One of the biggest questions from uncut guys who are curious about or considering circumcision is how to masturbate when it’s done. Everyone has their own “technique”, but people keep asking for mine, and I don’t really know how to describe it. So, here’s a slow-motion video of it. I don’t take the process to completion, just demonstrate the techniques I use. Click Here to access the video. Please note: this link is not safe for work. If prompted for a password, the password is "NSFW", without the quotation marks, but including the capitalization.

I have tried to make this video as clinical, and as minimal, as possible. There is nothing intentionally pornographic or erotic about it, other than as a demonstration of masturbation technique. Nevertheless it is not safe for work, unless you happen to work in a medical office.

A Note on Circumcision Style…

A lot of guys are emotionally invested in their masturbation technique. This is fine in itself, but I find myself repeatedly having to emphasize that a circumcision will change the technique. A loose circumcision will not let you keep the same technique. I recommend a tight or moderately tight circumcision, with high or low left to personal or aesthetic preference. A loose circumcision risks some of the hygienic benefits and much of the sexual-intercourse benefits, and still won’t let you keep the same masturbation technique. If changing your technique is going to be a problem, getting a circumcision is going to be a problem, whether it is tight or loose.