In this page I list concerns I have had with my decision to get circumcised. Hopefully these concerns and responses will guide you in your own decision.

If you are an uncut man curious about or considering circumcision I encourage you to ask me a question, by either leaving a forum post or sending an email to

Is adult circumcision morally or ethically wrong?

As the removal of a large portion of sexual sensory tissue, adult circumcision is a “major enough” surgery to potentially have moral or ethical weight. The question of whether it is right or wrong really boils down to free will. As a man your body is yours, and yours alone, and it is right for any decisions to alter it to be voluntary on your part. A circumcision is a significant and permanent modification to your body. As a choice it would only be considered “wrong” if it were taken away from you and decided by someone else.

Is it really permanent?

Yes. All circumcisions, including those performed on adults, are permanent and irreversible. Once your surgery is performed you cannot change your mind. Circumcision, whether performed on an infant or on an adult, can however be “mitigated” by foreskin “stretching” devices. Such devices attempt to recreate a foreskin by stretching the skin of the shaft over the glans of the penis. The process may restore some sensitivity to the glans, but the nerves lost with the foreskin in the original circumcision can never be replaced and will not grow back.

How is it performed?

You should speak with your urologist regarding the specifics of your surgery. However, the technique used on adults is relatively standard across practices. (Here are some details of adult circumcision, including illustrations, provided by a practice selected randomly.) You will be under general anesthesia for the duration of the actual procedure, which will take between 35 and 45 minutes.

Will it hurt?

No. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and is painless. Following that, you will receive a prescription for a narcotic pain medication. As long as you actually take it you will feel no pain either during or after your operation. I can say from experience that the worst pain I had to deal with from the procedure was when they put in the IV line.

Will it impact me sexually?

Yes. The removal of your foreskin will definitely impact you sexually. At a minimum there will be a significant decrease in sexual sensation from the lost nerves in your foreskin. Over the course of the next couple months the sensitivity of your glans will diminish as well, although the extent varies. This second decrease in sensation is due to the formation of a callous on the glans from its constant and now-unprotected contact with your underwear.

While there is no doubt that the level of sensation during sex will be reduced after circumcision, the overall pleasurability of the act will at least remain the same and probably even increase. Reduced sensation will mean increased time until orgasm is reached. This will manifest as improved sexual performance and more intense orgasms.

How long is recovery?

An adult circumcision wound is usually sealed with self-dissolving sutures, which will themselves usually be gone by two weeks after your surgery. It will be four weeks after your surgery before you are healed enough to resume sexual activity.

Will I still be able to masturbate?

Yes. You won’t come as quickly, but you will definitely be able to bring yourself to orgasm. You may find that lube is helpful or even (at first) necessary. As a now-circumcised man I can assure you that, when the desire arises, you won’t have any trouble. I don’t even need lube.