After your operation you will wake up, if incoherently, from the general anesthesia. Ideally you will wake up to a loved one, such as your life partner. Your penis will be wrapped in a plastic bandage; mine was clear. It will be a little bloody, and you will want to change your underwear somewhat frequently during the first day or two.

There will be no pain.

Your penis will be under a local anesthetic, which will give you time to fill a prescription for pain management medication. For me, this medication was Vicodin. Try to follow the dosing directions, but if you have taken one dose and start to hurt it won’t harm you to take another, early. I’m not recommending overdosing on pain medications, mind you! What I’m saying is, it doesn’t have to hurt.

You will bleed for a little while. This is normal. Your glans will also be sensitive; it will rub against your underwear and possibly cause minor discomfort. If so, just tuck it down. You might also consider wearing tight underwear that will hold your penis in place.

Most importantly, you will be fine. It’s okay to be worried, even terrified, the day before; I certainly was, and broke down crying in bed for a while because I was afraid. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Your logical reasons for choosing circumcision will not have changed merely because your emotions are going crazy. Once it’s over, you’ll realize that, for a man who made the choice voluntarily, the operation itself really isn’t that big of a deal.