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      Do you think demand for adult circumcision increasing in uncut majority countries like UK, China, India? What are your observations?

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      I think popularity of circumcision is strongly linked to what is seen in porn, as per the post “Has porn made circumcision ‘trendy'”, which I see that you have commented on.

      Also, I’ve often pondered whether there’s a cycle that goes:
      * Vast majority of men are circumcised – e.g. Australia up to the 1970s (in this case for perceived medical/hygiene reasons).
      * Circumcision starts being regarded as unnecessary and “mutilation”.
      * Based on this advice, parents (including mothers with no experience of an uncircumcised man) start to stop circumcising sons.
      * Circumcision drops to very low levels (~10%) over the next few decades.
      * As a result, women are more likely to have had multiple sexual partners than previous generations and therefore more likely to have had both cut and uncut partners decide the circumcised member is far preferable.
      * Some of these women elect to circumcise their sons based on their personal experience. Others will still regard it as unnecessary or something that they want to leave up to their son to decide when he is older.
      * Circumcision rates creep up, which they appear to be doing in Australia.

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      Yes, I think demand is increasing in the UK. It is notable how many circumcision clinics have been opened in London in recent years. I know two British friends were circumcised as adults. (I’m British and had a routine infant circumcision).

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      Does anyone know what the Circ rates are in Mexico? Specifically Guadalajara. I will be going there soon for university from the US. i am not circucumcised, but would like to know what the local women there might expect so i don’t encounter any surprises.

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        Will B

        Can’t confirm this, and I don’t know if it’s accurate or not, but FWIW, I recall reading a speculative estimate that it was about 15%.

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          Will B

          PS This estimate was for the country as a whole

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      I agree with you about the number of clinics across the UK and notably in London offering circumcision. There seems to be quite a choice, many performing the procedure for adult men like myself. I think it is a sign that it is becoming more common with increased demand, I guess off the back raised awareness via the Internet and forums such as this. This has to be a good thing.

      Graham UK

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        The increase in the Muslim population in the UK is certainly increasing demand, but there is also a generation of men who didn’t get a routine infant circumcision and are now wanting to get done as an adult.

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      The published rates for circumcision in Mexico are low but it is fashionable in some communities. From my experiences, it is preferable but not a show stopper with Mexican women. Circumcision is readily available in most parts of Mexico.

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      My phimosis made me terribly envious of the small number of circumcised boys during my childhood. To make matters worse, my best friends were circumcised too. It was like a constant reminder that I needed to get it done. I finally got it done at 17.

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      I too suffered from phimosis in a country where about 30 percent of men are circumcised.When I was 10 ,I compared my penis with my friend who was neatly circumcised.I thought his penis looked better than mine.When I grew up I made some research about Circumcision and the more I read about it the more I wanted to be circumcised.I envied circumcised guys in group shower after gym or when I went to nude beaches.Masturbation was easy with a foreskin because basically you fuck your own foreskin.When I started sleeping with girls then the problems came,torn foreskin and frenulum pain etc……Then when I was 23 my girlfriend at the time told me I should have my extra skin removed.I did not decide then.My girlfriend left me and I thought it would be a good time for my penis to be out of commission so I went to a local urologist and I was finally circumcised.My girlfriend came back and I told her what I had done.She enjoyed a lot my new tool and she gave me more blow jobs and more sex.Finally she left me for good but I appreciate that she was the person responsible for my Circumcision.Now it is my wife who benefits from my cut tool.I wish my mother had me circumcised at birth but then I could not compare circumcised and uncircumcised right?

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      Don Amore

      I have seen amateur porn from India when the name is clearly Hindu but the man in the clip, has clearly had an adult circumcision. DR Sachin Kuber runs a youtube channel dedicated to his circumcision clinic. I think circumcision is more common in India than we think. due to porn and influence of porn stars like Sunny Leone. I also have seen reviews for Dr pollack clinic and Gold coast circumcision blog left by Indian mothers and Indian men born in Western countries. I think non-muslim Indian men do get circumcised but its kept secret our of fear of stigma. I remember reading a uk study that non Muslims Indian men born in UK had a circumcision rate of 8%.

      I think the rate is growing in China, eg the shang ring.. probably among rich portions of the population
      I have friends who are from Argentina, Chile and Mexico they say that many rich urban families, almost 10% will opt for circumcision as a status symbol.

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      Hey Don,

      I come from a Hindu family and I live in the US and I am circumcised. I was not at birth because it’s not routinely done with Hindus, however, when I started dating I could tell immediately that it was a problem. I had several times where the girl was surprised. Sometimes I would get comments like “isn’t that supposed to be removed at birth?”. Or comments about odor or how to touch it. It was very foreign to American Women. It wasn’t until i got married to a French-Canadian girl that we talked about it. Her experience had only been with circumcised men and she preferred that. She mentioned it while we were dating, but brought it up again a few times after marriage. She even showed me some research on how common it is. After one night after a few drinks we were in bed after sex and she seemed disappointed and I asked her what was wrong. In a more subtle way, she basically told me the sex was better with her exes and she thought foreskin was the problem. That was what utimately convinced me. She was very happy when I told here I was going to do it. She did all the research and also found out that our medical insurance would pay for it. She made a consultation appt. and went with me. We made an appointment for the procedure for 2 weeks later. At the end of that week, we received a call from the Urologist’s office that there was a cancellation for this Friday at 1pm. My wife picked me up on her lunch break and took me to the Doctor and we left about 1.5 hours later. She dropped me off at home, but had to then go back to work. When she came home at 6, i was resting but she was really excited and so adrenalized, but I told her it’s bandaged up and she was disppointed that she could not see it right away. Also, she wanted to help take care of the wound. I could not sleep that night due to some discomfort, but in the morning she removed the bandage and cleaned the wound as the doctor instructed. She cleaned everything. After the dryed blood was removed she said it will look beautiful when it’s healed. She said it would look like a work of art. I thought that was funny, but also comforting because of all the negative comments i heard from girls during my teen years. Anyway, everything healed and worked out as planned. My wife is still a big supporter of circumcision and years ago she told her younger sister to get her son done. So now I know that my SIL and her husband knows about me doing this which is still a little awkward. But what everyone says turned out to really be true. I wished I had done it much sooner.

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