I chose to be circumcised. These are my reasons and my experience, and why you might choose it too.

The forum is open again. Open and honest discussion has more value than an abusive troll can take away. I wish I had remembered that sooner.

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Choosing Adult Circumcision

Though it is typical for a man to be circumcised, my circumcision was far from typical. The biggest difference is that I was circumcised as an adult. Another difference was that my circumcision was voluntary. The most remarkable fact, however, is that my circumcision was entirely my choice. It was not a requirement of my religion, and it was not being pushed on me for medical reasons. I can be truly honest when I say that to become circumcised was a choice that I made, and that it was made because I was the one who wanted it.

This is my body, this is my life, this is my choice. I chose circumcision.

Choosing Against Adult Circumcision

I like it. Many do. It’s not universal, and you need to decide for yourself. I provide the following counterpoint:

Your website says you don’t regret having had your penis circumcised and “neither will you” Your website is wrong.

I was circumcised because I felt out of place. Today I know I made a horrible decision. I didn’t belong to a gym where other guys might see me, my wife never asked or mentioned that I was intact and had a whole penis, and it was very rare that anyone besides my wife ever saw my penis. I’m still baffled as to why I felt out of place.

I decided to go have 20 square inches of skin chopped off.

I found a skilled urologist to circumcise my penis. Nothing about his work at removing what I now have measured as 20 square inches of organ off my penis was done wrong. Everything is a perfect textbook example of what an adult circumcised penis should look like.

I hate it. After it healed up, I feel far less than I did before.

Even if men won’t admit it, masturbation is how 80% of orgasms happen for males. Masturbation for me has now become an act of frustration. Masturbating used to be pleasurable and a healthy part of my sex life with my wife.

Penetration with a condom feels like nothing. I could slam my penis in a car door while wearing a condom and not feel it.

The idea that a woman prefers and circumcised male is nonsense. My wife says it’s frustrating for her that it takes me so long to finish. Sometimes, to make her more comfortable, I just stop without achieving an orgasm

PLEASE CHANGE YOUR WEBSITE to say that you do not regret your decision. Say that you love having had an optional surgery to modify your penis and that there are people who regret having had their foreskin amputated.

Men vary. Do your research. What works for me might not for you.

Why You Are Here As His Partner

Choosing Circumcision is a resource for both men and their partners. Twenty percent of visitors are women, usually seeking information or guidance about how to broach the subject of circumcision to their partners. You are welcome here too.

I know it is an awkward and emotional subject to bring up, but the only way to resolve things is honesty. Tell him how you feel and what you want. Be gentle. It’s not him you don’t like, it’s just his foreskin. Speaking as a man who finally did it for this reason, I love my wife more than I loved my foreskin. Making my penis something she could truly enjoy was easily worth it. We were married for four and a half years before I finally dragged out of her how she felt, and I made my decision right then and there. I wish I had known sooner.

As his lover, you matter. Talk to him. And, while you’re at it, send him here too. Honest first-hand information on adult circumcision is both hard to get and intensely comforting.

Why You Are Here For Yourself

By the time you find Choosing Circumcision you have probably been thinking about this decision for a while. You are an adult man, able and willing to make your own decisions. You are also smart enough to know that you had better do your homework before making a decision like this.

Maybe there were medical obstacles to circumcision in your (possibly distant) past. Maybe you have been dealing with chronic infections, such as balanitis. Maybe you have uncomfortably (sometimes even painfully) tight foreskin, and have been told by your doctor that the best way to solve your phimosis is an adult circumcision. Maybe you just like the way it looks.

Whatever your motivations, you are here for information. Real, honest, un-biased information from another man who made the decision himself and followed through with it. You’ve already discovered that real first-hand information on adult circumcision is almost impossible to find. That’s why I’m here.

Choosing Circumcision tells my story, and I am always willing to answer questions about it. (The best way to ask is to send me an email.) I also run a few forums on the topic. No question is out of bounds, so ask me anything.

You’re here for information, and sharing that information is why I’m here. Nobody pays (or otherwise sponsors) me or this website. There is no advertising revenue because there are no advertisements. I am not affiliated with any urology practice, or any other sort of medical practice. The Bitcoin donation address has never received a penny, nor do I expect it to. My only reward is the satisfaction of a job well done. I hope I am worth your time.

Only You Can Choose For You

This site is intended as a resource for uncircumcised men who are curious about or considering making the cut. Honest and unbiased information that an uncircumcised man can use to understand what is right for them is hard to come by. I can’t say that you will make the same choice I made. Nobody can make you, and nobody should be permitted to push you into it. It was the right choice choice for me, and the fact that you’re here means you probably have good reasons too. However, it is your choice, not mine, not your partner’s, and not your doctor’s. Take your time and make up your mind yourself.

Talk With Your Partner

Your partner almost assuredly has an opinion on this subject as well. On the assumption that you were born in the USA, most of the men your age are circumcised. (Circumcision rates have declined somewhat, but it is still more common than not.) Your partner will certainly have had prior relationships with circumcised men. You may be, like I was, your partner’s first uncircumcised lover. Frankly, your penis is different and confusing. Few partners know how to handle foreskin during oral sex, or even how to put a condom on an uncircumcised man. To quote my wife, “the general consensus is that foreskin is weird.” Have an open and frank discussion about circumcision with your partner. It will be uncomfortable, it will be awkward, and it may even result in a small fight. It will also benefit your relationship. Don’t let your foreskin be the elephant in the room that both of you see but are afraid to mention.

Talk It Out Online

Join me in the chat room to discuss adult circumcision. No question is too embarrassing or too personal. I’m here to help you make your choice, not to mock or belittle you. Lately the forums have been taking off too. (A note on chat: I do have a real-life job and real-life responsibilities, so I can’t always answer every visitor. Email is a more reliable way to reach me.)

It Doesn’t Hurt

One of the most frequently asked questions about adult circumcision, and consequently one of the biggest psychological hurdles, is how much it will hurt. It will not hurt at all. Your circumcision will be performed under anesthesia, either general or local. If performed under general anesthesia you will have a local anesthetic injected anyway. There will be no pain during the procedure. You will be given a prescription for pain management medication, usually an opiate such as Vicodin or Percoset. As long as you actually take it, you will feel no pain during recovery or healing. And no, erections won’t hurt either.

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