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      Really hoping someone can advise. Our 10 year old son had to be circumcised 2 days ago due to BXO. He had scar tissue around the area where he urinates that they also had to remove. He’s still in so much pain when he wee’s… sometimes he can cope, but other times he’s screaming. He suffered a lot of pain before the surgery, holding his bladder, petrified to wee because of the pain. We had to go to a&e 3 times. Is this pain normal? The surgeon checked him over yesterday and said everything went well and looks exactly like it should, but I thought no the pain is coming from where the scar tissue was removed. Does anyone have any advise? He’s only 10, and holding his wee again and we don’t know what else to do to help him. Thanks in advance.

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      This post is off-topic and has been closed.

      LB, I understand that you need some advice, but this forum is not the place for it. Choosing Circumcision is exclusively about adult circumcision, and enforcing that posts be on-topic is necessary to avoid getting dragged into the emotional flame wars that plague other places.

      I hope you get answers, but they can’t be here.

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