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      This a survey question to gather circumcisions devices and cost around world. Please state below information :
      1. Your country
      2. Adult circ most common devices used in your country
      3. Average cost range for adult circ

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      Does anyone know where I can get a Tara Klamp for circumcising play with my wife ? I would never actually use it for surgery, but we figured that adding some circumcision play would be exciting and may even lead to actual circumcising. Has that happened to anyone ?

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        This is an incredibly dangerous idea. These snap-on clamps are not designed to come off once the locking arms are locked into place. it will also exert pressure on your inner and outer foreskin that even if cut off immediately with side cutters, will have crushed the skin by design to prevent blood flow to your foreskin potentially resulting in gangrene and loss of the penis or death.
        If you want to be circumcised, book and appointment and get it done like the countless other thousands of men and boys with real courage and conviction and don’t play such silly games.
        Consider this an intervention.
        Also, the gomco clamp exerts tremendous pressure with the nut is tightened and will result in similar injury.
        You have been warned.

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      Todd, look on eBay they have all kind of circumcision devices. If you want to “play”, the Gomco clamp may be the easier to play with!
      Have fun….but be careful!

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      Matt is correct! All the play you could safely do is fitting it but not tightening the nut.

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