like a consultation first so as to check / know what can be done. Thanks.

    Graham, UK

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