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      Hi all, I had a circumcision 2 years ago, however the doctor didnt do a great job, there is a lot of foreskin remaining, that when flaccid, the head of the penis is half covered.

      I am booked in for a revision, and trying to understand just how much should be removed and if there is any way to work it out prior ?

      I am a bit of a “grower” so need to factor that into the estimate

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      Having a revision you will want to be sure that you are going to be happy with a tighter circumcision, recognising that it will alter ways you can masturbate in future. If you currently have former inner foreskin remaining and opt to have that removed there will be a decrease in sensitivity. I was in a similar situation as you (although I’m a shower not grower) and have been satisfied getting a tighter recircumcision but you can understand why doctors err on the side of caution.

      If you’re a grower then to ensure there’s enough skin to accommodate an erection you are limited in what can be removed.

      To gain an idea get erect and trying masturbating as if you’re uncut (gripping penis shaft tightly and moving skin). The amount that you can easily move the shaft will be the amount of skin that can be removed without causing painful erections after. This in turn will be twice the amount that visually covers the glans currently as you have to think about the folder inner and outer layer.

      There is a bit of elasticity in skin on the penis, and skin from the surrounding areas can move onto the penis also. Whether this is uncomfortable will depend on how much moves and how sensitive you are. Relying on this more can result on hair moving up the base of the shaft when erect, but may give a smoother look when flaccid.

      So, if you are wanting a permanently exposed glans hopefully when flaccid it is covered by less than half of the distance your shaft skin can move erect. Even if this is the case, as you are a grower you may still have a fold of skin that covers the sulcus and touches the corona when flaccid (especially when naked in colder situations).

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      Hi Reuben
      Thank you so much for the detailed reply.

      My current circumcision is quite low, I have “looking from the top” about 11mm of inner skin remaining, and underneath (frenulum side) about 25mm of inner skin – The frenulum has been removed.

      Flaccid, i am around 9 -10cm, but when erect ~18-19cm

      when erect, i can put my finger about 4-5cm down the shaft (away from the head) and move that skin upto the glans with little to no discomfort – so would I need more than that removed for a “tight” always exposed glans ?

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        You indicated earlier that half your glans is covered when flaccid – let’s assume 2cm or so. To fully uncover you’d need to remove 4cm of skin, and you have (at least) 4-5cm of movement. Removing 4-5cm should therefore result in the skin sitting naturally behind the glans but it will probably be noticeably bunched up – like on an erect uncircumcised penis.

        Cosmetically this may be an issue in changing rooms as people may not automatically perceive it as being cut, but when erect it will function as you’d expect.

        One thing also – if covering the glans is rare at the moment then removing 4-5cm skin should resolve the issue completely. However if it’s a frequent occurrence now then you might still get the occasional coverage afterwards which will be difficult to solve with your anatomy as it is.

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      Hi there,

      Just to say that Reuben – you give consistently brilliant advice on this site. Always clear, insightful and helpful. It’s great and thank you.

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      HI Reuben,
      thank you for the detailed information.

      following on from your assumptions,

      – When flaccid > 60% of the time the glans is covered by ~ 2cm -2.5cm of skin
      – there is 4-5cm of movement in shaft skin

      so with this, would it cause issues if I were to err on the side of “remove more rather than less” and ask for 6.5cm to be removed?

      are there any issues with removing too much or being too tight?

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        Yes, too tight can cause problems, it can restrict erections, potentially drawing up skin from the scrotum, and when you get hard during healing, you’re at more risk for wound separation. Was the original circumcision done for medical reasons? Those are sometimes “on the side of caution”.

        If you can move skin when erect up on to the head, you can get it tighter, but they will probably cut so the original scar is removed, meaning a lower cut I think.

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        J90 has pointed out some of the issues with removing more skin. You can see for yourself how it would feel by attempting to move and hold the shaft skin 6.5cm further forward. I had an ex who tried pulling skin too far forward when giving handjobs at first. This felt like someone trying to yank my penis off and a lingering aching pain which Id sometimes still feel the following morning…

        To get even more of an idea cut a bit of cardboard a bit over 3cm wide and wrap it around the shaft of your (flaccid) penis. Then fold a layer of skin over this until it’s touching the other side and tape it in position. You can note how the skin positions itself when flaccid and erect, to what extent hair is drawn up onto the shaft when erect, and whether there is any pain from the skin being stretched.

        I suspect that this extra tension would cause issues and you may struggle to get a doctor to agree to remove that much if they are aware just how much of a grower you are.

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      Firstly, i want to say thank you all for the wealth of knowledge and feedback, its very much appreciated.

      I have done some of the tests you advised Reuben, and the pubic skin does pull up quite a bit (seems my skin is very elastic) it does not hurt or feel uncomfortable.
      I will also try the cardboard method (do i fold the skin towards the head? or pull the skin up and fold back towards the base ?

      with the recut, yes, im sure they will need to go lover (which will make my cut ver very low ( maybe 5mm from the glans) i dont think this is a problem, but i will need to check to not remove too much shaft skin so as the erection becomes short

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      Hi Reuben,

      I tested the cardboard method, and using a 3cm piece, my erect length was drastically reduced, and my skin from pubic area was pulled up in almost a “tent” like shape
      i tried with 2cm and also 1.5, both option were also very tight when erect. (i do think maybe i was taping it a bit wrong ) but it seems that 6cm reduction will be a bit too much

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