It takes about five minutes for me to be notified when you join the chat. Please be patient. The chat is not abandoned.

The chat room is open for anything related to adult circumcision or the Choosing Circumcision website. For men who are deciding whether to get circumcised, as well as for their male and female partners, chat is a great place to get honest and open answers to your questions.

Don’t be shy! This is a place to ask what’s on your mind without it showing up in the forums. I am happy to give advice on how to bring up circumcision with your husband, wife, fiance, lover, or partner. Questions about the sexual aspects of circumcision, for both intercourse and masturbation, are totally fine. There’s still literally nothing that I miss about having foreskin, and I’ll tell you all about it if you ask.

I will be notified via text message when you join, and will be happy to talk if I am able. A more reliable way to reach me is to send me an email, though; work and family take up a lot of my time and I am not always around to chat.

For those with their own IRC clients, the info you need is:

Channel: #circumcision