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      Hi,Just wondering for those that partners’ insisted on circumcision,do you

      a) appreciate the fact you were circumcised to please your partner
      b) think of their decision each time you see your penis i.e. public urinals

      a) Do you enjoy the thought that your partner accepted your choice?
      b) That they have a constant reminder of their commitment to you-even when they are out of your sight?

      My circumcision was for medical reasons and unfortunately my partner is unfussed either way.

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      My partner insists on circumcision. And although I was already circumcised she said it was not tight enough or low enough so I had to go for a redo. I am now cut low and tight. I was very happy to do this for her and yes each time I see my penis I am reminded of her decision.

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      I was circumcised a year before I met my partner, but she loves it and wouldn’t want to be with an uncircumcised man. I worked with a couple of women whos husbands were circumcised and they did admit that they “would” insist on a man being circumcised before they would sleep with him – and that’s in the UK, not US where that attitude is quite normal.

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