One question that I would be shocked not to get from an uncircumcised man who stumbled across this site is this:

Who in their right mind would actually do this?

This is a legitimate question because a man’s foreskin, if it is no longer with him, was almost universally taken from him without his understanding or consent.  The few of us who grew up intact are rather attached to our foreskins, and the idea of voluntarily putting ourselves through the expected (but not actually present) pain and loss of sensation of an adult circumcision is generally inconceivable.  “Voluntary circumcision” is practically an oxymoron, and we imagine the reason parents feel they have to make the choice “for” their infant boy to be circumcised is because, deep down, they must somehow believe that their son would never willingly make that decision himself.

Because of the above, an uncut man truly considering circumcision is a doubly rare occurrence.  After all, there just are rather few intact men in the USA, and even fewer who are would consider changing their status.  As one of those few, I’d like to tell you a bit about myself, if only to prove that this site is not some urological practice’s astroturfing campaign.

In my right mind, I would do this.

I am a heterosexual white middle-class man, married, with two children.  I am in my late twenties.  I work as a senior computer scientist to pay the bills, but enjoy my work enough to make it my hobby as well.  I have a high IQ (140), but should also mention that I have a clinically diagnosed case of aspberger’s syndrome and ADHD.  I live on the east coast of the USA and am employed full-time by a research and development firm.

As of this writing I am still an intact man, and I stand by my decision to get circumcised.  But I have to admit, it’s a damn lonely position. I had my procedure done over 5 months ago, and have to say I’m loving it. Yes, I stood by my decision, and I have absolutely no regrets. I keep this site updated because, unlike what I said months, it only seems like a lonely position. If my traffic figures are worth believing then adult circumcision is not anywhere near as rare as I had thought at the time. I just couldn’t find anything about it online.

To any other uncircumcised man out there, whether you have made your decision or are merely morbidly curious, you are not alone.  Happy, healthy, and sane men really do make this decision, do so voluntarily, and do so with full knowledge.