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      Hello all;

      Is there anyone out there who has been circumcised after a prostatectomy?

      I am a 71yo bloke who has enjoyed wearing my foreskin rolled back for many few years now. As shared by others, the initial sensitivity gradually wore off and for a long time now I have really enjoyed the friction of my glans rubbing against loose clothing.

      But two things have happened to make this more difficult. First the onset of Peyronie’s disease some years ago shortened my penis by about 1.5cm, but I could still mostly keep my foreskin rolled back. However a prostatectomy due to prostate cancer early this year caused another 1.5cm shortening, and now it’s difficult to keep it rolled back all the time, and it makes masturbation an awkward process.
      So I’m very keen on circumcision to allow me to resume being uncovered all the time.

      I have really benefited from all the stories I have read and feel very well-informed about what to expect, but I would really like to hear from anyone who has done what I plan ie get circumcised after a prostatectomy. Also I would love to hear from anyone in Melbourne (Oz) who can recommend for or against any practitioners here.

      Best wishes to all, Graeme

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