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      Hello. It might sound weird, but I’m wondering what facilities there are when you have a circumcision. Is it in a hospital or just at the doctors practice? Do you lie down or sit in a special chair?

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      Harry Oh

      I think the short answer is it depends, or, yes to most of the above. It can be in a doctor’s practice or private clinic, or in a hospital, depending on the doctor, and other variables. I think they are done lying down. It’s pretty much standard procedure that when a doctor performs any kind of surgical procedure, no matter how minor or major the procedure is they make the patient lie down. I had a little mole removed from my left arm once, and the doctor made me lie down for that. The exact position may vary somewhat, and I think some doctors might have you put your feet in stirrups. Again, it depends on your location, and your doctor among other things.

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      Most private circumcision clinics will first perform a consultation and examination with the option of immediate surgery. It’s much like going to the regular doctors or dentist appointment but your stay will be about an hour and a half in total from arrival to leaving with your numb penis wrapped in a compression bandage. The doctor is usually a consultant urologist from the nearest city hospital and very skilled to best serve the requirements of local religious communities who are 100% circumcised.

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      In answer to your 2nd question – you’ll be laid on your back, looking at the ceiling. your penis will have a surgical drape over it and maybe also a curtain across your abdomen to hide it from your view altogether. You won’t feel anything other than some pressure and tugging. You’ll be 100% numb during and after the procedure.
      Mine was done very quickly with a mogen clamp by a jewish doctor. The prep, anaesthetic and stitches took the time. The circumcision itself was over in seconds and I didn’t even feel it. I thought he hadn’t done it and didn’t believe I was circumcised until I took the compression bandage off a couple of days later.
      You’ll be in an out in an hour and half. The adults are usually all done on a different day of the week than babies and young children. You’ll probably not even see anyone else in the waiting room on the day. It’s all done with the utmost discretion to be fair.

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