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    Even after the operation, the glans has to be covered by something most of the day. What sort of underwear do you guys prefer, and did it change before/after the operation? Personally, I never wear any and really enjoy the sensations from the glans against my jeans, both in terms of the direct stimulation and the feeling of freedom, cleanliness and nudity that had clise parallels with why I chose to be circumcised.

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    I wear boxer-briefs, the same thing I wore before my circumcision. The removal of my foreskin didn’t change the type of underwear I wear and since my glans is used to being exposed and rubbing on clothing, I don’t notice it at all.

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    UK cut naturist

    My preference is without underwear, I also greatly enjoy nudity

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    Yeah, i have to say I remember feeling a lot more ‘naked’ after the cut, even if I was wearing trousers.

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    my underwear has not changed other than a preference for softer fabrics now. Still wearing boxerbriefs

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    When I first got circumcised I wore boxers and enjoyed the feeling of the bare glans swinging free. Later, for reasons unrelated to my circumcision (I needed the support), I switched to boxer briefs. I think soft, comfortable materials are essential whether circumcised or not! The more you can enjoy your new sensation, the better! I think men who have extreme sensitivity right after the surgery adjust quite soon and get used to the inside part being out, so I would advise wearing tight, supportive briefs right after the procedure and not buying a lot of new underwear styles until healing is complete!

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      Right after the operation it’s important to keep everything secure- my doc recommended boxer briefs but for a couple of days after the operation I simply used tape to keep my penis vertical and allow drainage to prevent swelling (I was able to stay at home during this). Once the danger of serious swelling was past, I used a bandage to keep stitches away from clothes. I did wear underwear to minimise motion and possible catching of stitches while healing, but once healing is complete I had no problem dressing like before. I haven’t lost any sensitivity from rougher material as I think the motion of the shaft and head while moving means there’s constantly changing stimulation from a number of areas rather than more constant contact between head and clothes. YMMV as always

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    I had worn ‘ordinary’ loose boxers for years before my circumcision, and had also kept the foreskin retracted. Since the operation, I find I prefer to wear no underwear at all.

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    I went the other way- I gave up underwear before I had the op, and while it felt good to go commando, the residual moisture on the head from it being partly covered/uncovered during the day could add to unpleasant friction/chafing in hot climates, and would also trigger my hygiene ‘OCD’. I’d have to occasionally pull the skin back via a pocket to keep everything dry (and maintain the sensation from the head).

    Motion of clothes over the skin tended to make it roll back forward. Minor things, perhaps and definitely not a big reason I got myself circumcised, but not having folded mobile skin there allowed me to enjoy the positives in terms of freedom/sensation/hygiene without the negatives- contrary to what a lot of people seem to think, you’re a lot more ‘robust’ with a bare head and part of that is being able to ditch underwear and enjoy doing it.

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    Its always nice to wear briefs. The organs are held firmly in place.

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    I prefer underwear from ergowear.

    They make underwear with SPACE and support.

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