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    So it’s been nearly a year since my circumcision, everything has seemed normal up till now. I was cut high and somewhat loose. I woke up yesterday morning and the leftover inner skin was extremely puffy and swollen, similar to how it was during recovery. It has not yet resolved itself. Needless to say, this has me very nervous. Has this happened to anyone else? I seem to remember reading somewhere that some men have complications with lymph fluid build up, but can’t find anything about it now. I’ve reached out to my original surgeon, but have yet to hear back. Anyone have any insight?

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    Hi Ryan, This can happen from time to time in the first year or so after your procedure. It is often the result of vigorous activity. Usually it resolves in a day or two. Nothing to worry about unless the swelling does not go down in a couple of days. If that is the case, I’d consult your doctor. This is just part of the long-term healing process. Or at least that was the case for me.

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