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      As an older guy, I have been using a cockring to help my erections along for a few years. I use one fitted so that it encircles my cock and scrotum.
      My foreskin is a handy help sometimes to get the knob through for the more snug sizes, and I’m wondering how I’ll go when it’s gone (which I hope will be soon).

      Anyone here able to describe their before and after experiences with a cockring fitted around shaft and scrotum? I don’t care about rings that are just around the shaft, as I don’t use them that way.

      Cheers, Graeme

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      I have never used a cockring but read a bit about them, same with glans ring and it seems interesting but I have yet to try it out

      Sorry but I cannot help buf will follow this yhread with interest


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      Its a bit of a fiddle, especially a metal cock ring that sits behind the cock and balls, but you’ll manage. rather than pull the cock through by the foreskin, I just push it through with my thumbs.

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      I enjoy wearing cock rings, generally metal and the heavier the better. And, as you ask, Graeme, I wear them around my shaft and scrotum. I enjoy their feel and appearance – I am a keen nudist – and do not use them either to obtain or maintain an erection, although they undoubtedly have that effect. I also wear glans rings on occasion which sit neatly and comfortably behind my coronal ridge. Happily and proudly circumcised – high and tight.

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      I am in the same camp as David on this issue. As a very keen nudist, I have a number of heavy / wide cock rings which I wear regularly with no “fitting” problems. I particularly like a slightly-too-small cock ring as it enhances the look. And, as David quite rightly says, a well-fitting ring behind the glans looks great too, as an alternative, on a high and tight circumcised guy. So no need to worry about fitting problems. Have fun.

      Graham, UK

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      Thanks fellas, good to know, as the rings are important to me.

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      My boy friend uses a variety of cock rings. He also has a PA piercing. He is not circumcised, but likes that the cock rings pulls that shaft skin down, which in turn, pulls down his foreskin leaving his head visible. When we have sex then his foreskin is always held back tightly by the ring so I never feel like he has a foreskin and he likes the feeling that that tension gives him. It has crossed my mind to ask him if he was interested in getting circumcised. During sex he seems to like having the foreskin our of the way. I never really feel his foreskin in me. But it is also interesting that he has a piercing that the foreskin can cover so when we start foreplay i cannnot see his piercing, then he gets hard and puts the cock ring on. Then I can see his piercing. It seems to me that It would be easier to just have the foreskin removed and that would simplify things for him. I don’t really understand why a man would want to have PA piercing and then have foreskin cover it. Anyway, I’m not a man so I don’t know what it feels like to him. I am curious and wonder If I should ask him.

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        Sound like a nice high and tight circumcision to finish things off could be in the future Kylie.
        I keep toying with the idea of a PA myself.
        I wear a 24mm glans ring, nice and tight behind the coronal ridge and would like to lock it in place with a 25mm PA ring so it can’t be removed.

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