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    Hey All,

    I’m just a day shy of 5 weeks from my op. I just wanted to gather a bit of a general consensus in a single thread of when everyone more or less felt normal again post-op. Specifically things like swelling; tightness loosening up, feeling good about jerking off and fucking again etc…

    I know I probably have at least two more weeks to go myself based on how slow this last little bit of healing goes before I can attempt a real jerking it session. Everything is still super tight when I get hard and I’m still gun shy to really get and stay hard for long periods of time. Should I be encouraging prolonged hardons to sort of get things loosened up? (Will ask at my follow-up tomorrow too – so I’ll get an official answer as well).

    * Note I had a Shang Ring op – so no glue, no stitches.

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    I’m at just over 4 weeks post op and still a decent amount of swelling. I can masturbate easily and it’s very pleasurable right now. I’m not tight, but maybe that’s a difference in the style of circumcision. I guess I was cut some where between low and high on the lower side. And not too tight. I guess in the middle all around, but it’s hard to tell exactly with the swelling.

    I’m not sure when everything is back to normal but curious what it’s been like for other folks. From what I’ve read in a lot of other blogs/diaries, most people say you’re back to 80-90% of normal between 3 and 6 months.

    I guess time will tell. So far, everything has been better than expected.

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    Hi Peter,
    Congratulations to you! After 4 weeks, the hard part is over. Isn’t it amazing how easy it all was, when you look back on the anxieties and fears most of us had? My advice is just to be gentle with yourself and enjoy this time of final healing. Things will soften and smooth for awhile yet, so be patient. Products like Moderma can help soften and heal the scar. Rough play can result in temporary swelling. Use lube (not soap!) for a while, when pleasuring yourself. It’s nice, if you’ve not used it before! Wearing briefs or boxer briefs during the healing time can alleviate any over-sensitivity, if that is a problem. If you like boxers, you’ll be able to enjoy them again as time passes. Again, congratulations. A bare glans is the best! Let the board know if we can be of further help.

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