Here I’ll cover the steps you might wish to take as an uncircumcised man considering getting “cut”.

Talk With Your Partner

One of the most important steps in this process, and one which will probably have to be repeated several times, is to discuss the subject with your partner. Though the final decision is entirely and only up to you, your partner is emotionally invested in your happiness and may have preconceptions about circumcision in general or adult circumcision in specific.

Find a Urologist

Circumcisions on adult men are performed by urologists, usually in a hospital or surgical-center setting. Depending on your medical insurance you may or may not get to choose the urological practice or specific urologist to handle your case, but if at all possible choose a doctor with whom you are comfortable.

Have an Initial Consultation

Once you have decided on a urologist you will need to schedule an appointment for an initial consultation. This will be at the office of the urology practice, and may be the only office visit you must make during this process. At your consultation your doctor will discuss the surgery with you, including your reasons for seeking it out. You won’t have to have written a magnum opus on why you want the procedure performed, but if you cannot articulate why you wish it you are almost certainly not ready for it. Your doctor may perform an examination of your penis and testicles to check for their overall health.

Your doctor will probably explain the actual surgical process itself, but if they do not volunteer this information be sure to ask. By the end of your consultation you should know what actually happens during an adult circumcision, including where and in what order the incisions are made.

Schedule Your Surgery

After your consultation you will be given the opportunity to schedule your circumcision should you still wish to go through with the surgery. Be aware that there may be a delay of several weeks before the first surgical availability. In my case, the soonest surgical appointment available following my consultation was for over three weeks later.

Talk With Your Partner

You still have the opportunity to change your mind until the surgery is actually performed. Talk with your partner and be sure this is what you really want.